Days Update Monday 10/29/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/29/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jan runs into Jason at  He tries to cheer her up, but her dour mood continues.  He doesn't have much patience.  Jason sees Kevin and asks if he wants to play a videogame with him.  Kevin says he doesn't play with amateurs.  But when he sees Mim, and she wants to talk, he says he has to go play the game with Jason.  Kevin and Jason play the game.  Mimi watches the game and decides to stand on Kevin's side and root for him, loudly.  Jason says he wishes Jan would root for him.  Jan has a flashback to talking to Shawn D about her problems and to storming out of the psychiatrist's office.  Jan bitches at Mimi for cheering on Kevin, and at Jason for not knowing why she's depressed.  Jan wants to leave.  Kevin beats Jason again.  Jason wants to go again but Jan insists on leaving.  Jason calls Kevin "a freak"  and says he'll never use his hands on a woman.  He goes to kiss Jan to demonstrate that he can have what Kevin can't, but Jan freaks out, remembering the rape, and pushes Jason away.  She yells at him never to touch her again.  Jason calls Jan "psycho".  Jan yells at him, Mimi, and Kevin for going back to a normal life when she killed someone and can't get over it.  She blurts out, "No one understands except for Shawn".  That surprises everyone.  Jason can't understand why Jan is acting so weird.  He say he thought she was tough.  He says Paul deserved to be killed because he was "pond scum".  Jan says she has to live with it the rest of her life.  Jason says that he thought she was okay, since she wasn't talking about.  She says she's not, and she doesn't like being grabbed like that.  He apologizes and asks what he can do, but she just calls him "clueless".  He gives up and says she's screwed up.  He walks away from her.  Kevin starts in on Jan, saying she picked a loser and a bully to be with, rubbing it in.  Mimi tells him to shush.  Jan says that Kevin is even more clueless than Jason because at least Jason has the excuse of being dumb.  Then she leaves in a huff.  Kevin heads off but Mimi stops him and insists that they talk.  She asks if he's trying to find an excuse not to be with her.  She wants to know why they can't feel right in Salem what they felt on the island.  Unless he was only interested in her on the island as a physical thing.  He compliments her lips.  They kiss.

Shawn finds Belle at Dotcom.  She is upset about the argument with her mom.  Shawn doesn't have much time because he promised his dad he'd help him wash and wax the car.  Belle says she's had it with Marlena.  Belle tells Shawn about Marlena chewing her out and how she felt about it.  Shawn D doesn't know why Marlena freaked out so much when they were only kissing.  Belle confides that she didn't tell Marlena that they weren't doing anything else.  Shawn knows that Belle normally talks to Marlena about everything, so he's surprised that she didn't this time.  Belle didn't like the way Marlena was talking to her.  Still, Shawn thinks that it wasn't a good idea to let Marlena think they may be doing worse than kissing.  Belle tells Shawn that Marlena said to think about what would have happened if Dr. Wesley had found them coming out of the closet.  Shawn says that would have been embarrassing.  Belle wonders if he is embarrassed to see people thinking he likes her, but he just says that situation would be embarrassing.  They joke around about how they must have looked and the talk turns romantic.  Shawn says that he was thinking about her when he was working on his dad's boat.  Belle thanks Shawn for calming her down.  She can't understand why Marlena was acting so weird, not like her usual cool self.  Shawn says Marlena was just looking out for her and she should tell her that nothing happened.  Belle wants to talk about making love.  She asks if he doesn't want her any more.  Shawn says he does want to kiss her, hold her, etc. but they decided not to go any farther.  Belle wonders why they don't just go for it, like most guys and girls.  Shawn says they're not like most people and he wants to make sure her first time is perfect and special.  Shawn tells Belle that when the time is right, he wants to make love to her.  Jan comes up and wants to talk to Shawn.

Marlena comes home in a foul mood because of the argument with Belle.  John calls down to her from the bedroom; he is in a frisky mood.  Marlena isn't; she wants to talk about Belle.  Brady hears Marlena and John raising their voices and wonders what's up with them.  Marlena tells John about finding Belle and Shawn come out of the closet at the hospital.  Marlena tells John that Belle and Shawn were making out, but she thinks it could have been more.  He doesn't think so.  She said Belle defied her and told her it was none of her business.  John wonders if she overreacted and doesn't think Shawn and Belle would do anything.  Marlena keeps trying to convince John that Belle and Shawn are having sex, or at least thinking about it.  Marlena tells him that Belle said she'll have sex with Shawn behind Marlena's back, so she won't know.  That finally gets to John and he starts talking about killing Shawn D.

Chloe visits; she's looking for Belle and wants to return some CD's.  Brady jokes with her.  Brady and Chloe go up to Belle's room so she can put the CD's away.  Chloe and Brady make slight fun of Belle for having her CD's in alphabetical order.  They wonder what they should do while they wait for Belle to arrive.  They sit down and get comfy.  He asks her what the latest is on her and Philip.  He wonders if they've made up, and she says they haven't, they'll just see each other at school and that's it.  Brady asks if she talked to Philip, and she says she hasn't seen him since the last time they both saw him outside of her house.  Brady jokes about Philip's jealousy of him.  Brady says to Chloe that she was lucky to have him around this summer because he doesn't normally hang around with teenagers.  They bicker.  She does a good impression of the woman on "The Weakest Link" and says that woman is "such a  dominatrix".  Brady compares her to Chloe, who used to dress all in black and "wither people away with your icy cold stare".  Chloe gets very offended.  Brady says that Chloe is making Philip dangle when he's just so in love, a fool with no mind of his own.  Chloe wails that she thought he understand and knew her.  Brady quickly covers, saying he was just kidding and asks what happened to her sense of humor.  They hear Marlena and John arguing loudly.  Brady hears part of the conversation as they discuss their options of what to do with Belle.  John wants to keep Belle from seeing Shawn or that they put Belle in a private school.  Marlena sarcastically suggests that they send Belle to boarding school.  Brady hears that part and thinks she's serious.  He can't believe it.  He knows that she did that to get rid of him, but why would she want to do that to Belle?  Brady says he thought Marlena had changed.  He is not going to let her send Belle away. 

Downstairs, John says they can't send Belle to boarding school.  Marlena says, of course they can't,  "I wouldn't have Belle sent away right now."  John says he has to talk to Belle about this.  Marlena thinks she should instead.  John suggests they do it together but Marlena insists that she get one more chance alone with Belle.

Mimi wonders what Jan is up to.  Kevin says Shawn can take care of himself.  Mimi is relieved when she sees Shawn tell Jan to go away.  Mimi compliments Kevin's chest and his skin.

Shawn tells Jan that now is not the best time, so she goes away.  Belle asks why Jan is always trying to talk to him.  He says because she's upset about killing Paul.  Belle is still suspicious.  Shawn assures Belle that she is his girlfriend, the one he cares about and wants to be with.  Belle says it's just hard to handle when he's always running off with Jan.  She says if he had left just now, their relationship might have been over.  He is shaken.  She says everyone's been talking about him and Jan.  Then she quickly apologizes for being so jealous.  They compare Belle to Philip's jealousy.  Shawn leaves to go help Bo.  Jan catches Shawn before he leaves and apologizes for interrupting before.  He asks how it went with the counselor.  She says it didn't go well and wonders if she can talk to him now.  He can't, he says, because he has to go help his dad wash and wax the car.  Jan figures he is just making up an excuse to get away from her.  Shawn suggests they talk at school or something.  Jan feels let down.

Brady wonders what Belle did to make Marlena so mad.  He asks Chloe if she knows.  She doesn't, but she says she also wouldn't tell him anything that Belle tells her in confidence.  Chloe feels guilty about eavesdropping on his parents.  Brady suggests they leave.  Brady watches to see if Marlena and John are around, so they can sneak out without being seen.  Brady runs into a planter and makes a lot of noise.  John and Marlena hear it and think it's Belle coming home.  They argue about who should talk to her.  John says if she's with Shawn, he'll throw him up against the wall and get some answers".

Brady and Chloe leave.  They run into Belle on their way out.  They tell her that they figured they would leave, since Marlena seems really angry at her.  They offer to stay but she says that's okay, she can handle it.  They leave to get something to eat.

John says he'll go talk to Bo about his son messing around with his daughter.  Marlena says he can't do that, either.  He does leave. Belle comes in and Marlena says they need to talk.