Days Update Tuesday 10/23/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/23/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nicole talks to herself while driving to work; she doesn't understand why her mom cries over her dad's death.  She flashes back to telling her mom that she hopes she suffers.  She says she'll never forgive her mom for standing by all those years while Paul abused them.  Nicole keeps thinking about Paul attacking her.  She is determined to use work to get her mind off things.

Austin goes to Nicole's office and talks to her secretary.  Nicole is late.  He is stressed because they can't close their deal until she okays the contracts.  After Austin goes into Nicole's office, Sami comes by, dressed up in a really trampy outfit, to surprise Austin.  She goes into Nicole's office after hearing that she's not there, but Austin is.

Chloe tells Brady that she's not in the mood for a drive in his car.  He teases her about crying over Philip. Brady flirts and jokes around with Chloe to get her to come out of her room (and her shell).  He says he needs attention.    He asks her to come down and hang out, or go for a drive in the country.  She is reluctant to leave the house because Nancy and Craig are mad at her for not telling them when she went to Puerto Rico.  He suggests that she climb out the window.  She says she'll take the stairs.  Chloe tells Brady that she feels "lousy".  She can't stop thinking about Philip and doesn't know what to do.  He advises her to forget about him and move on.  She can't go on the same way as she could because Philip changed everything.  He says that she still has her dreams, to be an opera star.  She doesn't want that anymore.  She used to be so angry and music was her "safe place".  Being with Philip was " so different, so powerful".  She gets very upset and cries a little, then she turns around and walks around her garden, humming to herself.  Her weird behavior seems to scare Brady a little.  She tells him that she doesn't want to talk about her problems with Philip any more.  She says it's going to be weird with school starting because she'll be seeing Philip every day in class, but she and Brady won't see each other that much.

Jan stands outside Dotcom with her last antibiotic pill; she is glad it's the last one.  Philip races by and accidentally knocks it out of her hand.  Shawn, who has been sitting with Belle and Mimi, watches Jan and worries about her.  Jan scrambles on the ground to look for her pill.  Shawn goes over to see what's up.  He yells at Philip for running into Jan.  Philip makes a nasty remark about Jan practicing to clean toilets this coming year.  Shawn tells him to back off.  Philip thinks he should concentrate on Belle.  Shawn says that Jan needs help and doesn't have anyone to watch out for her.

Mimi thinks something is going on between Shawn and Jan.  Belle frets.  She trusts Shawn and feels sorry for Jan, but she can't shake her jealousy, especially with Mimi planting thoughts in her head.  Belle moans to Mimi, "why did this have to happen when Shawn and I were so happy?"  Philip comes over and asks Belle to talk, asking Mimi to leave so they can be alone.  He's kinda rude to Belle takes him to task.  He says he'll apologize later.  He wants to know if Belle thinks her brother Brady is in love with Chloe.

Philip tells Belle that when he opened his eyes in Puerto Rico, Chloe was there, and he hoped they could work things out.  He tells her about what happened with his going to Chloe's house with the guitar, and finding Brady there.  Belle things the serenading is really romantic.  He says maybe she can hint to Shawn, so she replies that they haven't even gone on their second date yet.  He says that Shawn is crazy about her.  She watches Shawn with Jan across the way and she's not so sure.

Mimi goes inside and sees a bunch of lovey-dovey teenage couples.  Then she spies Kevin, so she throws her arms around him in greeting.  Kevin tells Mimi that this is a public place, as he pulls her off him.  She feels like she hasn't seen him in ages.  She talks about their "time on the island" but he coldly reminds her that she was rushing off to save people's lives while he was stuck in the hotel, and also that she flew back on the Black jet.  He points out that the "A" list crowd has obviously forgiven her and it might be bad for her reputation to be seen with him.  She wonders why he's acting this way.  He has to go, he says.  She has a flashback to their last kiss on the island.  She runs after him and grabs him.  He yells at her again for that.  Kevin says he has to have lunch with his parents.  She says she would like to meet them someday.  He makes a remark about how they can't afford places like Tuscany.  She reminds him that she's homeless girl, she doesn't go to those places, either.  She wants to know why he's acting this way.  He says the island was great but now that they're back, she'll start hanging out with the beautiful people again and he'll just be Kevin the nerd again.  Mimi vows to prove to Kevin that he's wrong.

Shawn helps Jan look for her pill and ask what it's for.  She just says she had "an infection".  He tells her not to worry, he will take her to the doctor if they can't find it.  She doesn't want to go to any more doctors.  He's happy to hear that she took his advice and went to one after the rape.  She just wants to forget about everything.

Sami is unsympathetic to both Marie and Austin about Nicole's dad dying.  She tries to get Austin to take a break; she brought him lunch.  But he's really busy.  He remembers some papers he left in his office so he goes to get them, saying she will have to leave when he gets back.  He promises to show her at home later how much she's wanted.  Sami starts going through Nicole's stuff to see if she can find a way to get Nicole fired (and maybe Austin promoted).  Nicole comes in and wants to know why Sami's there.  She tells Marie that no one should disturb her and Sami.  Sami tells her that she's waiting for Austin so they can have lunch.  Nicole tells her to get out of her chair.  They argue about Austin, Eric, Victor, etc. and call each other names.  Austin returns and hears them shouting so he walks in.  Austin apologizes to Nicole for leaving Sami in her office.  Sami leaves.  Nicole asks Austin if he really wants this job at Titan, if he's happy.

Jan and Shawn continue to search for the pill.  He finds it and gives it to her.  She is very grateful.  He suggests that she take it now.  She tries to push him away.  He doesn't think she should be alone right now.  She says no one can help her.  He says that there are counselors that could help her, but she doesn't think they can make her forget killing someone.  She cries on his shoulder and then worries that they shouldn't even be seen together.  He tells her that he's there for her; she says he's the only one she can count on.  Shawn can't believe that Jan's parents would hate her for being raped.  She tells him that her mom only cares that she doesn't embarrass her and that her dad is on some business trip in Vegas with his latest girlfriend.  Shawn expresses his sympathy.  Jan finally shares that Paul gave her gonorrhea.  Shawn is shocked.  Jan felt so dirty, that's why she didn't tell him.  He tells her that she's not and suggests that she take the antibiotic right now.

Belle worries about where Shawn and Jan went.  Philip offers to go look for them and see what's up, but she says never mind.  He says that while they were on the island, Brady was putting the moves on Chloe.  He wants to know where he has a chance with her or not.  She assures him that he does.  She tells him how Chloe looked and acted when he was pulled out of the cave, unconscious.  She begged Philip to come back to her.  The news makes him very happy.  Philip kisses Belle and says she's the best friend a guy could have.  He has renewed confidence that he can win back Chloe.

Brady tells Chloe that they'll still run into each other when she visits Belle.  There is an awkward moment.  He says he'll be busy, too, working for his dad's new company.  But he'll still want to hang out with his friends.  She suggests that they can maybe meet at the bowling alley or something.  He suggests that they maybe arrange their schedules so they can see each other. It is a very tender moment.  She says that they can do that on one condition, that they don't talk about her problems with Philip.  She says if they're friends, he needs to share how he feels about things, such as love.  He tries to wriggle out of the answer.  He says that he's had some crushes but nothing's ever lasted.  She asks if he'd like to be in a relationship.  He says he would, with the right girl.  She says she thought maybe she could set him up with someone at school.  He says he knows them all, through Belle.  He says if it's meant to happen, it will happen.  She looks into his eyes and puts her hand on his face.  After a moment she tells him that she's really glad that he's her friend.  Then she goes inside.  He looks after her, looking like he doesn't know what to think.

Belle wonders if she gave Philip the right advice; she worries that his jealousy might ruin things.  She rushes to see if she can catch him.  Instead, she sees Jan and Shawn.  Jan says she doesn't want to be alone, so she and Shawn leave to go somewhere else.  Belle watches them go, feeling jealous, and wonders if she and Philip have the same problem.