Days Update Monday 10/22/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/22/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Greta surprises Jack wearing a sexy outfit that is nothing like what she usually wears.  He is speechless.  She teases him, flirts with him...they talk about going to Vegas.  She suggests that they practice being like lovers.  He doesn't know what to think.  She says that he needs to get over Jennifer.  She suggests they go out on a date.

Jennifer remembers arguing with Jack about marrying her, or he'll go to Vegas and marry Greta.  She feels a hand on her shoulder--it's Brandon.  He says he's flirting with her.  He sits down with her and they continue to flirt and joke around.  He says he got some good news but he doesn't want to share it with the rest of the world (Paul's death).  She says she's there at the hospital to visit her grandmother for lunch, but she forgot she's at home with a cold.  He jokes that he hopes she has a more interesting social life than that.  She bumps her knee on the table; Brandon massages it to make it feel better.  While he gets her some coffee, she has a flashback to when she hurt her knee and Colin fixed it up.  Brandon comes back with fresh coffee and she is touched by all the trouble he went to in making a fresh pot for her.  He tells her that she is the type that men want to protect.  She is not offended but wonders why he thinks that.  He can tell by her responses to his flirting that she is going through a rough time.   He asks her out on another date.

Jan goes to see Colin about her gonorrhea.  She thinks the symptoms are back and worries if she has something worse.  She makes him promise not to tell her parents.  She has a flashback to Paul raping her.  Colin takes care of her.  He continues to question her about what happened to her, and if she thinks she's pregnant.  Colin tells a nurse that he's made up the charts himself because this is a "family friend"; he scolds the nurse for questioning him.  Later, he tells Jan that there are no other infections.  He noticed some bruising so he's figured out that she was rape.  She has a flashback to Paul's death and then tells Colin that the guy will not be hurting her or anyone else.  He wants to talk to her parents.  She freaks out and says her parents would only blame her.  She rushes out before he can help her any more.  She wants to find Shawn.

Belle and Shawn talk about their visit to give Alice the ruby.  Mimi comes up and scolds them for leaving the party so fast.  She was worried about them.  They go to Dotcom to have some shakes.  Jan's name comes up.  Mimi wants to know why Shawn has this connection to her now.

Brady asks Philip where Chloe is.  Philip is surprised that she's not up in her room with Brady.  Chloe walks up and says she's right here.  Chloe gives Philip the cold shoulder; she tells him to go home.  Nancy wants to rush outside as soon as she hears that Chloe is home, but Craig and Brady suggest that she wait until Chloe comes inside, because she's outside with Philip.  That makes her want to go out even more, but Brady says he'll go out and see what's up.  

Philip tells Chloe that he came to serenade her but found Brady.  He asks her what's going on with them.  She gets annoyed at his jealousy and tells him that they are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.  Chloe starts to walk away, so Philip grabs her arm.  Brady comes up and tells him to get his hands off her.    Philip turns on Brady and blames him for what Chloe said.  Chloe says that Philip is the only one responsible for how she's feeling and she will never forgive him for what he said to her at the Last Blast Dance.  With great sarcasm, he tells Brady congratulations, Chloe is all his.  Chloe tells Philip that she doesn't belong to anyone.  She stomps away to the house.  Philip attacks Brady but Brady easily fends him off.  He says Philip is still recovering and should go home to bed.  Brady tells him that he didn't do anything; Philip did it himself, and he's not trying to move in on her.

Chloe goes inside and tells Nancy she doesn't want to talk right now.  Craig says they will have their work cut out for them, but at least she's home.  Philip vows not to let Brady get away with this.  Brady goes to Chloe's window, where she's leaning out, and asks if she wants to take a ride in his car.