Days Update Friday 10/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/19/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Julie greets Shawn and Belle warmly at the door of Alice's house.  Shawn thanks her for helping out with J.T. while he was gone.  They ask about Alice's health; she just has a little cold.  Shawn and Belle discuss how lucky they are to have made it through their ordeal.  Belle says she had a hard time keeping sane down in that pit.  Shawn says that he and Philip felt the same way.  They tease each other and then he turns serious and compliments her.  He remembers how nervous he was when he asked her to the Last Blast dance.  She can't believe he was, since they've known each other so long.  He wasn't sure how she felt.  She can't believe guys can be so clueless.  They joke around some more, and kiss, but Julie comes back to interrupt them.  She can't believe how grownup they are.  They get embarrassed.  She just feels so old.  She tells them that Alice is waiting for them; they invite her along to witness the big event.

Julie, Shawn & Belle go in to Alice's room. She is sitting up in bed with a Santa hat on.  She is happy to see them; they hug and kiss her.  Shawn teases her about her hat.  Alice says Julie got it for her; she needs to keep her head warm when she has a cold.  Shawn says it's appropriate because of what he has to give her.  He says a bunch of mysterious things until she tells him to just tell her what he's talking about.  He holds up the ruby that Tom gave her for their 30th anniversary.  She is stunned and so touched.  She has a flashback to back then.  She asks how Shawn found it.  He tells her the short, sanitized version.  She is shocked that he would take such risks and scolds him for it, saying family is more important to her than anything.  He says it was worth a little risk to get it back for her.  Julie looks at it and jokes that maybe Alice wants to give it to her.  Alice says some nice things about Tom and the kids.

Kate and Victor dote on Philip, worrying about every little cough.  He tells them to back off.  Philip is anxious to see Chloe again.  Philip wants to thank Chloe for coming to see him in the hospital.  Thinking about her is what brought him back out of the coma.  Victor thinks he should rest, but he's not tired.  He says it's nice to see his parents together again.  Victor tries to change the subject.  Philip says maybe he is tired after all.  Kate tucks him in and hugs him; she's so glad he's safe and home.  Philip asks Victor if Kate can spend the night here.  They leave him to rest.  He thinks about how they broke up.  He doesn't want that to happen to him and Chloe.  He's never going to give up on her.  He can't believe what a jerk he was.  He has a flashback to their argument after the dance.  He gets up, determined to go see her.  He sees the guitar and thinks he should serenade her again.  He plans to slip out the back way.  He goes to Chloe's house and stands outside with his guitar.  He pauses, wondering if maybe she'll still be mad at him.

Victor tells Kate she should be more careful about what she says around Philip.  She knows he doesn't want him to get his hopes up.  She tells Victor that Philip forgave her for sleeping with the Italian mobster Moroni.  He has learned from his own experiences with Chloe that people can make stupid mistakes.  Victor won't forgive her for it.  She thinks he will in time.  He says that she shouldn't bet anything on their getting back together.  She says she's leaving; she knows he doesn't want her there, but she'll be back.

Nancy and Craig continue to worry about Chloe and why she hasn't come home yet.  Brady visits to see if Chloe is home.  He'd hoped that she was with them, but she hasn't arrived yet.  Philip phones and Nancy says he can't speak with Chloe; she hangs up on him before Craig can object.  Brady says he guesses Chloe isn't with Philip, either.  Nancy snaps at him, to say why would she be with Philip, since they aren't together any more?  Craig tells Brady that they'd hoped that he and Chloe were closer this summer, more than friends.  Brady assures them that they're just friends.  When Brady says it's hard to read how Chloe feels about people, Nancy gripes that she never seems to have a hard time telling her that she hates her guts.  She wonders if Chloe is deliberately late to torture her.  Brady says she wouldn't do that.  Nancy worries about why she's so late.  Craig tells her not to worry yet.  Brady suggests they check Chloe's own answering machine.  They forgot to do that, so they all rush upstairs.  There are no messages.  Craig has to keep consoling Nancy.  They go downstairs.  Brady is about to follow when he hears Philip's rock hit the window.  Brady opens the window and looks down at Philip; he says hi and wonders why he's there.  Philip is shocked.  He asks, "What the hell are you doing in my girlfriend's bedroom?"

Chloe gets off the plane with Susan, Jan, and the rest, and finds a message to meet Nancy and Craig at the Brady Pub, which she dismisses.  Susan gripes that they were sitting on the tarmac for an hour because of a broken hydraulic lever.  Chloe jokes that Susan was too busy chatting with her "new best friend Jan."  Susan thinks she should apologize.  Chloe says no way, Jan is a "first-class bitch".  Chloe still blames Jan for the dance and losing Philip.  Susan thinks Jan did her a favor because it showed that Philip doesn't trust her.  Chloe says that doesn't excuse what Jan did.  Chloe makes more snide remarks so Susan tells her that she's changed.  She's happy not to be popular if this is what it does to people.  They watch Jan's mother come up and slap her and call her a "slut".  They watch as Jan's mother says horrible things to her, pulls her hair, etc.  Susan thinks they should do something but Chloe says they should watch and see what happens, since it is Jan's mother.  A person who works for the airport tries to intervene but Jan's mother yells at her to back off unless she wants a lawsuit.  She chews out Jan for shooting Paul and bringing bad publicity to her family.  Jan tries to tell her that she shot him to defend another girl, but she doesn't buy that.  She accuses her of sleeping with him and wanting to screw older guys.  Jan's mom drags her out violently.  Chloe can't believe that Jan would let her mother treat her that way.  Susan says sometimes you have no choice.  Chloe says you always have a choice.  She would rather go back to the orphanage than be treated that way.  Susan asks how Chloe is going to treat Jan now.

Nicole still keeps thinking about her father and the awful things he did.  Nicole goes to her mom's house; Brandon asks her if she's okay, because she looks a little shook up.  She feels "lucky to be alive" and tells her mother, "Because you let that bastard back into our lives again, he tried to kill me".  Fay fires questions at her about what happened.  Nicole tells her that Victor and the kids are fine, but Philip was in a coma and almost drowned, thanks to Paul.  Brandon wonders what Paul has to do with the whole thing.  She fills them in on the bare details, about the treasure, the jewelry, how he tried to kill the kids and her.  Fay doesn't believe it.  Nicole yells at her for being so stupid as to believe in Paul after the years of abuse.  Fay says there are things they don't understand about him.  She says deep down, he was decent and he didn't have a great childhood.  Brandon can't believe that she's making excuses for him, after all he did to them.  Brandon says, "He was a lowlife, two-bit criminal. Too lazy to work, too stupid to learn how to read. "  Faye claims he only got money to give to his family.  They argue.  Nicole tells him that he's finally starting to see that she was right.  Faye will always defend him because she loves "that pig".  Faye says she knows that he did some very bad things, but he loved her and still does.  Even Nicole can't believe she's saying this.  She remembers that Paul said Faye slept with him when he got out of prison.  Brandon says she would never do that.  Faye's face says it all.  Nicole tells them not to worry because they won't be seeing Paul any more.  She tells them that Paul is dead and she helped finish him off.  They think she killed him but she explains that she just yelled at him while he was on the operating table and he still tried to kill her before he died.  She shows them the bandage on her neck from when he tried to slit her throat.  Faye is very upset, wailing "Oh, God, no!"  Brandon is not happy but more like relieved.  He tells Faye that they are better off without him.  Faye says again that Paul was good in his heart and never wanted to hurt them.  He loved "all his children".  (Hmmm, wonder what that means?  She didn't say "both".)  Brandon can't stand it and leaves.  Nicole tells Faye, "I hope you suffer. I hope you're in pain for a long time, exposing your children to that bastard!"  Outside, Nicole tells Brandon that she's sorry he had to see Faye this way, but in the end they have each other.  They hold hands.