Days Update Thursday 10/18/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/18/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nicole goes back to work.  She is shorter than usual with Marie.  She tells her that Victor is staying home with Philip today and that she doesn't want to be disturbed.  Nicole seems happy to be back at work to distract herself.

Mimi, Shawn, and Belle are in the back of a limo headed home from the airport.  Mimi is even happy to think about school.  Shawn and Belle kiss.  Brady and John are sitting up front with the driver so they can talk about the surprise homecoming party that is planned.  John phones Marlena to make sure that everything is going according to plan.

Caroline fusses over Will, who is helping Sami blow up balloons at the Brady Pub.  Austin is there, too.  Sami tells him it's okay for him to go to work.  He wants to help welcome her family home, too.  She knows it's been crazy at Titan and he will worry about his job.  She is happy to hear that he feels her family is his family.

Caroline goes over to Hope, who is holding J.T. in her arms.  She can't wait for Shawn to hear him say "Daddy".

Nancy can't believe that the Bradys are painting their own signs and blowing up their own balloons, rather than paying someone else to do it for them.  She worries that Chloe won't speak to them.  Craig says it will be fine.

Colin and Elizabeth arrive at the pub and see that it's closed for a private party.   She is happy to go to a more upscale place.  Shawn pops out and says they are family, so they are welcome to come in and join the festivities.

Hope puts up a welcome sign.  She meets Colin and Elizabeth.  Colin is frosty to Bo and quickly excuses himself and Elizabeth.  Hope wonders what's up with them.  Bo doesn't know, either.  Hope comments on his strange accent.

Marlena asks John to delay their arrival for another 15 minutes so they can finish decorating for the party.  He can't wait to see her again.  John suggests to the other kids that they stop at the Burger Barn on the way home.  Belle and Shawn just want to go home, but John and Brady talk them into it.    Shawn's only regret is that he won't be around Belle 24 hours a day any more.

Marlena tries to soothe Nancy's rattled nerves by saying that she left a message for Chloe to stop here after her plane lands, so she should be here soon.  But it doesn't help.  Nancy is annoyed that Marlena planned the party without including her.  Craig tries to console her.

Austin leaves.  Sami is very happy and chats with her mom about how close she and Austin have been getting this summer.  She thinks they will be marrying soon.  Marlena is happy for her and tells her that she likes Austin, too.  Sami is amazingly calm, happy, and not insecure for once.  She says that no matter what happens with Austin, she'll have Will, and her mom, and she'll always have love in her life.  Marlena is really proud of how much she's grown up.

Austin goes to work and drops by Nicole's office to look for some missing contracts.  Meanwhile, Nicole is looking through some artwork for the magazine and sees a photo layout entitled "Daddy's Little Girls".  This brings back bad recent memories of Paul coming on to her and trying to strangle her.

Belle and Shawn get tried of waiting around.  John and Brady still aren't finished.  They start the limo again.

Caroline tells Sami that she'll fix Austin a platter, since he couldn't stay.  Sami says he'll like that and jokes that maybe Caroline can cater their wedding.

Craig tries to get Nancy to be nicer to Marlena so she can use Marlena's counseling skills to help with Chloe.  He points out that Marlena has the degree and years of experience, and has a lot of good things to say, even though Nancy tried to send her daughter to the "death chamber".  Nancy says it was "an honest mistake".  He says that stupid radio show came between them and now Nancy holds a grudge, even though she won, and he knows it's only hurting her.

Elizabeth suggest to a grump Colin that he be nicer to his family.  She wonders what he's got against Bo, whom he hasn't met.  He says he's given Shawn some trouble over the years so maybe he's holding it against him subconsciously.

Hope comes up to Bo, who is with J.T., and says she knows that he's been whispering "mmm--mama" to him.  He admits it and asks how she knew.  She replies that all week, he's been saying, "mmm--dada."  They laugh.  She tells him that J.T. recognizes Bo's truck when he drives into the driveway.  He takes J.T. to get something to eat.  Marlena comes over and tells Hope that she did the right thing (in not telling Bo that John was J.T.'s father).

Belle wonders where they're going.  John says he thinks there's a detour on University.  They know something is up, so John tells them that they're going to the pub for a party for Marlena's birthday.  They are satisified by that.

Austin goes into Nicole's office.  She's annoyed that Marie didn't keep him out.  She notices that he got a new haircut (a really bad one!).  He gives her the business for just running off and not letting him know, saying that 100 deals would have fallen apart if he hadn't been there doing her work.  She reminds him that she's the boss.  She is happy to tell him that she was watching her father die out there in the tropics.

Nancy defensively says that Marlena is jealous of her and she reminds him of Marlena's own messed up kids, Sami, Eric, and Brady.  Craig gives up.  Colin and Elizabeth come up to say hi.  Nancy gives Colin a kiss, saying that's how they greet people in Europe.  SElizabeth is her usual snotty self.

Hope is glad that Marlena finally agrees that she did the right thing.  She jokes that it wouldn't be a good thing to find out you share a brother with a potential mate.  Marlena is not happy to hear Hope talk about Shawn and Belle that way.  She says she thinks Shawn is a little young.  Hope says that when she was his age, she knew that Bo would be the love of her life, the only man she ever loved, and she was right.  Marlena has a flashback to talking to Belle on the phone when she was in Puerto Rico and said she was "a woman now".  Marlena starts asking Hope what Shawn's future plans are.  Hope says he's mentioned joining the merchant marines, but she thinks he wouldn't want to go far from J.T., or Belle.  Marlena says that Belle wants to apply to every college in the country and mentioned spending her junior year abroad.  Hope says that she's sure Marlena doesn't have anything to worry about; Belle is smart and will make the right decisions.  She adds, "And if she does end up with Shawn, thereís no stopping true love. Now, you should know that."  Marlena doesn't want them to rush to get there.

Shawn starts yelling that the kids have arrived, so they dim the lights and everyone hides.  As the kids walk in, everyone jumps out and yells surprise, and balloons come down on the kids from the ceiling.  There is much laughter, hugging, and greetings.  Marlena and Belle hug tightly for a long time.

Austin wonders if Nicole is serious about her father dying.  She says she willed her father to die, and he did, right after he tried to strangle her, since slitting her throat didn't work.  She tries to switch the discussion back to work.  He says that you don't blurt something that terrible out unless you want to talk about it, so he asks her what happened.

Shawn wonders where Alice is.  Hope tells him that she's feeling a little under the weather today, but she's fine.  Hope gives him a hug and kiss from her.

Belle notices that Will lost some teeth and tells him that she missed him.  This makes Sami happy.  Mimi says that Will would get along great with her little brother.  Marlena tells her that her family is on their way.  She's happy to hear it and thanks them.  Craig guides them toward the punch.

Nancy asks who Elizabeth is.  Colin belatedly introduces her.  Nancy tells Colin that hearts will break all over the hospital (since he is engaged).  Elizabeth has had enough of Nancy's flirting with her fiancť, so she goes over to give Craig the same kiss on the cheeks that Nancy gave to Colin.  Nancy doesn't look happy.

John and Marlena kiss.  She praises John and Brady for bringing everyone home safely and asks them never to leave her again.  They all promise.  Marlena goes over to Brady and gives him a special thank you.  She hugs him and tells him that she loves him.  He seems genuinely happy and surprised.  He tells her, "You're welcome".  It was a very tearful moment.  Brady says if it weren't for Mimi, they wouldn't have found them.  That reminds him about Chloe and he wonders where she is.  John says her plane was right behind theirs.  Marlena tells them that Victor wanted Philip to go home and get some rest.  John tells Brady, who is looking out the window expectantly, that he's sure Chloe will be there any second.

Craig introduces Nancy as his wife, much to Elizabeth's surprise.  Nancy says that Elizabeth is not the only one who can get a gorgeous man.  Elizabeth leaves them to go flirt with Bo again.  He can't believe that he has a grown son.  She tells Bo and Caroline that she's having a hard time keeping all the Bradys straight.

Marlena tries to get Belle to eat something but she tells them that John stopped at the Burger Barn.  He said that was the only thing he could think of to stall with.  Shawn wishes he had known, he would rather had "Grandmaís favorite famous fried chicken"  rather than fast food.  Hope tells him that there will be plenty of leftovers.  She thanks John and Brady for bringing their children home.

Shawn pulls Belle aside and says there's something they have to go do.  He is being playfully mysterious and won't tell her where they're going.  She doesn't think they should leave their own party but finally gives in.  Just when they're about to tell Marlena, John has Caroline bring out a birthday cake for Marlena and they all sing happy birthday.  They all help Marlena blow out the candles.

Nicole doesn't think there's anything to talk about.  She gives him the project they were discussing and tells him to deal with it.  He is surprised because it's "her baby".  She has other things to do.  Marie tells her that Brandon is going to meet her at her mother's house.   Nicole is on her way there to give them the news about Paul.

Austin and Marie discuss how weird Nicole's been acting.  Marie tells him that she heard her father was shot in Puerto Rico by one of the kids from Salem High.  Austin figures it was self-defense.

Craig calls the airline and finds out that Chloe's plane landed on time; they wonder where she is.

Sami chats with Elizabeth.  She has heard about Colin through the hospital grapevine; she had no idea that she was related to him.  Sami says he's nice to look at and if she didn't have a boyfriend...Elizabeth cuts her off and says she'd be wasting her time, then walks away abruptly.  Sami says, "Bitch" incredulously.

Marlena kisses John and teases him for surprising her.  Belle tells them that she's going off with Shawn for a bit.  Shawn stops Belle outside and kisses her before they leave.

Colin goes up to the bar where Bo is.  Bo gets him a beer and they chat.  Colin shares that he grew up in Ireland, but he did school in England and spent some time in Australia (explaining his strange accent).  Bo asks him what "the name Dimera" means to him.  Colin says he hasn't.  Bo asks why he's lying.  Colin counters, why did Bo ask him a question if he already knows the answers.

Hope asks John if he knows where Shawn and Belle are going.  He chuckles that he does and it's not what she's thinking.

Bo blasts Colin for avoiding him since he got in town.  Bo says, "Whatever happened between the Bradyís and the Dimera generations ago back in Ireland, people are still talking about to this day. Trouble is, they clam right up whenever thereís an outsider around. Let me tell you something, coz. I am not an outsider. Iím a Brady, and this involves me and my family! I deserve to know!"  Hope sees a fight brewing so she hands J.T. to John for a sec and goes over to break it up.  Bo asks where Shawn is, but she won't be distracted.  Bo says it was a "misunderstanding".

Brady asks Craig and Nancy if they know where Chloe is. They don't.  Brady frets and keeps looking out the window.

Marlena and Sami chat some more about Austin.  Sami is happy not to be "clingy and dependent anymore".

Marie tells Austin that he shouldn't worry about Nicole.  She says that she's seen what Nicole can do to people "and itís not worth it".  He promises not to tell anyone she said that and thanks her for her honesty.  He still worries about Nicole; he knows she's not dealing well with this.