Days Update Tuesday 10/16/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/9/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Colin tries to decide whether he should stay or stick around until the other doctor gets back.  Nurse Helen tells him that there is a lady in cubicle one who is recovering from too much alcohol.  The patient is Greta.  He greets her; she doesn't know he's a doctor.  She tells him about having too much tequila.  He suggests that she "drink plenty of fluids, take a couple of aspirin, and sleep it off" and that she doesn't need to stick around to wait for the doctor.  She's going to take a cab, so he offers to drive her home.  She almost leaves her shoes there until he reminds her.  He drives her home and stops for a soda.  She thanks him.  He asks why she was so "wrecked".  She asks if he's ever had a thing for someone who he just couldn't get it together with, for one reason or another.  He has a flashback to Jennifer.  He can sympathize, he says.  She says it sounds like he's not quite over the person he had in mind.  He says he shouldn't be talking like this, since he's engaged, but he can't forget her.  She talks about Jack, without mentioning his name, and how she doesn't have a chance with him, and he guesses that he's gay.  She is shocked but doesn't confirm it.  He admires her loyalty to her friend.  He drops her off and she says she still doesn't know his name.  He admits that he's a doctor.  After he leaves, she wishes she knew his name because he's "so cute".

Jennifer tells Jack that he's a "fraud".  She feels sorry for Greta going to Vegas to marry him.  He says actually it's Jennifer that he wants to take there.  He says he has a possible job with Oliver Wentworth and he wants a sexy, beautiful woman on his arm to impress him. She is amazed at how different he is acting.  She says he never complimented her like that when they were married, or even seemed to notice her.  He counters that she never called him that, either.  She says he's a guy.  He says, so, can't men be sexy and beautiful, too?  She wonders if he's trying to tell her that he's gay. He says, no, he didn't mean HE thought men are sexy or beautiful.  She is relieved.  She does blast him for lying to her so much when they were married, and being too impulsive.  He says maybe he should take Greta to Vegas instead.  She says maybe he should.  He tells her honestly that he has feelings for Greta but he's put them on hold because he loves Jen.  He doesn't want to be alone, so he has to get on with his life if Jen is going to keep turning him down.  She doesn't like the ultimatum.  He says he's not planning to marry Greta any time soon but maybe Jen should start seeing other guys, like that Brandon.  She is crushed that he suggests that.  He is pleased that his plan seems to be working.

Susan and Kevin look for the other kids but don't find anyone.  Instead, they run into their chaperone, Mr. Woods.  He reminds them that they have an early flight in the morning so they should be getting to bed.  They want to visit Philip, but he says no.  He is looking for the other kids, too.

Chloe thinks about her relationship with Philip and with Brady.  She remembers Philip promising her that he trust her, but also how he reacted at the Last Blast Dance.  She remembers a series of fun times with Brady, including when they were singing, driving in the car, playing basketball, etc.  She doesn't know if she can be there for Philip now the way he wants her to be.  She wishes Philip hadn't believe that she set up that web site.  She feels so comfortable with Brady but she still loves Philip.

John waits for the lawyer that he called to help Jan.  He tells Brady and Belle to go back to the hotel, but Belle wants to stay and talk to Shawn.  Brady wants to stick around for the "action".

Inside the police station, the cops want to fingerprint Jan.  Shawn gets in their faces and tells them that she is innocent and they should let her go.  The police are determined to put her in jail for Paul's murder, despite the fact that Shawn and Nicole tell them that Jan was only defending Nicole from Paul's knife.  Brady and John come in with the lawyer, Diego, and they try to stop the police, too.  Diego both cajoles and threatens the police captain, Vega.  Vega won't believe Nicole's story since she was just in their jail herself.  Finally Diego persuades him to let them go for the night as long as they come back tomorrow morning for questioning.

Shawn insists on escorting Jan back to the hotel, even though Shawn offers to take her.  Belle is hurt that Shawn completely ignored her and was only helping Jan.  Brady tries to console her and she tries to convince herself that Shawn is just being nice to Jan because she doesn't have anyone else to help her out.

John has a drink with Nicole, who can't stop thinking about her father.  She remembers when she was little and he came home and was nice to her, and then the contrast of that to when he said horrible things to her and tried to choke her.  John tries to get her to open up.  He asks if she is feeling guilty for wishing her father dead.  He says she shouldn't.  She knows that Paul hurt Jan and she wants to find out what he did.  John says that he must have hurt her, too.  He comforts Nicole.

When they get back to the hotel, Jan tells Shawn that she doesn't want to see anyone, she just wants to go to sleep.  He says they should hang out for a while; she shouldn't be alone.  She thanks him for all his help; she has never had a friend like him before.  He thinks she's "pretty amazing", too.  He says she was brave to protect Nicole, especially after what happened with Paul.  She asks him not to bring that up again.  She doesn't want her parents to find out because they would blame her.  He can't believe that.  She gets upset and says he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone.  Susan and Kevin walk up and ask what she's talking about.  Jan tells them that she killed Paul.  They are stunned.  She worries that they will find out what he did to her.  Shawn assures her that they won't, but he advises her to get counseling.  She doesn't want to; she just wants to forget about it.  She thinks if she goes to a shrink, everyone will find out about the rape.   She asks Shawn to stay with her for a while, and he agrees.

Brady goes to find Chloe.  Belle sees her dad and is going over to talk to him when she runs into Susan and Kevin.  They tell her about Jan shooting Paul, but she already knows that.  She said that Jan did it to protect Nicole.  She asks if they've seen Shawn, and they try to change the subject.  She asks what's wrong.  They show her where Shawn and Jan are.  Jan is leaning on him; she is in his arms.  It doesn't look good.  Belle says he's probably just helping her out.  She goes to bed.  Susan and Kevin wonder what's going with Jan and Shawn.  Kevin says Shawn could like both Jan and Belle.  Susan wonders if Kevin would like more than one girl at a time, like her.  He says oh sure, they got quite close on the island.  She beams until he realizes that he just means they are friends.  She asks him straight out, "But as far as a girlfriend goes, thatís Mimi, right?"

Brady finds Chloe in front of a fire and teases her that she must have been a girl scout.  She says she just threw some wood on an existing fire.  He figured she was "" somewhere staring out at the water... Like that day I found you on the pier."