Days Update Monday 10/15/01


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

John, Belle, and Brady sit at a table eating.  John talks about going back home.  Belle won't leave without Shawn.  They tease her.  John is annoyed that the teachers on their trip didn't supervise them well enough.  Paul's name is mentioned; Brady hopes he dies but John hopes he lives so he can pay for what he's done.  When Brady teases Belle about her adventure, John teases Brady about hanging out with Chloe all summer.  Belle is shocked.  Brady denies that they are anything but friends as the other two snicker.  Belle says that Philip will kill him, but then stops and says, wait, he can't, "you saved his life!".    Brady wonders why Shawn and Jan are pals.   Belle says that she doesn't know, but something happened on the island to make Shawn feel sorry for her.  They hope she won't have to face any police charges.  They get some take out food for Shawn.  John asks Belle if she remembers what day it is.  Belle is shocked; she totally forgot.

Craig chats with Marlena about John, et al. on the island.  She is worried about why they haven't come home yet.  They chat about their kids a bit.  He says that he thinks something's happening between Brady and Chloe.  Marlena doesn't think so.  Craig offers to make a bet on it.  John phones and interrupts their conversation.  She is frantic so John has to tell her to breathe.  She puts Craig on so he can ask about Chloe.  He rushes out to tell Nancy that Chloe is okay.  Belle and John wish Marlena a happy birthday.  They have big plans for when they get home.  Belle forces Brady to say happy birthday to Marlena but he doesn't want to.  She shoves the phone in his face so he has to say it.  Marlena is overjoyed to hear him.  He gives the phone back to Belle as soon as he can.  Marlena tells Belle to tell Brady thank you for wishing her happy birthday.  They hang up.  John thanks Belle for not telling Marlena about Jan and Nicole's problems.  John thanks Brady for being civil to Marlena.  Belle and Brady hug.

Craig comes back to Marlena's office and says that Nancy thanks her for the update on Chloe.  He wonders if Marlena is okay as she keeps her head down and sounds a little shaky.  She claims she's fine but he can see tears.  She is crying because of Brady, but she just tells him that she had a breakthrough in a relationship that she'd been working really hard on for a long time.  He knows that feeling because of Chloe.  Marlena tells him about walking on the beach with Sami; she asked her how to hold on to a husband once you have him.  She says she held sand in one hand and squeezed it, and the sand fell through her fingers.  Then in the other hand, she held the sand there without squeezing.  She says Sami learned that force is the opposite of love.  Marlena suggests that he gives Chloe some room.  She finally tells him, "My son Brady wished me a happy birthday".  She wishes she had never referred him to as her stepson because he is as much her child as Belle is.  Craig says that just when they are starting to feel close to Chloe, she pulls away.  Marlena says it must have been hard on them to get Chloe as a teenager, without any preparation.  Craig says it's hard for Nancy because she tries so hard to get Chloe to love her.  She says every parent wants that.  She has no good advice except just says that the children's character is formed by the people around them.  "All we can do to help them is to set a very good example for them", she says.  Craig says it's a piece of cake being chief of staff next to raising a teenager.  She says he cares, so that's all that matters.  He wishes her a happy birthday and says that he wishes Marlena and Nancy could be friends again, especially now that Nancy is having so many problems with Chloe.  Marlena says she has him to help her out.  He's glad that things are working out between her and Brady.  He leaves.  Marlena looks at a picture of Brady and Belle when they were little.

The doctors fight to save Paul's life.  Shawn comforts Jan, who cries that if Paul dies, she will be a murderer.  Nicole hovers over the body, yelling that she hopes he dies.  The cops discuss Jan's fate, in Spanish.  Things don't look good for her.  As the doctors work on Paul, he begs Nicole to help him, but she keeps yelling at him to die.  He gets angry and fights to get up.  He pushes them away and they all fall against the walls.  He rips off the medical equipment as Nicole continues to taunt him.  Jan gets upset and backs away.  Paul falls; his injuries prevent him from getting very far.  Jan starts freaking out so Shawn holds her.  The cops advance but Shawn pushes them away.  Paul gets up again and gets his hands around Nicole's throat.  He starts to choke her.  The cops rush in and pull Paul off of her.  He seems to have super-human strength because he throws them off, too, and goes back to choking Nicole.  Finally Paul falls and the doctors help Nicole.  Paul is dead, finally.  The doctor closes his eyes.  Nicole steps over him, relieved.  Outside, she breaks down crying as Jan and Shawn ask what happened.  She says he'll never hurt anyone again.  Shawn comforts Jan.  

Brady, John, and Belle come in right after that.  They are witnesses to what happened outside with Jan shooting Paul.  He tries to tell them that they are wrong, that she saved them all from Paul.  But the police don't care, and then put Jan in handcuffs and try to take her to the station.  John yells at them to back off, but they insists on taking her.  She yells for Shawn.  He says he'll follow; Belle stops him and wonders what's going on.  He doesn't have time to explain, so he rushes out, leaving Belle feeling confused.  When John and Belle sees Paul's body being wheeled out, she almost faints in terror.  John starts to call a lawyer to help Jan.  

Brady asks Nicole what Paul did to her.  She says it doesn't matter now; she willed him to die and now he's dead.  Brady tries to comfort her but she gets distraught now that her father died (she is very confused).  They watch as a cop tells the nurse to do an autopsy, since it was murder.    Brady tries to stop Nicole from rushing out but she tells him to leave her the hell alone.  The nurse does the sign of the cross and tells Brady to "watch out for that one, she's filled with evil".

Kate protests that she's not using Philip's condition to her advantage.  They bicker about Philip.  She asks Victor to admit that their breakup was as much his fault as hers.  She talks about how much she loved him.  She says seeing Philip in the coma made her realized that any of them could die at any time.  She would like them to get along so that Philip won't have bad memories of them, in case either of them should die.

Philip insists on talking to Chloe; she tries to put him off but he wants to talk.  He wants a second chance.  He tells her that the whole time he was here, he thought about how her face looked at the Last Blast Dance.  He should have trusted her and known that she wouldn't put naked pictures up of her on the Internet.  He tells her that it made him take a good look at who he is.  He was only thinking about himself.  She is hesitant to get into it with him.  He mentions something about Brady.  Chloe tells him about how Brady saved his life.   Philip says it sounds like she and Brady got to know each other....she smiles and says that they're just friends.  He says that when he gets back on his feet again, no other guy will stand a chance.  She has to laugh and his teasing.  She says that if they are going to have a chance together, he will have to promise her that he trusts her, no matter what, that he won't turn on her again.  He says he does trust her and always will.

Kate and Victor go in to see Philip, interrupting his time with Chloe.  She leaves; they make goo-goo eyes at each other as she leaves.  Philip says it's great having the people he loves around him.  Victor says that as soon as the doctors say it's okay, they'll be on a plane home.