Days Update Tuesday 10/9/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/9/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Chloe prays for Phillip not to die.

Victor talks to Kate and John on the cell phone.  Kate and John are on their way in to the hospital from the airport.  Victor tells Kate there's no change on Phillip.  He tells John that Belle and Shawn are fine, keeping vigil for Phillip.   Brady is on his way to find Paul.  He tells John that Paul is Nicole's father but asks him not to tell Kate.  John worries about Brady.

Brady and Nicole show Paul's picture around to try to find him.  They try to figure out where he could be.

Phillip has a dream about the future.  He and Chloe are married; Shawn and Belle are married; Mimi is alone, as always.  They are all wearing futuristic clothing and talking futuristic lingo.  Mimi is fat and has 10 kids.  She and Chloe are best friends.  Belle and Shawn have 3 kids.


Jan gasps as she sees Paul's gangrenous shoulder.  He is irate at the doctor who didn't treat him correctly.  He lets her go and goes to the doctor again.  He doctor examines it and says he has gangrene and he should take more antibiotics.  The doctor tells the nurse, in Spanish, to call the cops because it is a gunshot wound.  Paul knows Spanish and tells them they'd better not call the cops.  He shows them the gun and says "this is the one that did it".  He spins a tale about being a jeweler who got hit by a sail boom while on his boat.  He asks him not to tell the cops because the red tape will hold him up.  The doctor and nurse don't look like they believe him.

Kate arrives and goes in to see Philip.  Belle asks her where her dad is; Kate tells her that he went to find Brady.  They fill her in on Philip's condition.  Philip has a flashback to when he was telling Kate about what happened at the Last Blast dance and how he regretted how he treated Chloe.  Kate chats with Victor about their son.  They speak nicely to each other for a change.  She thanks him for not bringing "that whore" Nicole there.  He doesn't say anything to contradict her.  She asks him what the doctors said.  He tells her what little he knows.  He may have trouble walking at first because of water damage in his lungs.  He gives her the very brief version of what has happened to the kids, the treasure, etc.  Kate can't believe it all.    He tells her that all they can do is be strong and have faith.

John finds Brady and Nicole.  John and Brady are happy to see each other.  John insists on taking charge now.  They find Jan shivering and with a bruise on her face.  She denies that anyone hit her.  Nicole says she knows something happened with Paul and that she thinks Jan just saw her.  Jan reveals that Paul hurt her.  She says Paul will come after her if she tells.  John tries, too, but she won't say.  Brady suggests they sit down at a table and have some tea.  John tells Jan that they need to find "this animal" that almost killed Belle.  Nicole tells him to back off and asks Jan to spill what Paul did, for her own sake.  Jan starts to stammer, "He just told me" so they know he is around nearby.  She tells them what just happened.  They figure Paul needs a doctor but wouldn't go to the hospital.  John tells Jan she's safe and no one will hurt her again.  She tells them that there's a clinic just down the road.  John wants Nicole and Brady to stay with Jan, but Brady insists on going.

Nicole apologizes to Jan for whatever her father did.  She tries to get more information about what Paul did to her, but Jan won't say.  Nicole has a flashback to when she was arguing with Paul.  She thinks it's taking too long so she decides to follow John and Brady.  Jan doesn't want to be alone so she goes with her.

Philip still dreams about the future.  Belle and Philip are chatting when he gets a "weird feeling" like he's floating away.  Suddenly, the life support machine starts beeping.

John and Brady see Paul.  They wonder where he got another gun; Brady points out that he had all those jewels to trade.  They try to decide how to best approach him.  John wants Brady to go back to the hotel and call the police, but he won't at first, then John makes him go.  John grabs Paul around the throat and tells him to drop the bag, thinking that's where the gun is.   Paul drops the bag so John throws him away.  When John goes to look in the bag, Paul gets the gun instead out of his belt and points it at John, prepared to shoot him.  Paul thinks John was sent by Buddy, the guy in prison who stole the jewels.  John lies that Buddy broke out of jail.  John offers to take him to Buddy, but Paul won't fall for it.  Jan and Nicole walk up and surprise Paul, so John kicks the gun out of his hand.  However, Paul gets it back and holds the gun on Jan, who is screaming.  He yells at Nicole to give him the bag. John tells her to go ahead.  


Brady finds out that the girls left so he goes running back to the clinic.  Nicole and Brady come up so John manages to get the drop on Paul, but he gets his knife and holds it to Nicole's neck.  She begs him not to kill her.  John tries to talk Paul out of hurting Nicole and offers him the bag of jewels for her life.  Jan, sitting nearby on the ground, sees the gun.  John is about to throw Paul the bag of jewels.  Paul wants the gun, too, but they don't know where it is.  He sees Jan reaching for something and yells at her.  John goes to throw the bag.  Brady mouths to Jan, "Throw me the gun".  Instead, Jan picks up the gun and fires at Paul and Nicole.

Belle, Chloe, Victor, and Kate all wait to see what happens with Philip as the nurse attends to him.  Philip's life support machine gets going again.  The nurse says something in Spanish and walks away.  They are all frustrated.  Another nurse comes back and says that it was no problem, Philip's heart rate just increased temporarily.  That is probably a good thing.

Mimi and Chloe have a heart-to-heart talk.  Mimi apologizes for how she's treated Chloe but explains why Chloe's attitude rubbed them all the wrong way.  She tells Chloe that Philip is probably dreaming about her.  Chloe rejoices when Philip squeezes her hand.  Kate and Victor smile at that one, too.


Philip keeps having his dream about the future.  The gang is very tight and happy with their lives.

Philip wakes up and sees them all, smiling down at him.  Especially Chloe.