Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/3/01

by Suzanne Lanoue

Alice naps and has a dream about a time with Tom when he gave her the ruby as an anniversary present.  Greta visits, waking her up.  They sit by the fire and Alice reminisces.  She tells Greta how the ruby was stolen.  She didn't like the setting so she took it to a jeweler and it was stolen.  She regrets that she wasn't honest with Tom about it.  She had a fake ruby made instead so he wouldn't know.  Now it's too late to tell him.  Greta brought Alice some Harrison Ford movies and some tea.  Alice asks her about her personal life.  Greta laments that she has no one special.  Alice has noticed that she's spending a lot of time with Jack.  Greta says there's nothing between them.  Alice assumes that's because of his feelings for Jen, but Greta thinks otherwise.  She doesn't tell Alice his "secret", though.  She just switches the conversation back to Alice's ruby.  She's surprised it never turned up.  Alice tells her that Shawn is determined to retrieve it for her, no matter what the risk.  Maggie arrives and tells Greta about the drowned teens.  Greta wonders if they should tell Alice, but Maggie's afraid she'll hear it on the news.

Marlena and John are devastated at that the news that Belle is dead.  Kate enters the restaurant to have dinner with Roger, who wants to celebrate.  They see John.  She can tell something's wrong because Marlena is crying.  She goes over to inquire and John tells her that their children are dead.  John tries to get through to the island but the lines are down because of the hurricane.  They've called around to try to get more information.  Kate moans that she can't lose another son.

Hope is also grief-stricken that Shawn is dead.  Jack and Jennifer express their sympathy.  Bo asks what the news report said exactly.  Hope and Bo don't believe it.  They go to call people to try to get some answers.  J.T. cries so Hope insists on getting him, even though Jen offers her help.  Later, Jack tells Bo he thinks something's wrong with the information.  He talked to the TV station manager and the guy didn't have any verification about the information, so he thinks he jumped the gun.  Hope says she knows Shawn's alive.  She refuses to believe anything else.  She has a flashback to talking to Shawn.  

The parents all get together and fill each other in about what little information they know.  Marlena wants to go to the islands; John says they will as soon as they can.  John tells Bo that he talked to the school principal; it was a bad connection but he seemed to think the story was true.  They haven't found the bodies yet, though, so they still have hope.  John has a flashback to a touching scene with Belle.  Kate phones the Kiriakis mansion but Henderson doesn't know anything about where Victor and Nichole went.  Kate is annoyed that he's out with her.  Marlena and John reminisce about Belle's life.  They have a flashback to when John first held her as a baby.  Bo tells Hope that Shawn is definitely alive.  Jack phones to check on Abigail.  He talks to Jen about how precious life is.  She rests her head on his shoulder.  

Hope tells John that what happened to their children is their fault because they've been lying about the past.  He doesn't agree.  She wants to tell their spouses the truth.  John is against but she insists.  She goes to Bo and says that she has something to tell him.  What happened to Shawn D is her fault.

The chopper lands so they can transport Philip out.  Chloe talks to Philip but he's not breathing.  Brady tries to revive him.  Victor is upset.  Brady gets Philip breathing, but he's still unconscious.  They cover him with blankets and lift him into the helicopter.  Chloe wants to go but there's no room because Nicole insists on going.  She tells them that there's a duffel bag with supplies for them.  She gives Mimi a cell phone so they can keep in touch.  They take off.  Chloe has "the worst feeling."  Belle tells her that Philip loves her and will fight to stay with her.  Chloe is skeptical about things working out because she's had such a hard life.  Belle yells at her to keep the faith.  Shawn thanks Brady for rescuing them.  Mimi can't get anything on the phone.  They fill Brady in on what Paul did.  Shawn realizes he doesn't have the ruby anymore and insists on going back in the cave to get it.  Brady thinks he's crazy and it's too dangerous, but he's determined.  Mimi keeps trying to get through on the phone.  Belle helps Chloe think positive.  Belle doesn't want Shawn to go back in the cave, either, but he insists.  Shawn jumps in to get the ruby.  He gets out again and is triumphant.  They all join hands to say a prayer for Philip and then have a group hug.  Shawn gives Chloe Philip's wallet that he also found down in the cave.  It has the picture of the two of them.  They tell her that she was with Philip the whole time and he will be okay.  Mimi gets John's answering machine.

In the helicopter, Nicole calls ahead to a doctor to help Philip.  They check his pupils and they are "glazed".  Victor pinches him but there is no response.  The chopper hits an air pocket and things are rough for a bit.  They lose contact with the doctor.  Victor suddenly can't feel Philip's pulse.  Next we see them at the hospital.  Nicole and Victor try to get information on what Philip's condition is.  The doctor asks them some questions about Philip's medical history.  Victor is very rude to him.  He is impatient to see Philip.  Dr. Gomez tells him that he can see him as soon as he's "stabilized".  Nicole says that " Brady and Shawn probably know the answer to some of these questions" about how Philip got injured.  The doctor gives Nicole his cell phone so she can try to call them.  Victor tries but only gets static.  He gets very frustrated.  The doctor tells them that they can go in now to see Philip, but he doesn't answer when Victor asks if he's conscious.