Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/2/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jennifer tells Jack to stop and then has to kick him off her.  Jen tries to downplay what just happened but Jack knows she enjoyed it.  They bicker about it.  She says she's made up her mind that she's not marrying him.  He doesn't believe her and keeps talking about how she liked it.  She yells at him to stop pressuring her, like when he proposed.  They keep arguing.  He has a flashback to an earlier time in their romance.  He asks her if she will make a "fresh start" with him.  He turns on the radio and takes her in his arms so they can dance.  The music is interrupted by a report that Shawn, Belle, and Philip have drowned in Puerto Rico.  Jen gets the phone so she can get a sitter so they can rush over to Bo and Hope's place to comfort them.

Hope has a romantic candlelight dinner for Bo downstairs, while he gets their bed ready for romance with candles and flower petals.  He goes downstairs and helps Hope feed J.T.  J.T. says "da-da" so Bo is overjoyed.  They tuck him in and Bo wants to go upstairs to make love, but Hope insists that they have dinner first.  Bo compliments her dinner.  They chat about Shawn and Belle's budding romance.  Jen and Jack arrive, interrupting them.  Jen is surprised that someone hasn't already called them.  She gives them the bad news about Shawn drowning.  Hope screams in pain.

Marlena and John go to Maggie's place for dinner, all dressed up.  Marlena begs John to try to get along with Maggie.  Maggie greets them and compliments them.  Maggie makes small talk but John cuts her short.  Marlena tries to smooth things over and says that they can't wait for Belle to come home.  Maggie says she understands that, especially with the hurricane. John and Marlena are shocked because they don't know what she means.  She explains that there was a hurricane but it's over now.  John scolds her for scaring them.  He tells Marlena that ever since Maggie opened the restaurant, she acts like she owns the whole town.  Marlena disagrees.  He's surprised that Maggie didn't give him a hard time " for considering hiring Kate for the position at Basic Black."  She wonders if he should have hired Kate.  He says she was the most qualified applicant by far.  She points out how upset Victor was.  He hopes that hiring Kate will give him a "tactical advantage" over Victor's company.  They chat about Belle.  Marlena tries to make John realize that Belle is not his little girl anymore and she may have plans to have sex with Shawn Brady sometime soon.  John doesn't want to hear this.  Maggie sees the report on the TV about the kids drowning and realizes she has to give the bad news to Marlena and John.  John and Marlena are acting romantic and making further plans for the evening.  Maggie comes over and tells them about the report.

Victor's Lawyer Diego yells at the police captain to let his client go.  Diego tells Victor that they're letting Nicole go but she has to stay on the island until the mess is cleared up.  Victor suggests that he bribe the police captain  but Diego says it would be a waste of money.  He asks Victor to let him talk to him.  Nicole gripes to Victor what a "hellhole" the jail was.  She asks if he got rid of Paul's body but he told her there was no body.  She can't believe that he lived after she shot him three times.  He says if he died, it was outside the hotel grounds.  He says that three people hired jet skis and left the island; they figure it must be Brady, Chloe and Mimi.  They worry about how they will get back.  Victor says he hired a helicopter to go get them and do a search for the others.  Nicole insists on going with him.

Brady fights with Paul while Mimi and Chloe try to see what happened to Belle, Philip and Shawn down in the cave.  Paul gets the gun away and points it at Brady.  Mimi's scream distracts Paul so Brady gets the jump on him.  The gun goes off (hitting Paul?) so Paul runs off.  Brady jumps in the water and rescues all three of them. It takes a long while.  Mimi and Chloe fret about them. 

Victor and Nicole fly to the other island.  Nicole spies her father, still alive.  They see him get away. Victor frets when they see the kids.  He thinks Philip is dead.

Mimi gives Belle CPR and she comes to.  Phillip is the last to be rescued.  When Brady brings him up, he doesn't seem to be breathing.  Brady tries CPR but it doesn't work.  Mimi sees the chopper and flags it down.   Chloe gets really upset and yells that she loves Philip so much.  Brady is not happy to hear this but pats her on the back in comfort.  He tells her that Victor is in the chopper so he can take Phillip to the hospital and he'll be fine.  He promises Chloe that he won't let Philip die.