Days of Our Lives Update Monday


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/1/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jennifer is annoyed that Jack has been out getting drunk with Greta and hanging all over her.  She asks him why he even bothered proposing.  They argue.  She berates him for his drinking.  He says that she's acting awfully hurt when he was the one rejected.    She tells him that she's been in therapy and she's willing to accept responsibility for her part in their marriage breaking up, but he played an even bigger role than she did.  They talk about his proposal and her rejection of it.  She hints that she might be ready for them to get back together at some point but right now she can't.  He wants to know what he can do.  She says that since they've moved in there, he's been "pretty terrific".  He says then the problem must be that she doesn't love him anymore.  They bicker and work things out a little.  He says she never got her birthday gift.  He gives her a little ring box and proposes again.  She says "Oh, Jack" and he tries to guess what that means.  He reminds her of a time he brought her a lion cub in Africa and a couple of other times they had there.  This reminds her that he neglected her and Abby a lot.  He says he wished then he could have given her a diamond right out of the mines, but this will do now.  He is so afraid of losing her and hopes that this is their time.  They kiss passionately.  She stops him and says he's drunk.  He says he's not, he's just in love, and he hasn't stopped loving her for ten years.  He asks her if she has and then they go back to kissing.  They slowly sink to the ground.

Colin listens to Irish music on his CD player and thinks back to when he and Jennifer listened to it when they were in Africa.  They shared a special moment.

Mimi recognizes the rock formation from the clue "a bird in a rock."   Chloe warns her that she'd better be right htis time.  Brady wants them to stay there but they refuse.  Finally they convince him that they can make it.  But Mimi slips and falls so Brady has to rescue her.  Mimi thanks him and wonders how they will all get back to Puerto Rico when they find Belle, Shawn and Philip.  Chloe says maybe they should have told Victor.  Brady says he wouldn't have gone for that but hopefully now that the storm's over, he's sending out a search party.  Mimi screams when she sees an iguana.  Chloe yells at her for scaring it away, since it's harmless.  They hear Belle screaming and rush to her aide.

Greta grumbles to herself at home about Jack.  She flashes back to what Austin told her.  She's grateful at least that she's not Jennifer.  She gets in her car and goes to Salem Place mall.  Colin goes over to say hi.  They make small talk about the last time they saw each other, the apartment he got, his fiance, the music they're listening to, and Ireland.  She says she would like to go back but not alone.  He is surprised she doesn't have a retinue to travel with, since she's a princess.  She makes a sarcastic remark and then apologizes, saying she's had a bad day.  He guessed that, he says, because of the sad song she's listening to.  He suggests that he keep her company instead.  She reminds him of Jennifer.  He asks about the girl she reminds him of and he tells her about the time they used to spend together.  Greta talks a little about the guy that she's bummed out about but she can't tell him that he's gay.  She starts to tell him that she's forgotten his name when he is called away by his fiancee.  He hopes he sees her again.

Paul wants Belle to tell her friends that she's fine.  She asks him to help them get out.  Instead, he threatens her.  Then he yells down to the guys.  Shawn warns him to leave Belle alone.  Paul is holding a gun to her throat and tries to maul her.  Shawn yells up that Belle doesn't have the ruby.  He says he'll give it to Paul if he leaves Belle alone.  When Paul calls it "my ruby", Shawn gets incensed.  Paul says so what if Shawn plans to give it back to "Granny", that she'll die soon enough anyway.  He tells Shawn to toss it up there.   Shawn and Philip discuss their options.  Shawn doesn't want to throw it up but he wants to keep Belle safe.  Paul insists that if they throw it up, he'll give them the rope so they can get out.  He turns his attentions back to Belle.  Shawn thinks that Paul is lying because he knows they can send him to jail.  He tries to distract Paul some more with the ruby, away from Belle.  He tells Paul that he found another bag of jewels down there, but they're underwater.  He doesn't believe them and pushes Belle back into the cave.  She grabs him but he pushes her.  In doing so, he loses the ruby.  She looks unconscious as the ruby falls underwater.  Shawn dives for her.  Brady, Chloe, and Mimi run up.  Brady asks where the other three are.  Paul puts out a gun and they struggle while the girls shout down into the cave.