Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/28/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/28/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Short one this time, sorry...

Victor insists that the police can't arrest Nicole because they have no body or weapon and just the unreliable testimony of a little girl.  They insist on arresting her anyway so that they can run a test to see if she's fired a weapon in the last day.  Outside, Victor sees Paul lying on the ground in the bushes.  Afraid that they will see him, he says he is sick and they must help him get his pills from his car.  (What car, they took an ambulance there...)  At the jail, Nicole is put into a cell with a bunch of other women who give her a hard time in Spanish.  Victor tells her about seeing Paul's body and assures her that his money and influence will get her out.  He phones someone to meet him so that they can get rid of Paul's body and tells him to hire the best criminal defense attorney on the island.  When they get to the body, it is gone.

Jan goes to the hotel doctor and begs him to help her.  He questions her a lot about the rape and who she was with, and says they should tell her parents or her teacher.  She lies that she didn't know the guy and begs him not to tell anyone about it.  After she pleads with him to help her, he asks for the symptoms. She tells him that it hurts when she pees and there is some kind of milky discharge (eeuugh).  He says it's definitely an STD, probably gonorrhea.  She is disgusted and afraid.  He says that she should get tested for other STD's as well, just in case.  He takes her to a clinic where they test her and find out that it is gonorrhea.  They give her and shot and have her take a pill for Chlamyddia as well.  The doctor suggests that she also get tested for pregnancy.  She doesn't want to think about that but he tells her to stop being in denial as it is a real possibility that she could be pregnant.

Mimi leads Chloe and Brady all over the island...every time she thinks she finds a familiar landmark, she gets lost again.  She finds the place where she and Kevin kissed.  At one point, Mimi and Chloe get into a physical, sprawling fight and Chloe ends up landing on top of Brady, which makes Mimi laugh and make crude jokes.  Finally she thinks she knows where to find Belle, Shawn, and Phillip.

Belle, Shawn and Phillip are treading water and trying not to panic.  The boys hoist Belle up so that she can reach the end of the rope where Paul cut it.  Shawn gives her a rope to throw down to them and his ruby for good luck.  After many attempts, she finally reaches it and pulls herself up to the ledge.  Part of the ledge breaks off but she manages to reach up.  There is a hand reaching down so she grabs it and gets pulled up.  She screams in terror after she gets out (Paul, probably).