Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/27/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/27/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

The police tell Nicole and Victor that they have an eyewitness to her shooting Paul. They want her to come down to the station. Detective Rivera arrives to take charge of the situation. He and Victor argue while the cops cuff Nicole and drag her off. She begs Victor not to let them take her. Victor tells her to keep quiet and it will be okay. Paul eavesdrops nearby, bleeding. He's glad to see she's getting what she deserves. Nicole says she'll answer any questions, just let her stay there. Rivera says, aha, then she does know something, but Victor assures him that she's just scared. Paul wanders off. The little girl sees him and follows from a safe distance. She follows the trail of blood Paul leaves and then runs off. She runs to Nicole and Victor's room and tells Rivera about Paul. The officers rush off to find him. The girl shows them the spot with the blood but there is nothing there now. Victor looks more confident as she realizes this girl little girl is their witness and she just proved that she sees things. Rivera asks the girl again about the shooting (it's all in Spanish but with sub-titles). Victor tells Nicole that things are looking up.

Jan and the other students sit around feeling frustrated that they can't do anything to save the others. Some of the students decide to pray. They wonder where Mimi went off to. The students have drinks and Mr. Woods suggests that they share fun memories of Belle, Philip and Shawn, so they do. Kevin talks about Shawn, someone talks about Belle, and Jason talks about Phillip. Jan is listening nearby, not really part of the group. They keep talking positively about the trio and how good they are at survival and camping. 

Susan goes over to Jan, who can't stop thinking about her rape and is crying. Susan hands her a napkin for her tears and tells her that "this is no time to go it alone". Jan won't open up. Susan keeps trying to find out what's wrong with Jan. She won't let up so Jan finally just walks away. Jan goes to her room and cries some more. She has a flashback to talking to the doctor about what's wrong with her. He says that he can't help her and that she must go see her gynecologist. He stresses the danger of waiting and wishes she would go see one now. Jan pleads for Shawn to help her. She flashes back to Shawn talking to her after the rape about medical stuff. She sinks to the floor and cries some more, begging for Shawn. Jason asks Susan about what's wrong with Jan. Susan won't tell him anything. He goes off to look for her. Kevin, Susan and the others worry and reminisce some more. Kevin and his friends look for Mimi.

We see Jan's feet in the restroom stall. She's wondering what's wrong with her because there is a "burning". She goes back to her room and cries. She yells at the mirror. She walks out but is clearly having trouble walking as she goes to the desk and barely holds on. Paul sneaks out behind her. Jason sees Jan and asks where she's been. Susan watches Jan tells Mr. Woods that she needs to go home now. Meanwhile, Paul is also feeling sick, as well as being wounded. He collapses outside on the ground.

Chloe yells at Mimi for bringing them to the wrong island. Mimi isn't absolutely sure. They all bicker. Chloe is jealous that Mimi rode with Brady and mentions his "hot bod". He smiles, impressed. Brady says they're tired so they just have to stay focused and get to them before it's too late. They debate whether Paul tried to kill them or not. Mimi says she will explore to see if this is the right island or not. Chloe wishes they had packed water and food. Brady is hungry too so he goes to forage for food. Mimi tells him that there are plenty of fruit and coconut trees there. He leaves them alone and urges them to "play nice". 

Chloe turns on Mimi again, insulting her. They fight more. Brady comes back and yells at them to conserve their energy and stay away from each other. He takes off again. However, they go back to arguing. Brady finds some fruit that Belle likes and thinks about her. He flashes back to some recent conversations they've had. Brady looks sad. He hopes she's alive. He finds a stick to use to beat through the bushes easier. Chloe and Mimi keep arguing, rehashing some of their history. Brady comes back when Chloe is yelling that Mimi has no idea how much she still cares about Phillip. They eat some fruit as Mimi still tries to figure out if it's the right island. The storm has changed things, which doesn't help. Mimi leads Brady and Chloe along the beach to see if she can find anything that looks familiar. Mimi gets frustrated and Chloe keeps bitching. Brady tells her to focus on Belle. She cries on Brady's chest.

The hurricane washes Belle, Philip and Shawn back into the cave, which has waist-high water (like a big water slide but not as fun). Belle freaks out when she realizes that they are back where they started, thanks to the mud slide/cave-in. They try to calm her down by giving her more positive speeches. She hugs Shawn. Later she apologizes for freaking out. They joke that it's a good thing that Phillip is there instead of Mimi, who would be more whiny. They notice the water is higher and coming in faster. Belle worries that they will drown. Shawn says again that they will float to the top and get out. Belle asks what happens if the water doesn't rise that high; they will die after they can no longer tread water. The guys try something else that fails and they end up falling back into the water. Belle gets upset some more. They are treading water. Phillip jokes that they have their own private swimming pool. Shawn gives another pep talk. They keep treading water, worried because the water has stopped rising.