Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/26/01


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/26/01

by Suzanne Lanoue

A drunken Jack shows up on Greta's doorstep.  She wonders what happened.  He tells her that he proposed to Jennifer, who turned him down.  She is not surprised, since she thinks Jack is gay.  She points out that it wouldn't be much of a marriage for Jennifer.  Since Jack is drunk, he forgets his scam and says he's not gay.  Greta gets annoyed and says he had better not be lying to her.  He covers by saying he thought she meant gay like in happy.  He tries to make her feel guilty by saying, "I came over here with my heart broken because Jennifer turned me down. My spirit's shattered, and you give me a hard time. What kind of a friend is that?"    So she goes back to saying why would Jen want to marry a gay man.    She asks why he's always around her or Jennifer and why he's not out meeting other men.   She tells him again that he's selfish.   She is not sure whether to believe him.  Jack just wants to go get more to drink so he insists that she drive.  She tells him to go home but he can't drive in his condition and has no money for a cab.  She gives him a pep talk about how he's got a great daughter.  She won't worry about him rejecting her the way Eric and Austin did.  Jack realizes he's got to make this gay thing look real so as she gets her keys, he puts on a  big show about how cute her purse is and how they should go shopping.

Lexie is playing with Isaac when Brandon arrives, bringing a book for Isaac.  She gives Isaac to Eliana so she can give him a bath.  She tells Brandon she's so glad to be around someone who knows the truth about Isaac being Hope's baby.  She tells him how much he is always worrying about whether Hope finds out.  She says Bo has been asking questions.  She lets on that she has a plan that will keep Bo and Hope busy.  He asks what it is but she doesn't want to tell him.  She's afraid of what he may think of her if she tells him her diabolical plan.  Finally she tells him the plan.  He says that she may not need to go through with that.  He assures her that no one will find out, and even if they did, Hope wouldn't want to give up her baby to get Lexie's because she loves J.T. just the way that Lexie loves Isaac.  "Switching the babies back to their rightful parents would just make everybody miserable" he points out.  Lexie wants Brandon to be at the party but he won't if Abe is there.

Rolf tells Bart to quiet down so he can work.  Rolf is on edge because if he screws up this thing with Hope-Gina then Stefano will be really mad.  He worries about how he will do this without Bo getting suspicious.  Bart is looking at a girlie magazines so he's not really listening.  Rolf gets annoyed.  Bart asks him if he can turn him into Frank Sinatra.  To prove that he can live up to the part, Bart sings "Honeysuckle Rose".  Rolf wasn't paying attention so he thought that Bart's voice was a singer on the radio.  He tells Bart that if he could sing like that guy, he would be able to turn him into Frank Sinatra.  Bart tries to tell him that it was him, but Rolf doesn't believe him.

Shawn asks Bo where Hope is.  Bo tells him that Hope's looking into her past, and unlike Shawn, he's not giving her a hard time about it.  Shawn tells him again to drop it.  Hope comes in and hugs Bo.  He wonders why she feels this sudden need to be held.  Shawn makes a smart remark about her past.  Hope is just worried because Shawn's been gone so long and they haven't heard from him.  She thinks they should have a surprise welcome-home party for him.  Bo agrees and they leave the pub.  Bo suggests they get pizza but Hope is thinking about what happened earlier with Jack and Jen.  Bo doesn't know why Jen would turn him down if she loves him.  Seeing their problems just makes Hope nervous for her own marriage.  Bo says their only problem has been Stefano.

Jennifer wonders if she did the right thing with Jack.  She thinks that Jack wants just "fun and games all the time".  Abby wonders where Jack is and asks questions that Jen can't answer.  Abby turns off the cartoon she's watching to have a "serious talk".  She thanks Jen for letting her live with her and Daddy in the same house.  Jen tells Abby that she's happy that she's happy.  She says it was Jack's idea for them all to live together.  Abby wants to marry a man like Jack when she gets older because she loves him so much.  She just wishes Jen loved him, too.  Jen tries to say she does but in a non-committal way, but Abby keeps at her.  She asks if Jen loves Jack enough to get married.  Jen asks suspiciously if Jack told her to ask that but Abby says no, he would never do that.  Later, Jen flashes back to Jack's proposal and wonders if maybe she should have just said yes.  She hears Greta's car outside and watches Jack and Greta get out.  Jack is drunk so he has to lean on Greta.  Jack begs her not to go.  This makes Jen jealous, of course.  Jack says hello to Jen and then goes to bed.  He could tell that Jen was jealous so he silently rejoices.