Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/25/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/25/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Greta watches lovers together in the park and feels lonely. She remembers Jack telling her that he wasn't attracted to her because he's gay. She remembers dancing with Austin, then she sees him. He says he's been thinking about her. He wonders why she looks down and is wiping away tears. First she says she's "fine" and then admits she's "terrible". She says she was thinking about him. He wonders why that would make her cry. She wants to know if he was ever attracted to her, or if she is some kind of freak. He wants to know why she asks. She says they were on this incredible adventure on the island but when they got back, he ignored her. And there was Eric, who slept with Nicole. Then there's Jack. He asks about that. She says Jack will never want her. When he asks why, she just says that Jack is still in love with Jennifer. He tries to tell her that it's not her but she doesn't buy it. Austin tells her sincerely that she is beautiful, sweet, and the best person he's ever known, and "amazingly sexy". He doesn't know what Eric's problem was but he's guessing Jack just wants to give his daughter a family. Austin says he cares about Greta. She says she wanted to make love to him. He says he has to be with Sami because of Will. She says he should have given them a chance. Then she apologizes for saying that. He is glad she said it; it means a lot to him. He explains that when he got back, he thought that he couldn't give her what she needed because of Sami. She kisses him on the cheek and walks away. She has a flashback to their time on the island, making out with him. Then she fantasizes about kissing him passionately right there.

Jack asks Jen to marry him again. She looks stunned. Hope, sitting with Alice, overhears this and is shocked. She asks if he really wants to marry her. Jennifer says, "Wow!" She's impressed that he did everything she asked him to, be serious, communicate, etc. Hope, Alice, and Maggie wait to see what she says, too. Jennifer says she can't marry him. Jack is shocked and disappointed. He gets up and asks why. She doesn't know why but she just can't. He says he's been trying for over a year to be what she wants to be, but it's never enough. She says she knows, she would like to explain. He says he's well acquainted with rejection. He babbles about the moon, Santa, etc. and she wonders what he means. He shows her pictures that represent the other times she's rejected his proposals, including in a moonlit beach, when he was dressed as Santa, etc. She cries. He says he knows what she wants. He won't be alone--he's got Greta, who wants him. That'll be a nice change, he says. He asks Alice, Maggie and Hope to make sure Jennifer gets home. He leaves. Jen cries and asks them why she can't say yes to him. They comfort her. Alice and Hope say that if she was ready, she couldn't say yes. Jen beats herself up for it anyway. She doesn't know why she can't commit to Jack when she loves and wants to be married to him. She thinks she wants a marriage like Tom and Alice had. They continue to comfort her. Jen goes to get the present her daughter made called "My Family". It touches her but makes her feel bad again. She tells Hope she is worried about Jack; she's never seen him this upset before.

Jack goes to a bar and orders a large scotch. He downs it and asks for another and downs it. He sees two attractive women. The bartender tells him that he could do worse. Jack is too bitter to just find some new woman. He drinks another one but the bartender won't give him any more. He tells Jack to go home. Jack goes over to the women and insults them drunkenly. He says he's "already been screwed once tonight, by an expert". He goes outside and trips over something. He is very upset and yells, asking Jen why she hurt him.

Victor talks to two students to see if they know where Brady and Chloe are. They say no but maybe they went to find Philip et al. They warn that when the hurricane's eye passes, the hurricane comes back even worse. He tries to find a cell phone so he can contact Brady.

Brady, Mimi and Chloe use jet skis to get to the island. Mimi falls off hers. Brady isn't happy to see that the girls followed him. They see Mimi's overturned boat so they go to rescue her. Brady tells Chloe that the two of them have to double up. Mimi refuses to ride with Chloe so Mimi rides with Brady instead. They take off again. Mimi and Chloe are arguing whenever possible throughout. Mimi looks around and says she doesn't think this is the right island.

Shawn continues to dig through the tunnel. He finds something--a shovel. Philip uses this to help dig. Belle worries that they haven't found an entrance yet. She sees something and freaks out, screaming. She faints. Shawn tells her that he killed the spider. They start digging again. Shawn and Phillip are confident that they will see daylight soon. They take a break. Shawn tells Belle that she is brave so she kisses him passionately. Shawn can't wait to get home and show his grandmother the ruby. Belle kisses it for luck. They break through to something. Phillip says, "Oh my God!" They see daylight and hear thunder. Then they realize it's not thunder, it's another cave in. It caves in on them and I think water pours in, too.

Paul taunts Nicole with memories of her porno childhood as she holds a gun on him. He also talks about Victor in a sleazy way and wishes he could have had sex with her himself. She is totally disgusted as he comes on to her. She shoots him. A little girl spies on them. Paul grabs the gun and they struggle. It goes off. Paul falls down, seemingly dead. Nicole cries, frightened. He grabs her leg and she falls down and hits her head. Paul throws away the gun and limps away. Nicole finds one of the jewels (he dropped). She gets p and follows his trail of blood. The little girl comes out.

Nicole pounds on Victor's door. He is about to leave and wonders what happened. The little girl followed her and listens outside the door. Victor wants to know what she found out from Paul. She tells him that she shot Paul and thinks she killed him. The little girl leaves. Nicole says Paul swears they all died in the storm, but he's a lair. She shows Victor the jewelry she found. Victor thinks it means that he killed the kids. She is sure that he didn't. She thinks that Paul is too smart to commit murder. Victor is about to leave to go find something out but the cops arrive for Nicole.