Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/21/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/21/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jennifer, in the car, wonders what she's gotten herself into this time. Jack, outside in a phone booth, phones someone about taking care of Abby. He calls someone (Greta?) to ask a favor. He returns and she questions him. She shows him that his phone is working after all. He acts surprised but she wants to know what's going on. They do their usual Jack and Jennifer banter. He jokes around, making her smile. He tells her to pretend they're on the yellow brick road and he puts on a funny munchkin voice. They arrive at Maggie's restaurant; it's closed. She says they're early but gives Jack a big wink in secret. They take away a big screen and there's Abby with a table with a birthday party for Jennifer. They all sing Happy Birthday to Jen. She is happy and very surprised. Maggie takes a family picture of the three. Maggie makes Jack and Jen sit closer together for the portrait, and she takes a bunch more with them posing different ways. Abby says he should ask mommy to dance, then she puts their hands together. Jen agrees and they slow dance in a romantic way. They show a montage of their past romantic moments. Abby tells Maggie that she just knows they will get back together. Then Jack dances with Abby while Jen watches. She says "maybe this really can work". Then Jen dances with Abby. Jack thanks Maggie. He tells her if he can get the courage, he plans to ask Jen something tonight. Jen opens her presents. There is a book that Abby put together called "My Family". Abby shoves a big piece of birthday cake into Jack's mouth but half of it goes on his face. They laugh. Jen wipes it off. A girl arrives to take Abby home. Jack and Abby have some secret. He tells Jen that her night is "just beginning". Jen is suspicious. Abby kisses them and leaves.

In the cave, Phillip, Belle, and Shawn find a shaft that they think might be a way out. Phillip checks it out; he says there's only room for one. Phillip and Shawn use something to help them dig through the shaft (to the other side, I guess). Belle tells them to stop because she's afraid they are wasting their time and endangering their lives. Shawn pledges to find Paul and send him to jail. Belle suddenly worries about Paul getting to Mimi. Shawn assures her that Paul wouldn't try anything with the other adults around. They decide to take a break from digging. Shawn wants to keep things positive so they speculate on the first things they will do when they get out. Phillip wants to call Chloe to work out their problems. Shawn says that he will ask Belle out on their second date. They joke about that. They realize how they took things for granted before. Belle insists on taking a turn scooping the dirt out. She yells to them that she's going to use one of the boards against the wall. They yell back "No!" but they're too late. The shaft starts to cave in when she touches the boards.

At the hotel, Mimi keeps worrying. Chloe suggests that she be more positive. Brady tells Victor that he doesn't buy Paul's story and he knows how to find Phillip, Belle, and Shawn. Victor tells him to go for it. Brady tells Mimi and Chloe that Phillip, Belle, and Shawn are still alive and that Paul is a liar. Mimi agrees and says there is no way the things he was saying about her friends is true, like the drugs. Chloe corrects her and says that Paul's last name is Mendez, not Garcia, that he's Nicole's father and an ex-con. Mimi is shocked. Brady figures that he was probably the one that buried the can in the first place. Mimi hopes he didn't kill them to get the jewels. Brady tells her to calm down so they can focus on what she knows so they can rescue the others. Mimi tells them that Paul was really interested in the map and all the clues. She says they were down to one last clue, something about a bird and a rock. Brady asks her to visualize Shawn's map so they can try to find them. She can't so Brady gets a map of the island, hoping they will remember. She points to where she thinks it is. Brady isn't afraid to go out in the hurricane to find them. Mimi tells him he can't do it. Brady insists, and tells them to stay put. Mimi and Chloe follow him.

Paul tells Nicole that he really did all he could to save those kids from drowning. Nicole knows better than to believe him. She demands to know the truth. Paul tries to play the nice-daddy role but she isn't interested. He goes to get medical help for his shoulder. Victor watches them and then goes over to Nicole to see if she found anything out. She says Paul is sticking to his story. She says they have to play along and pretend they believe him, or he will leave. She says he slipped when he said that Phillip went skinny-dipping with Belle. She knows he is still in love with Chloe, plus Belle is not that type of girl. Victor is anxious to find his family members. Nicole wants to be positive but she knows her father and how he operates. Victor gives Nicole a gun in case her father gets rough. Nicole is uneasy but takes it because she knows her father is dangerous. She goes to find him again to see if she can get some more clues.

Jan is remembering the rape when Paul comes up and says hello. She tells him that she thinks he gave her something when he raped her. He warns her to keep her mouth shut. She says she can feel something is wrong. She hasn't been able to eat or sleep since he raped her. Paul claims he didn't rape her and that he still has a thing for her. He would still like to help her break into the movies. She say he's crazy to think she would trust him again. She keeps insisting that he gave her something. He swears he hasn't been with a woman in ages and he's clean. She says he didn't even care that she was under age when he raped her. He says smarmily, "That's the price you pay for being so damn irresistible". 

Paul swears again that he can turn Jan into a movie star. She slaps his hand away. Just then Nicole comes up and throws him against the wall (against his bad shoulder) and yells at him to keep his filthy hands off Jan. Jan keeps silent when she asks if he hurt her. Jan scuttles away. Nicole accuses Paul of being on a "chicken run" but he says he doesn't con young girls any more. He says he was trying save those kids. She doesn't buy it. She asks why Jan was crying. He says she was upset about her dead friends and he was trying to comfort her. He says he made friends with her on the island and he told her he'd help her try to break into movies. Nicole raves that he will introduce her to child pornographers who will abuse her and expose her to perversion and disease. "Is that how you're going to help make her a star, the same way you helped me?" she asks. They argue about the way he exploited her and abused their family. He makes excuses. She says she recognizes the look on Jan's face; she plans to find out what he did to her. He tells her that nothing went on and he will deny whatever she may accuse him of. Victor comes up after Paul leaves. Nicole says Paul won't cooperate. Victor says he has some "powerful contacts" there so he might have to have Paul "taken care of".

Jan goes to her room and looks into the mirror. She asks herself why her "first time" had to be like this. She cries for someone to help her. Susan comes in and wonders what's wrong. Jan says she's fine but Susan presses her. She asks Jan to share what's wrong. Jan says she's just upset that Phillip, Shawn and Belle might be dead. Susan won't let it go. Jan tells her to forget about it and don't let anyone that she let her comfort her. Susan agrees, annoyed. Jan wishes Shawn were there to protect her.