Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/9/01

by Suzanne Lanoue

Jack visits Greta to ask how available she is to pose as his girlfriend. He worries that Oliver will hire someone else because the interview has been delayed. She tells him to calm down. He says it's not just a job, it's "everything" and the key to him getting Jennifer back. She tells him it's not his jobless status that keeps Jen away. He thanks her sarcastically. She is the expert on failed relationships where physical expectations are different between two people. She points out that he has a family with Jennifer and Abby already, just no sex. And since he's said he's gay, why would he want that? Greta tells him that Jennifer was right, "You're the most selfish man I've ever met!" They argue. Greta says she doesn't think Jen will want to spend her life with a man who's gay. Jack gets confused while talking to her. Greta doesn't want to hurt Jennifer. He says she won't be hurting her. He wants to cut their conversation short but she says she should go talk to Jen. He reminds her that Jen will be very upset if she learns that he told Greta that he's gay. Greta says maybe Jennifer wants someone to talk to. She gets suspcious and tells him that he'd better have told her the whole truth. Jack tries to make her feel guilty by saying that now that she knows he's gay, she doesn't want to be his friend. She is frustrated by his attitude. She asks him if he loves Jen enough to give her up. Greta says Jen can never have a fulfilling life with him. Jack gets very annoyed and maintains his original plan to get Jen back. Greta throws him out.

Jen visits Marlena's office, late. Jen apologizes for being late and says she is very nervous about having therapy with Marlena because she is afraid she'll think she's a terrible person. Marlena tries to be sympathetic but tries to tell Jen that she has to schedule regular appointments if she wants to solve her problems. Marlena says she's in it with Jen, too. Jen wonders what happens if she doesn't want to get back with Jack. Marlena says she is not trying to make her do that. Jen feels like she's wasting Marlena's time but Marlena assures her that she's not. Jen talks about Alice wanting her back with Jack and her feelings about Jack. She feels like she's playing games with her family. She confesses to Marlena about her jealousy when seeing Jack with Greta. Jen flashes back to seeing Greta and Jack together a bunch of different times. 

Jen says that Jack is not supposed to find someone else before she does, but he was the problem with their marriage. He doesn't deserve to be happy or have a normal life again, she does. Marlena wants to talk about Jen's reaction to what Jack did. It's hard for Jen to talk about. Jen feels guilty because she's a Horton and she was told that marriage is forever. But Jack didn't live up to his wedding vows, either, she says. He is the same old Jack he always was and that's why they got divorced. Marlena reminds her that when she talked about Jack saving her life, he was her hero. Jen admits that maybe Jack can't win with her, that she is not a barrel of laughs any more and she is very bitter. She says she would like to blame Jack for all of her feelings but she can't. She doesn't know if she wants to be married to him again or not. Marlena asks her what she thinks about his feelings for her. Jen says he says he wants to be a family, but then why does he spend time with Greta? Marlena says maybe he doesn't want to be alone, either. Jen doesn't know what to think. Her time is up, Marlena tells her. Jen isn't sure if she wants to come back because she said some "appalling things" and she feels really bad. Marlena says that therapy is a long journey and she is in the tough part right now. Jen says that's ironic because in her marriage vows it said that she and Jack would have a "wonderful journey" together. Marlena assures her that her life can be that regardless of what she decides.

Jen goes outside and talks to herself, saying that Jack will not marry Greta until she finds...she doesn't finish the sentence but she probably means Colin. She yells at herself and then goes back inside and schedules a regular appointment with Marlena's receptionist.

Mimi cries on the boat, worried about her friends that they left. Jan tells her to shuttup. Susan and the others try to comfort Mimi and assure her that the others are probably safe. Mimi has "such a bad feeling". Some of the others get seasick. Jan tells Mimi that Shawn is too good of a person to die and tells Mimi she should think more positively. Mimi asks Jan why she cares. Mimi tries to say mean things to Jan, she notices the tears in Jan's eyes. Jan doesn't want to admit why she is grateful to Shawn. She has a flashback to when she asked Shawn never to tell anyone what happened to her. Mimi looks suspicious. Kevin comes back to chat with Mimi. She keeps worrying. She worries that they went looking for the treasure and Paul hurt them. Kevin is confused.

Paul packs a bag, cringing from his bleeding shoulder. He takes out the jewels to ogle them some more. He tells them that the ruby will be back as soon as the kids are dead. Paul pops Tylenol and whiskey because of the pain in his shoulder (he can't use his right arm much). He flashes back to the fight with the teens. He chuckles to himself and says nasty things about them.

Shawn tells Phillip and Belle that it's impossible to climb out of the cave without the rope. Belle worries because the cave is filling up with water. Phillip assures them that they're not going to die there. Shawn points out that if the cave fills up, they can swim to the top and get out. Philip mentions Paul. Shawn is optimistic and shows them the ruby as proof that things are as they should be. Then he notices that the water is not building up after all. They try to help Belle keep from freaking out. The water rises to their thighs. They think they see a little area where they can maybe dig a hole out. They dig and a human skeleton falls out, causing Belle to scream. Shawn hugs her and tries to keep her from being too frightened. While they are trying to be optimistic, they don't notice the snake slithering up to them. They get very hungry. The snake crawls right next to where Belle's hand is resting.

The hurricane blows on the islands...Chloe has a tropical drink while Brady drinks his beer. Chloe worries about Phillip and the others. Victor arrives and looks around. They hear some cops talking about the storm and it makes them more worried. Brady finds out that three students are missing. He doesn't have any details, which frustrates Brady. Later, Brady finds out more and tells Victor and Nicole that the students went to a different island than originally planned and that three of them were left behind. They try to console Victor that Phillip wouldn't be one of them. Chloe gets the thought that maybe they went to that island to look for the treasure. Nicole shows Paul's picture around to see if anyone's seen him. Meanwhile, Paul walks in unnoticed. He gets some tequila, then he sees Chloe and admires her body. He is walking away when Chloe sees him and yells, "It's him!"