Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/18/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Rolf reassures Lexie again that Hope will be safe if he brings out her Gina memories. She is not sure but knows it's her only chance to get Hope and Bo's minds off the baby switch idea. Rolf thinks it will also be helpful if Greta is present when Hope remembers being Gina. Lexie wonders if Hope would even give up J.T. if she found out he wasn't hers, but she can't take that chance. He assures her that she's right. Lexie goes to call Hope about her idea.

Hope thinks Bo's idea to have a DNA test is ridiculous. He wonders why she has this reaction. She knows J.T. is hers and she wouldn't want to know if it was otherwise. He can't say anything to that. She hugs him. Lexie phones and asks Hope if she and J.T. can join her and Isaac at the park. Hope says they haven't had breakfast so how about meeting at the pub instead? Lexie agrees. Hope says she's still mad at him but she has a craving for bacon. They kiss and sort of make up.

Colin tells his fiancée, Elizabeth, and Caroline, that he is hoping to join the staff of the hospital. Elizabeth is not thrilled. She has no friends in town and doesn't want to stay there. Caroline suggests that Elizabeth give Salem a chance. She says it's just not sophisticated enough for her like New York, London, Paris... Colin gets angry and tells her "that's enough". Then he walks away. Caroline wonders why Elizabeth doesn't follow him. She says he'll cool down. Bo comes in and picks up Caroline, jokes around. Elizabeth watches him with interest. He notices her checking him out and wonders what she's looking at. She feels his muscles and purrs about how strong he is and how hard his muscles are. She teases him and he is not thrilled at her joking. She asks him to look at her while she's talking to him. She takes off her outer garment, which reveals more of her chest, saying she's going to give him more to look at. She tells him that she got the bad news today that her fiancée is staying so she is stuck there. He suggests she dump her fiancée and take a slow boat back to wherever she came from. She gets annoyed and walks out. She runs into Colin, who suggests they "postpone" their wedding. She is shocked and whines that he doesn't love her any more. He seems to give in as she kisses him. She leads him back to their hotel so they can make love.

Lexie and Hope wheel their babies in. They notice the woman talking to Bo. Caroline comes over and says hello. Hope asks who that woman is, flirting with her husband. Caroline tells them about Colin and Elizabeth visiting and that Elizabeth is no threat to Hope. Lexie gets down to business. She says that living in Stefano's house seems to have turned her and Abe into "outcasts". She wants to have a party in Hope's honor, since she's been through so much. Hope is puzzled. Lexie wants to call it the "Mother of the Year" party. Hope isn't sure but Lexie convinces her. Hope tells Lexie she's her "absolute best friend".

Caroline laughs at Bo's happy attitude. She's glad to see him so happy. He says that everything in his life is good.

Jan tells her chaperone that she thinks something terrible happened to Shawn and the others because of Paul. The rain is fierce as the hurricane gets worse. He asks her why she thinks that, but she remembers Paul raping her and his warning not to tell anyone. She says she hasn't seen him, she just has a "really bad feeling". He discounts Jan feelings as being silly and leaves to get the other kids safe. Jason comes up and she tells him she thinks they should go help Philip, Shawn and Belle. He is puzzled but agrees. They meet up with Mimi and the others who are all wearing rain pouches and preparing to leave. Mimi is worried, too, about Shawn and the others. Jan is particularly concerned about Shawn. Mimi and Jason wonder why. Jan remembers Shawn saying he is going to find Paul and make him pay for raping Jan. Mimi and Jan yell about no one finding the missing kids. Their teacher tells them that they will look after the storm is over. Mimi wants to go out and find them now. She says Jason will go with her. They tell her that they are leaving the island and she has to go, too. She refuses to go without her friends but they drag her.

Paul rants and raves about there being no ruby. Belle awakens on top of Shawn down in the cave. Philip lies unconscious above on the ground. Shawn panics when he can't find the ruby which he stuck in his pocket. They find it in the mud. Paul tells them they better give him the ruby or he'll kill them all. Shawn gets a plan. Belle finds a big rock and ties the rope to it. He tells Paul he is going to throw it up so he should tie it to a tree. Paul agrees. Shawn sends Belle up first and tells Paul he will follow, with the ruby. Once out, Belle yells at Paul for what he did to Phillip. Shawn is pulled up and asks Paul not to take his grandmother's ruby, since they did so much work on finding the treasure. Paul says sure, keep it, but then when Shawn's guard is down, he grabs him and hits him. But Shawn hits Paul and knocks him out for a second. He tells Belle to get Phillip so they can leave, but Paul gets up and knocks Shawn down. Paul throws Belle and she falls into the cave. Shawn goes to help her and Paul throws Shawn back down into the cave. Shawn grabs the rope and tries to climb back out. Paul kicks him back down so Shawn climbs up again, determined. Paul tries to stamp on his fingers so Shawn grabs his foot and topples him. He climbs out and they get into a fight. Belle tries to climb out. Phillip wakes up and crawls over to get a weapon. He is still groggy and falls over. Meanwhile, Paul is winning the battle with Shawn and rips off one of his pockets to look for the ruby. Phillip manages to stab Paul with a sharp stick in the shoulder but somehow Paul still throws him into the cave. Shawn gets Paul's knife and holds it against his throat with Paul on the ground. Paul says he gives up. Philip tries to climb out of the cave but he's weak and the rope is wet. Shawn stands up with Paul but Paul manages to both get the knife from him and throw him into the cave. He cuts the rope, too, so Philip falls, too. Paul yells down at them that he'll just wait until they're all dead to get the ruby. Phillip pleads with Paul to take Belle, to save her. Paul thinks this is a great idea and he almost licks his lips in anticipation. Shawn remembers Jan telling him about Paul raping her. Shawn says no way is she going. Belle and Phillip think he's delusional from his fall. Belle tells Paul she's on her way up. Shawn convinces her to stay without going into details as to why. She trusts him and yells up to Paul that she is staying. He wishes them a slow and painful death.

Nicole and Victor are in an ambulance after their crash. Nicole worries about Victor's sprained ankle. Victor assures her that they're fine. She hopes they're not too late to stop Paul. He says he will see Paul behind bars again. She says he is "truly evil" so Victor assures her that Paul will never hurt her again. She says she's waited her whole life to hear that.

Brady and Chloe ask at the local bar about the other kids and are assured they are fine and are on the way. They are relieved. Brady orders a beer and Chloe gets a soda. Brady says he was worried and she realizes he was worried about her. He says she took a long time to open her eyes. He jokes that he needs her in order to carry on these "lame-o" conversations and she bristles at his flippant treatment of their danger. He tells her it's over, they're fine, "let it go". They get their drinks and toast to the future, hoping it's going to be good. They joke around but then she gets quiet. He inquires as to why so she says she's excited and nervous about seeing Phillip. 

The whole cast sings "America the Beautiful" at the end as a tribute.