Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/17/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/17/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Abe and Lexie are served breakfast in their room. He is clearly not comfortable with living in luxury in Stefano's house. Lexie offers him an apple and he makes a joking reference to Adam and Eve. She tries to get Abe to enjoy himself in the house of luxury. Abe points out that they don't need a maid, etc. since she isn't working. She is frustrated. She doesn't think she can move back into their old, tiny house after living there. He is astounded at her attitude. She begs him to let himself enjoy it. He agrees to put up with it. They hug and kiss. He agrees not to always put down Stefano. She starts to kissing him to try to convince him to stay home, but he has to go to work. He suggests they go out to dinner later. He then suggests she call up Bo and Hope to join them but she quickly says no way. She says she's still mad at Bo for talking to the nurses about the baby being switched.

Rolf interrupts Bart's TV-watching to tell him that Stefano phoned. Bo Brady is causing problems. Stefano wants him to turn Gina's memories on in Hope's brain. Rolf isn't sure he can do it without losing Hope. He wants to experiment on another brain first: like Bart's. Bart says no way. They argue and insult each other, as usual. Bart helps Rolf to decide what to do by asking, What would Harrison Ford do?. Rolf says the chip in Hope's brain must be within 100 feet of the transmitter and it will take several hours to adjust. Rolf seems to come to a decision and thanks Bart for his help.

Rolf visits Lexie and tells her that in order to bring back Gina without hurting Hope, he has to have "uninterrupted access" to Hope for several hours; he must be able to look into her eyes so he can tell when it's her or Gina. He says he doesn't have to be alone with her, and it would be helpful if John were there as well. Lexie decides to give a party to bring back Hope's memories as Gina. She knows it will distract her and Bo from the baby-switching idea.

Bo tosses and turns in his sleep with the clues about the baby switch, with him asking the nurses about it. He wakes up and tells Hope that he had a nightmare about J.T. Hope doesn't want to remember the times when J.T. was sick and they were fighting all the time. Bo says he can't shake the idea that J.T. was switched at birth. Hope refuses to believe it. She knows he's hers. He reminds her that when the nurses brought him back to her in the hospital, she said he looked different. She dismisses that. He points out that the nurses said that there were four babies born that night and things were confusing, and then they noticed he was in the wrong bassinet. She points out that the babies were wearing ID bracelets that you can't remove without cutting them. She says they should resign themselves to the fact that her drinking as Princess Gina has severely affected J.T., even though Marlo's baby is perfectly healthy. She says she wouldn't want to know anyway. He doesn't believe it but she is adamant. She says Bo loves J.T. even though he's not his biological father, so it would be no different for her. Bo agrees but says maybe they should get a DNA test done on her and J.T., just in case.

Phillip asks Belle about her weird dream. It's very windy. Paul eavesdrops and plots their "accident". Philip is thrilled to hear that Chloe said she loves him in Belle's dream. Shawn, Philip and Belle try to figure out how to get to the clue near the rock. They look around. They decide to move this big ugly rock. Underneath, they find another clue. It is the final clue. They find an entrance to a cave. Belle worries about how deep it might be. They have rope. Phillip ties one end to the tree and Shawn ties the other end to himself so he can climb down. Belle still worries. Shawn gets to a ledge and then says there is a big drop. They lower him down. He looks around with the flashlight. At first he doesn't see anything, but then he finds a purse attached to the wall. He reaches to get it but doesn't see the snake near it. He suddenly worries about bobby traps so he gets a stick and pokes the bag. There is a loud noise and smoke. He grabs the bag and finds the jewelry inside, include his grandmother's ruby. Paul gets his knife out. He grabs Belle and threatens to cut her. He tells Philip to pull Shawn up and tells Shawn he'd better give him the jewels when he comes up. Philip pulls Shawn up. It starts raining. Shawn hands over the pouch but gets pushed back in. Phillip and Paul struggle. Belle tries to get the knife but Shawn yells to get pulled back up. She tries but she's not strong enough. Phillip tries to strangle Paul but he overpowers him and gets the knife again. I'm not sure what the action here is because of the news interruption, but Paul gets the jewels, then he wants to know where the ruby is.

Chloe looks at a picture of Paul. She is on the plane with Brady, Victor, and Nicole. Brady is not thrilled about flying into a hurricane. Victor assures him that the pilot will get them down in time. He hopes they're in time to save Philip and his friends from Paul. Nicole is restless. Chloe tries to sympathize. Nicole says it was Hell living with her dad. Chloe says it sounds like she hates him. Nicole says if he tries to do to someone else what he did to her, she'll have no problem killing him. Chloe, Brady and Victor look shocked and intrigued. Victor says they will let the authorities handle him. Brady and Chloe talk about lying to Nancy. Brady asks, "So, your mom buys that you're still a virgin?" She changes the subject and says she used to think he was obnoxious, stubborn, etc. but now she knows he's also a lot of fun. They chat about the times when they used to just fight and insult each other. She thinks they were fated to spend time together in the summer. Just then, the plane lurches and throws her into his arms.  The pilot apologizes for the turbulence and keeps them apprised of the situation. They have to try to fly above the storm. They all sit down and fasten their seatbelts. Chloe is very scared even though Brady tries to reassure her. Then the pilot tells them that in order to land, they have to fly straight through the storm, so they should assume crash positions. Victor tries to assure Nicole that everything will be alright, and Brady does the same for Chloe. Then the pilot says some palm trees are flying right up at them, and they lose an engine. They are crashing.