Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/30/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Lori

On the island the kids (excluding Belle and Shawn) gather around a campfire.   They talk about what a good day it has been and one kid says yes even in the land of nerds and giants.  Mr. Woods gets angry and Susan is about ready to cry.  Penelope tells her to stand up for herself, but she can’t.  Jason starts teasing Penelope and everyone starts laughing. Penelope finds her courage and she tells everyone that she has something to say! Penelope says ever since she can remember people have called her shy, and she accuses Cynthia of making it worse once they got to high school, she called her thin and flat. Cynthia just laughs, and Penelope is tempted to run off. However, Mimi tells Penelope not to leave say what she has to say. Penelope says that at first she thought it was just her, but then she heard Susan, Kevin, and Chloe all being made fun of. Penelope says there is no nice way to put someone down, it is all mean, hurtful, and unfair. Mimi and Phillip tell Susan to speak up as well, but Susan asks why? Phillip says if she tells them how it felt, maybe the name calling will end. Susan tells Phillip that he's going to be sorry he asked! Susan says she was happy up until she was ten years old, until she was called fat. Susan says she never fought back, because she thought it would make things worse for her. Susan says she never stood up for herself, or the other kids, and that makes her feel ashamed, she let them do to the other kids what they were doing to her. Susan says that her name is Susan, she is Penelope, and he is Kevin, so they should tell all their friends back home to stop calling them names because they are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more! The kids applaud Susan's speech.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn talk about the latest clue with Paul listening in on the conversation.  Belle and Shawn finally head to the lagoon for another swim in the moonlight, as Belle slips out of her clothes, she is wearing a pink bikini. Belle tries to convince Shawn that they need to lose Paul, he’s a creep. He agrees. Belle asks if they can stop talking about Paul. Shawn asks what else should they do??? She starts splashing him and they have a little water fight before hugging and kissing. Later they spread a blanket on the beach and start some heavy kissing again. Shawn wants to stop, but Belle tells him she knows her own cycles and is not going to get pregnant. He still is not sure, but when Belle tells him she wants him. Belle unties her bikini top and Shawn finally sits up and insists they don’t need a baby and insists they stop. She feels he’s not as ready as she is, but he tells her he is, but they both had the same health class and know that’s the only way. He needs to know why she’s so determined to make love there. She tells him the atmosphere there and they start at it again after she drops her bikini top, but this time Belle stops it and agree there will be another time for them. They return to the group to hear Susan’s speech.

Paul goes back to his hut and plans to let the kids set off the traps in the cave while he gets the ruby. Paul says that either way, someone is going home in a box, and it won't be him. Later, Paul meets up with Jan, and he encourages her to dump her boyfriend because he will only hold her back. Paul invites Jan inside to tell her his big plans to make her a star. Paul tells Jan that if she is serious about this, she has to prove it to him. Paul asks her to pretend like they are on a movie set, and they have to kiss. Paul kisses Jan, and she pulls away from him and asks what he's doing? Paul says he was just teaching her how to act, but she obviously doesn't have much to learn. Paul then cons her into kissing him again, as an acting lesson of course. He then feels her up, which causes Jan to yell at him. Paul says he was just checking, because directors are going to want to know if they are real or not. Paul says before he can recommend a new star to his directors, he has to ask her for a sneak preview. Meanwhile, outside, Jason shows up at Paul's hut, and calls out to Paul. Paul goes out to see Jason, and sees he is with Cynthia. Jason asks Paul for his flask back. Paul drinks down the rest of Jason's booze and then gives it to him. Jason and Cynthia leave, and Jan decides to go after Jason because she doesn't want to let Cynthia get her claws into him.

A replay of Brady as he threatens to remove Kate from the building and Chloe watches from the doorway. After Brady mouths off, John apologizes to Kate. When Brady tells John he shouldn’t be apologizing, John agrees, and says Brady should. Brady threatens to not work there if Kate does and heads out, but John warns him, if he doesn’t apologize first, he won’t be working there at all. Brady gives a small “I’m sorry” and leaves. Kate turns and smirks. She goes to leave and John insists on talking and goes off for water for both of them. Kate makes a note to thank Brady later for John’s trying to make up for his son’s behavior. While John doesn’t approve of how Kate submitted her resume using an alias, she does have the right stuff. Kate tells John she doesn’t blame Brady for his behavior, as she understands how he’s upset with her because of Philip.

Brady is furious that his dad has turned on him. Chloe asks Brady why she is acting like Kate wanting a job is a crime? Brady says that woman tried to kill his grandfather! Chloe says that there could be two sides to that story, how well does he even know Kate? Brady says nothing, so Chloe says that his father is right. She finally asks if he hates women the way he’s treated Marlena, now Kate. She didn’t think he was that close to Philip to be upset at the way his mother treated him. Chloe blasts him about how he even berates her about her singing. He claims he’s just helping her, but she now figures it’s because she’s a woman. He calls her just a kid and she asks why he’s hanging around with just a kid then? Brady says he wants to help her, but Chloe thinks he just likes ordering women around. Chloe thinks he hates women and it has something to do with the fact that his real mother wasn't around for him. Chloe thinks his real mother would be appalled by the way he treats women. Brady yells at Chloe to stop talking about his mother! Chloe apologizes for bringing his mother into the argument and he accepts that. He does bring up her relationship with her mother and how she treats Nancy. Chloe starts crying and said she always thought Nancy deserved the way she treated her, but maybe she needs to get more information. Chloe says there is something she needs to go do, so she takes off. After Chloe leaves, Brady calls the building security and learns Kate's car is still in the parking lot. He says that the only way Kate will work for this company is over his dead body.

Kate goes into her personal life with Victor to John, but he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate. She does. John disagrees; saying work is the only issue to him, not office politics. Kate says if he hires her, they will be together every day, and he'll end up seeing more of her than he does of his wife. John asks Kate if she is coming onto him? Kate says she was flirting with him, she just wanted to see if he would confront her about it. John asks why? Kate says she is honest person and knows what she wants out of life, and she wants to make peace with all those she's hurt. She asks if she’s the kind of person he’d like to run his company with. He tells her he’s still interested in talking to her about working there and Brady doesn’t have any say in it. She knows when John leaves that she’s in and has to make sure that Brady’s out. She looks around for a good place to hang pictures in her office.

On tomorrow’s show…………..Hope spends more time talking with Jen, Lexie runs into Brandon in her time of need, Chloe confronts Craig about Nancy, Greta is still talking to Jack about his sexuality, and Bo checks up on his suspicions about the baby switch.