Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/29/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/29/01

by Lori

On the island, Kevin is talking to Susan and Penelope about a hiking trip that Jason and Hawk recently took and how they disturbed a bird’s nest.  He talks about a cavern in the middle of the island that is filled with spiders, snakes and dead bodies.  Susan mentions that it is a good place to stay away from this time of year and Penelope questions why is that? Susan tells her because of the high tides and Kevin adds in then you could be a dead body.  Susan and Penelope are both caught up in Kevin (and not for just what he is saying).  When Kevin asks Penelope why she is staring at him , she gets embarrassed and runs off. Susan tells Kevin that Penny likes him, wants to rip his shirt off and jump his bones, (lol) but Kevin says Penny is not his type. She mentions Jan, who Kevin says is too obvious. She brings up Mimi, and he talks a little of their kiss and how they got carried away a bit....he then says that Susan has never come on to him, and Susan replies that Kevin has never come on to her either.. Kevin squirms and says he has to go start the fire.

Meanwhile on the cliff, Shawn falls back and the rope jerks him back up just as he is about to hit the ground.  Belle and Mimi scream  while Philip and Paul rush to an unconscious Shawn.  As they begin to unhook him, he jumps up and screams “GOTCHA!!!!”  Belle and Mimi are furious with him, telling him that isn’t funny.  He apologizes to everyone and Mimi runs off.  Philip follows her and tries to comfort her.  She is crying and tells Philip she feels like a fool for crying and having Shawn pull a stunt like that.  Philip reminds her of how she is always saying guys are jerks.  Mimi realizes how Chloe must have felt when she made a fool of her.  Philip tells her it was just all a mistake and hugs her.

Back at the cliff, Jan and Jason show up with Jan giving her usual sarcastic and cutting remarks. She wants to know why Shawn went rock climbing when Mr. Woods told him he shouldn't, and both Belle and Shawn make up some story about a bird, seemingly in distress, and Belle being upset, but when he got up there the bird flew off, so was o.k. Jan is not buying it and questions something he had in his hand. He and Belle have their arms around each other as he was pretending to have a sore foot. He brings out both hands, shows they are empty. Jan and  Jason leave. Paul nervously asks where is the piton but he had slipped it into Belle's hand. They can see there is no "clue" except for the star on the piton, Shawn gets an idea and smashes it into the ground. It breaks and a paper appears. Philip and  Mimi arrive and he reads it. There is something about the belly button of the island (hmmm, could this be the cavern in the center of the island that Kevin was talking about?) with an inny and outy, and a bird in the rock, where the ruby will be in the eye of the bird.

Jennifer arrives at Marlena’s office to have a therapy session. She talks about Jack, her early days with him and how much she was in love. She talks about present day and how confused she is about their relationship. She says she was so distressed when her own parents divorced, and swore she would never make her own child go through that however she feels she is.  She talks about the explosion, the car on the bridge and how Jack saved her life, how strong he was.  Jen claims to be afraid Jack has not changed, but admits she has herself. Marlena says that perhaps she is not allowing herself to see any changes in Jack. Jen tells her about the other man who came into her life briefly, even though  nothing happened she is continually thinking of him. Marlena tells Jen it is time she allowed herself to be loved. They talk about Jen coming back, as she is not going to find all her answers in just 5 minutes. Jen leaves, and the secretary asks her if she should bill her insurance company. Jen looks surprised, says that no, she will pay, and the secretary says she will send a statement out immediately. As Jen goes down the stairs, she seems bewildered, saying to herself that of course Marlena is not going to do this for free, she is not 15 years  old, she should know that. She sits on the stairs, wondering what she is going to do.

Jack once again tells Greta he is gay.  Greta has flashbacks (where Jack is being really goofy like shopping and the decorating scenes).  She believes that he is really gay.  She is so delighted that he told her.  Jack is shocked that she believes him (his face is priceless in these scenes). She talks about him finally "coming out" and Jacks insists it is a secret and no one should know. She tells him she understands now about why Jen and he haven't been able to work things out, why they are living platonic, and talks of how she and Jen have lots in common. He babbles about Oprah's show, and how Oprah is always saying to find your inner self, and why he loves her, and mentions again needing Greta to accompany him to Vegas. Greta agrees, and goes on about being like "girlfriends" and Jack has a fit. (too funny).  No, she has to act like his girlfriend. Greta is smiling all over the place, talking about wearing low-cut dresses, push-up bras and being all over him. She then talks about him going public. Jack looks very uncomfortable!

On tomorrow’s show………Brady confronts Kate while John apologizes,  Belle and Shawn have another romantic encounter and Paul comes on to Jan.