Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/28/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Lori

Bo is knocking at the door of the Dimera mansion.  Eliana answers the door and refuses to let him in without an appointment.  Bo insists on seeing Lexie and says he wants to know if the babies were switched at birth.  Lexie overhears Bo and lets him in asking him if he is looking to make a TV movie or something.  Bo gets the feeling Lexie doesn’t want to talk about it.  Bo goes on about how JT has fetal alcohol syndrome and how Isaac is perfectly healthy even though Marlo was an alcoholic.  Lexie insists that Marlo quit drinking when she found out she was pregnant and furthermore that Princess Gina (Hope) was a very heavy drinker. She says the switch could never have happened.  Bo tells her she is becoming more like her father.  She wants Bo to leave.  Lexie hints that perhaps Glen’s Marlo isn’t the same as Isaac’s birth mother.  Bo says that they may not be able to find out if Marlo is Isaac’s biological mother but they sure can find out if Hope is JT’s.  Lexie says she would never lie to Hope.  Bo says he is determined to bring down Stefano and her if he has too.  Lexie tells him to try concentrating on his own family and to leave hers alone.  Outside of the mansion, Bo says he will know the truth.

Over at Basic Black, John is giving Brady a tour.  Brady says he could work there and John tells him that is good because he will be.  Brady asks where his office will be and John says to him “you mean your cubicle?”  (lol)  He tells Brady he is only kidding.  John goes to get the floor plan and Brady calls Chloe.  She wants to talk to him but not on the phone.  He tells her to meet him at Basic Black but she doesn’t want to if his Dad is there.  He asks her if she wants him all to herself?  She says yes and Brady gives a smirk.  He gives her the address  and says he’ll see her soon.

 In her room at the Inn, Kate prepares for her Sarah Burton interview. She chants the infamous mirror mirror rhyme from Snow White asking who’s the most unfairest of all. She claims it’ll be the winner and that’s her.

John returns and after he and Brady talk about John’s office, John makes a pitch for Brady to work part time while finishing his college education at Salem U. Brady agrees to think about going back some day, but sometimes you only get one chance to get in on the ground floor of a new company. He emphasizes John needs a young point of view in his company and makes several references about John being older. Chloe calls from the hallway to find them. John leaves to go prepare for his interview with Sarah Burton in the conference room and is startled to find Kate in there. John asks her what she is doing here. Kate says she heard she was moving into this building and wanted to see for herself. Kate tells John that he seems very energized, and she knows how that feels. John says being on the board can become boring after awhile. John chit chats with Kate about Lucas, and then he realizes he has to meet with his interviewee, and Kate says "Oh Sarah?" John asks her if she knows Sarah? Kate says she is Sarah Burton!

Chloe tells Brady she wants to prove to him she can sing and turns on a CD and starts singing opera with it. He slams off the CD and tells her she is acting like a robot, just singing to music. She needs to feel the music and know what the lyrics meant. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but she needs to understand what she’s doing wrong. She challenges Brady to show her what he means and puts on another CD.   Brady says fine, and he sings Music of the Night from Phantom (what a great job he does, his voice is incredible….Broadway here comes Kyle!!)  Chloe is moved and realizes Brady is right, and she doesn't think she can sing like that. Chloe then runs off. Brady chases after her and tells her that she needs to use this feeling she is having right now, of being frightened, and express it through her music. Brady suggests they get out of here. Chloe goes to get her pack, and he goes to tell his dad that he's leaving. In the other office, John asks Kate why she lied? Did she think he wouldn't meet with her if she gave him her real name? Brady walks in and says that is correct, his father is not going to interview her, so she can leave!

We continue watching Shawn scale the mountain. Philip keeps yelling to Shawn as to what he sees. Shawn yells back nothing much as Belle and Mimi nervously watch. Shawn hangs by a ledge and tells himself he can’t do this. He pulls himself up on the ledge and continues scaling as Philip yells for him to turn on his radio as he pulls out the microphone. Philip trades places with Paul and looks in the binoculars as Paul holds the rope. Jan wanders up asking what’s going on. Belle tries to get rid of Jan and her negative vibes. Shawn gets on another ledge and does a little jig. Belle gets on the radio asking Shawn what he’s doing, but he assures Belle that they’ve got him. Paul turns and sees Jan rubbing her head, so he unties the rope from his waist and tosses it at Philip who’s busy looking through the binoculars and doesn’t know what Paul did.. Paul comes on to Jan, but Shawn loses his footing and starts to fall as Philip rushes up and grabs the rope. Shawn apologizes when he gets his footing again, but Philip looks at Paul, saying he has nothing to apologize for. Belle tries to get Shawn to come down, but he sees the clue. Jan leaves as does Mimi, who can’t handle it any more. Shawn thinks he sees the clue, but nope, not a star, it’s a ˝ moon. Paul tells him to keep going and Philip gives Paul the rope while he tries to calm down Belle. Shawn slips again and Shawn tells Belle to relax on the microphone. While this is all going on, Philip gets talking about Chloe and asks if she’d be worried like Belle is. The two have a little heart to heart while Shawn’s scaling miles above on a cliff. Belle hugs Philip, glad his talk with Chloe went well.

Jan, Jason, and Mimi all end up talking on the beach. Jason plans to take a nap on the beach because people keep making him wake up early. Jan wants to know what Shawn and the other suck-ups are up to now? Mimi says they are up to nothing. When Jan starts talking about Paul as being sexy, Mimi says "eeww!" Mimi says she does not go for the fatherly type, and Jan tells Mimi that she knows she fantasizes about her father. Mimi thinks this conversation is disgusting. Jason leaves, and Jan tells Mimi that she saw Belle and Shawn during their midnight swim. Mimi asks Jan exactly what she saw? Jan says she saw nothing, but obviously Mimi did. She wants to know what is going on with them, because she can't believe Shawn would go all the way with that snob. Mimi says that Belle is not a snob. Jan then starts thinking about Shawn and what the perfect sexual position for him is. She then suggests they make a bet, who can get Shawn into the sack first.

Shawn finally sees the clue and needs to hop over a couple feet to get it. It’s a gizmo that’s secured in the rock for climbers to hook up to with a yellow star painted on it. Shawn pulls on it and asks the “expert” Paul how to get it out of the rock. Paul tells him just to pull on it and Shawn does so. It comes out, but launches Shawn off the cliff.

On tomorrow’s show…………….Jennifer seeks Marlena’s help, Greta discusses with Jack about him being gay,  and more island fun!!