Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/27/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/27/01

By Lori

Jen is at Hope’s house and Hope is telling her about Bo blowing up.  Jen has JT on her lap and is playing with him. Hope says she's sorry Bo feels threatened by her search for her past, but he's just going to have to understand. Jen loves holding JT, and says he makes her want to have another one. Hope asks if Abby is still bugging her about giving her another sibling. Jen says no, she's moved on to bugging her about sleeping in the same bed with Jack. They talk about the Jack and Jen situation as they do each other’s nails. Jen tells Hope that she thinks Greta is falling for Jack and you can tell she is bothered by the thought. She tells Hope about how she thinks she saw Colin the other day. Hope tells her before she even thinks about pursuing Colin; she should resolve her feelings for Jack. Hope thinks that Jen isn't ready to let go of Jack yet. Later they go out on the porch for iced tea. Jen says she's already taken vows once, and it almost killed her when it fell apart. Jen doesn't want to go through that again. Hope tells Jen that sooner or later she'll have to decide what she wants. Jen says she wants to run away and not come back. Jen decides to take off, and calls someone who she thinks will be able to help her.

Jack is over at .COM, having flashbacks of Jen telling him that Greta is falling for him. Greta shows up, kissing him on the cheek. As they talk, Jack is also having a conversation with himself in his head and convinces himself that maybe Greta IS falling for him. As she sits there chattering, Jack panics, thinking that he is sending out some sort of pheromones to her (lol as he sniffs his underarms). Some guy is ogling Greta and as he looks for a way out, Jack tries to push her off on him. Jack's friend Oliver calls about a job offer, but he must come to Las Vegas for the interview and is told to bring his wife. Jack doesn't know what to do, because Jen wouldn't go with him, and he can't ask Greta or she'll get the wrong idea. Greta returns, after buying a love songs CD, and Jack panics. He tells her that they really need to talk. Jack says he has a job interview in Vegas, but he needs to bring a date. Greta thinks this is an invite and accepts, but Jack says he was not going to invite her.  Greta gets mad at herself saying she did it with Austin and now with Jack.  She demands Jack to tell her what is wrong with her.  Jack tells her it has nothing to do with her; it is what is wrong with him.  She demands to know what it is. Jack keeps eyeing something…then he blurts out that he is gay.  Greta looks stunned as does Jack, the camera pans to a copy of Bella magazine that reads “When he says he’s gay.”
 At the Wesley's, Chloe can't stop thinking about her sing-a-long with Brady. Suddenly, her phone rings. Chloe answers it and it is Brady. Chloe is delighted to hear from him. They both chit chat for awhile, Brady is shooting hoops in his bedroom with one of those over-the-door nerf basketball hoops. Brady asks Chloe what she is wearing? (lol) Chloe says she's wearing her P.J.S, she was going to go get some breakfast. Brady doesn't want to keep her, but she says it is okay. She also says she went online and ordered the soundtrack from the Sound of Music. Chloe tells Brady that she had a really good time last night. Brady says he did to, and he thought they sang well together. She talks about how comfortable she felt singing with him. She invites him over and he says he may in the afternoon. After they get off the phone, Philip calls and begs her not to hang up. He apologizes for the things he said to her. After they get off the phone, she admits that she really misses him. Brady is playing around with one of those "over the door" basketball goals and foam balls. He says that if he hits this shot, Chloe will forget about Philip and go for him…guaranteed. He sinks the shot as he smiles and says "guaranteed!"

Back on “Temptation Island”,  Mr. Woods tells the kids they have the rest of the day off to do whatever they want. Shawn asks Mr. Woods if they can do some rock climbing, but because they aren't certified, Mr. Woods says no. Paul is not happy to hear this, so Shawn asks Paul why finding his great grandmother's ruby is so important to him? Paul says he's just trying to help them and kill time while on the island. Shawn begs Mr. Woods to let him climb, so Mr. Woods offers to take him. Shawn says that is okay, he is very busy. Mr. Woods refuses to let Shawn climb without someone who is certified. Paul says he is certified, and he has all his equipment with him. Mr. Woods agrees, on the condition that Paul and Shawn are the only ones who climb. Shawn asks Paul how much climbing he's really done. Paul says he's climbed, and his last experience was a real cliffhanger. Shawn and Phillip work on getting the gear together, and Phillip continues obsessing over Chloe being out with Brady again. Shawn suggests Phillip just apologize to Chloe and then let it go. Phillip thinks that is good advice, but can't find the phone in Mr. Woods' pack. Phillip decides to ask Wood's for permission to use it, and he tells Shawn he'll meet him at the mountain in ten minutes. Phillip manages to convince Woodsy to let him use the phone to call Chloe. Phillip calls Chloe, and begs her not to hang-up. Phillip tells Chloe that he's sorry for what he said, he didn't mean it. Chloe says she knows, and she knows he loved her. Phillip thanks her, and says goodbye.

Mimi keeps an eye on Kevin (as she has flashbacks of their kiss). They talk about what happened (as Susan and Penelope watch them). Penelope tells Susan that she thinks Mimi is in love as you see a twinge of jealousy in Susan's eyes. Penelope wishes she had the courage and confidence that Mimi had or she would go after Kevin. Susan tells her that still waters run deep and goes on to explain what she means. Kevin walks up and asks if they are talking about him again.

Jason shows up and gets fresh with Jan, but she tells him that she has a headache from the booze. Jason wonders where she got the booze, because she didn't get it from him. Jan says she got it from the only real man on this island, Paul. Jason tells her that she is nuts for drinking with that old man. Jan says he is mature, and he is going to help her get into modeling. Jason laughs at her and walks off. Paul shows up and asks Jan to meet him at a cave down the beach with a waterfall, and to bring her bathing suit. Jan says okay, and asks why? Paul says they just need to talk about her career. Jan says she'll be there. Later, Jan and Jason have another fight. Jan thinks she is good enough to be a model and she will make a lot of money. Jan tells Jason that he makes her sick, and everyone will be sorry for laughing at her.

Later, we see Shawn climbing the side of a fake mountain as Paul, Mimi and Belle all watch from below. Belle thinks it's too dangerous and he should come down. Philip joins them and is upset that Shawn didn't wait on him. Paul assures them that it is safe, but to himself, thinks he doesn't know what he's talking about, since he has only ever done this one time before. He says that if Shawn slips up, anything could happen.

On Tomorrow’s show……………..John learns who Sarah Burton really is,  Shawn keeps climbing and Brady sings to Chloe (another must see moment).

And on that note it’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Kyle Lowder (Brady Black)