Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/23/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/23/01

By Lori

Hope’s driving home and realizes how late she is. She figures Bo’s going to be upset. Sure enough, Bo walks into the house and finds Doug and Julie taking care of their grandson. Laundry is piled in the middle of the living room. Doug and Julie tell Bo they picked up JT at the pub and Bo knows what Hope was up to and rants she should have been home with her son instead.  Hope walks in and asks what is wrong. Bo tells her that she's been gone for hours, and now she wonders what is wrong? Julie decides to put JT down for a nap, and Hope thanks Doug for picking up JT. He comments about enjoying Caroline’s cooking but don’t tell Julie and Bo says Hope is great at keeping secrets. Julie returns as Bo accuses Hope of not taking care of the house, because it is a mess. Hope says she doesn't have time to do housework everyday with the baby, but he can go ahead and clean it up. Bo starts cleaning up, and Julie and Doug go into the kitchen to get cheese and crackers.  Bo tells Hope that he works all day, so it just makes sense for her to keep things together at home, since she is here all day. Hope tells Bo that it is too bad he doesn't have a tower to lock her up in like Stefano did to Gina. Bo says there is nothing wrong with a man expecting his woman to be home at the end of the day instead of . . . . Bo demands Hope tell him where she was. Hope says she had to go out, and she made sure JT was looked after. Bo asks again, where in the hell was she? Meanwhile, Julie and Doug are stuck in the kitchen listening to Hope and Bo's argument. Hope says she was out with a friend, is she allowed to have friends still? Bo knows it was John, and he says she can't seem to stay away from him. Bo accuses Hope of only being concerned about her past, and she is treating JT like he comes in second to her past. Hope says that is not fair, him and JT are everything to her. Bo tells Hope that he loves her, but this thing with John is messed up, and he hates feeling that he can't trust her. Hope says she is sorry, but she has to handle this the way she feels is best. Bo tells her fine, handle it without him. Bo says he's out of here, and he'll get his own damn dinner! After Bo leaves, Doug and Julie leave as well but on their way out they find Bo standing on the stoop.  They point him out to Hope and she comes out behind him. Bo says that it all comes down to JT, he is not biologically his son, and that has been difficult. However, Bo says the worst part is her and John looking for her past as Gina, and they might find out who fathered JT. Hope says that is not why she is doing this. Bo fears part of her may still love JT's real father, but Hope says that will never happen, she loves him and only him. Hope swears no one will come between them.

Back on the island, Shawn remembers when he and Belle were on the beach. He tells himself out loud how stupid he was and Mimi overhears and gives him a lecture about it. She tears into him about what happened and loses it when he admits not having protection. He tries to explain how they went swimming and Belle got cold. He was trying to warm her up and they started kissing and got carried away. Mimi continues to blast him while Shawn tells her nothing happened. She tells him she doesn’t want to see either him or Belle hurt so when his hormones take over, put his brain into gear. Paul hears loud talking and wanders in. Mimi heads back to camp after Paul calls her Shawn’s girlfriend. She assures him she’s not. Shawn asks what’s next with the treasure hunt and Paul tells him danger. They talk about the rock climbing the next day. Philip feels bad for what he said and asks for God’s help to get Chloe back. Someone touches his shoulder and he smiles. It’s Belle. She knows his mind is stuck on Chloe and he used his cell phone without Mr. Woods knowing it. He tells Belle about being at the bowling alley with her parents and Brady. Philip figures Brady was waiting for him to leave town to move in on Chloe. She assures him nothing’s going on with them and Chloe doesn’t even like being around her folks. Belle tells Philip that Chloe has  told her how much she cares for him. He tells her about calling Chloe a Bitch and a liar. Belle asks what Chloe responded with and he told her he hung up before she had a chance. Belle changes her mind and tells him to worry, worry a lot! He missed Chloe so much and needed to hear her voice and found himself yelling at her. Belle tells him he’s just jealous as he’s in love with Chloe. He’s the same sweet guy she’s been friends with for a long time. He berates himself for calling Chloe ghoul girl and bitch. Belle warns him if he and Chloe don’t get back together, it won’t be the end of the world. She tells him to be Philip again and he has to like himself before he expects Chloe to like him again. They tell each other they love each other and will be friends for life and hug as Shawn walks out from the bushes and watches.  Philip tells Shawn he’s a lucky guy to have a girlfriend like Belle and they all agree it’s late and best get to bed.

Paul walks up behind Mimi.  He tells her she is pretty as a picture and how guys would pay money to see her.  She tells him he should be ashamed of himself and that he is old enough to be her father.  Paul tells her she’ll never get a guy being so uptight.  He walks away as Mimi shivers and calls him a total sleaze.

Brady is leading Chloe (who is now out of her bowling wear and into a white summery dress), who is blindfolded.  She is trying to guess where she is and says she can smell flowers and trees.  She teases him about beating the pants off of him in bowling and he reminds her she had Mama Wesley on her team , the bowling queen of Salem (lol).  Chloe actually admits that Nancy was awesome (so glad to see her respecting her mother).  Brady lets go of her hand and she asks where is he going.  He turns on a switch that lights up the gazebo in the park.  White lights adorn the gazebo and benches surround it with beautiful flower gardens all about.  He slowly removes the blind and Chloe is amazed.  She smiles.  He tells her that it’s the perfect place for a wedding (ok, in a few years I can now see Chloe and Brady getting married there before they run off to some African country).  She asks about the lights and Brady tells her he found a manual switch in the back when he was 15 and use to bring dates there. They talk about Philip’s calls and she’s surprised he doesn’t give her his usual lecture about Philip as he tells her whatever happens will happen. He does feel that Philip is totally the wrong guy for her though. She nicely tells him it’s her decision and to be quiet about it. She looks around and says the place reminds her of something, the set in The Sound of Music when Liesel sang to the cute blonde guy  when she snuck out of the house. Brady says Rolf as he remembers the guy’s name.  They launch into a duet of “I am 16 going on 17” (I loved this , it was so well done.  Sorry for all you Philip and Chloe fans but I just love Chloe and Brady together.) Chloe thanks Brady for the special time he’s given her. She thought it would have been horrible with her friends gone to Puerto Rico, but feels she and Brady are going to be real good friends. They talk about how far their relationship has come and she hopes their relationship will last forever and hugs him. They talk about her favorite things which leads into another Sound of Music song “my favorite things”. Chloe forgets the next line in the song  and Brady tells her what it was They end the song with her sitting on his lap and hugging, both with big smiles. (what a great show today was!!)

On tomorrow’s show (going to be hard to top today’s)……………Kate, AKA Sarah gets an interview, John shows Marlena around Basic Black, and the lovebirds argue……….again….that is Jack and Jennifer …and Colin and Elizabeth !!!!