Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/22/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/22/01

Nancy and Craig run into Chloe and Brady at the bowl a rama.  Brady suggest they bowl together and it should be the men vs. the women.  Nancy loves the idea; Chloe tells Nancy this is her first time bowling.  Nancy reminds her it is all about having fun.  Craig bowls first and as he swings back with the ball he drops it (those margaritas are still having an effect  lol).  He picks up the ball and throws it and knocks down one pin, the next is a gutter ball.   Nancy plays coy asking Brady if she is holding the ball correctly.  She turns and snickers and throws a strike.  Brady follows with a strike as well.  Chloe’s turn and she is getting coached by Brady.  She hits 2 pins and then another 2 pins.  She jumps for joy and claps.  Nancy tells her she is doing great. Chloe is all smiles and says this is so much fun.  (this is the most I have seen Chloe smile in a long time….its so refreshing!!)  As Craig takes his turn, Chloe’s cell phone rings…………
 On the island Jason , who is very tipsy, is drinking some run from a flask as Paul comes along.  Jan is there as well.  Paul tells Jason to go back to his tent and sleep it off and takes the flask from him.  Jason swaggers off to find his tent.  Paul tells Jan its just you and me kid.  He wonders if something is wrong with Jan she assures him there isn’t.  He convinces her to take a few swigs from the flask and she does.  She begins to get a bit woozy.  She begins showing Paul how she would pose for him and Paul tells her that she is some knockout.

 Belle and Shawn are still rolling around the beach in their blanket.  Belle’s bikini top is lying next to them.  They are hot and heavy into the kissing.  Meanwhile, Mimi and Kevin are having their own make out session.  Mimi pushes away only to be drawn back to Kevin and they continue kissing.  Mimi then backs off and tells Kevin how teens get carried away and become pregnant.  Kevin gets all brainiac on her and starts talking about the endorphins that are releases from your body.  Mimi grabs his hand and tells him to stop talking.  She leads him away saying they need to take a walk.  They stumble onto Belle and Shawn.  Mimi says she has to do something to stop them.  She grabs Kevin’s hand and pretends like they are walking.  She talks rather loudly so Belle and Shawn can hear her saying to Kevin what a lovely night it is.  Belle and Shawn do hear her and quickly jump to their feet, Belle tying her top.  As Mimi and Kevin get to them they start explaining how they had just taken a swim. Mimi wants to tell Belle all about the tides and stuff that Kevin had explained to her (LOL), Belle takes the hint, tells Shawn to go back to camp with Kevin. As the guys go back, Shawn asks Kevin what they saw, Kevin says nothing, but what they do is their business. Then starts talking about condoms, and how important it always is to make sure you don't do something you would regret later. Shawn tells him to bug off, Kevin leaves, but the message to Shawn was clear, and he chastises himself for what he was about to do.

 Meanwhile Mimi and Belle talk about the same thing. Belle is rather angry that Mimi stuck her nose in, but Mimi tells her that you are a virgin, and then you are not.....and it only happens once.  She mentions nearly getting carried away with Kevin, but they stopped. Belle is really angry, but Mimi points out they were on the beach, any one could see them who came along, and she was lucky it was her friend and not Mr. Woods. Mimi tells her to think harder about it....there are lots more nights on the island, and she can do whatever she wants to later, but she was only trying to stop Belle and Shawn before they did something they would regret later.

A replay of Philip seeing Chloe, and her telling him he didn't believe in her.  Philip shouts he wants off the island. Susan comes along and retrieves his guitar, which he had forgotten. He blows up at her asking her if she is following him,  then apologizes, and asks about her friendship with Chloe. Susan admits Chloe was a better friend to her  than she was to Chloe and explains about not wanting others to see her hanging with Ghoul Girl, as she had enough problems with the kids then. Philip remembers that he called Chloe that too. Susan tries to help him, but he blows up at her again and she leaves.   Philip goes to where the luggage is stored and digs around in his bag for something.  He pulls out his cell phone.

Back at the bowling alley, Chloe answers her cell phone.  She can barely hear the other person on the other end.   She asks who it is…..she finally hears the voice and its Philip.  He wants her to go somewhere else that isn’t so noisy so they can talk.   She tells him this isn’t a good time.  Philip tells her how much he misses her and how much he loves her.  He wants to hear that she misses him too.   She tells him she can’t have this conversation with him right now.  Just then Brady walks up behind Chloe saying “Chloe come on let’s go.”  Philip hears Brady and starts yelling how he can’t believe she is with him again.  He hangs up the phone.  Brady asks about what Philip said but Chloe doesn’t want to talk.  She is visibly upset.  Nancy and Craig can see that Brady and Chloe need a minute so they go off to the snack bar.  Brady tries to convince her she needs this time to get over him and that he accused her of a lot of stuff.  She hates that Philip is hurting.  They go back to bowling and the women just need a strike to win.  Chloe is up and low and behold she gets a strike (lol only on TV).  The cell phone rings again and its Philip once more.  Chloe tells him she can’t talk.  He wants to know if its because Brady is listening.  He begs her not to hang up.  Then he says it sounds like you are at a bowling alley.  She tells him she is and is with Craig and Nancy.  Philip adds” and Brady , what is he a part of the family now?  Well, I hope he makes you really happy. And you know what? I'll be better off too, without you because now I know that you're nothing but a lying bitch, a phony, that I never meant anything to you, not a damn thing!”  He hangs up once again on her.  Chloe has tears running down her cheeks.  She asks Nancy if she can talk to her.  Chloe hates that she has broken Philip’s heart and that she really does love him.  Nancy tells her it is Philip who has to work through his guilt and anger.  She reminds Chloe she can’t do it for him.  She thanks Nancy for the help.

  Philip is sitting up against the luggage saying to himself how could he be so stupid.  He says Chloe and Brady’s name and mentions they will probably go to school together in New York.  He figures that has been their plan all along.  Philip then prays to God to help him get Chloe back.

On tomorrow’s show…………………..back to the island, Bo blows up at Hope and Brady and Chloe sing together as if they were in the Sound of Music (I can’t wait to see it!!!)