Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/01

By Lori

At the Blue Note, Julie is talking to Jack trying to help him get Jennifer back.  He can’t understand why she wants him back in Jen’s life.  He tells her if this was a reality show he would be the “weakest link” (I love how NBC sneaks that show in every so often) or the bum that was voted off the island.  Jack assures Julie that she isn’t the one to get him out of Jennifer’s life right now.  Julie tells him how she has changed her opinion of him.  She mentions when Jack saved Jen’s life.  Julie tells Jack she knows how to get Jennifer back……….that Jack should sleep with Greta!!  Jack’s face is priceless as he is stunned with that comment.

Hope and Jennifer are at Salem Place talking about Jack.  Hope lets Jen know that she thinks Jen is being too oblivious and is losing Jack.  Jen gets angry at Hope’s interfering and tells her she isn’t a hopeless case.  Jennifer wants to know where Jack stands with Greta.  She tells Hope if she looks interested then Jack will be untruthful with her so she better get the low down from Greta first.

Austin stops by and pays Greta a visit.  She asks what he has been up to and he tells her about working on his relationship with Sami.  He also adds that Sami and him have become closer.  Greta sarcastically comments that Sami is finally getting what she wants.  Greta tells him about her new friend Jack when Austin asks about her life.  He questions about Jack living with Jennifer, but Greta tells him it is all platonic.  The phone rings and it is Jennifer, she wants to stop by and pay Greta a visit.  Austin says he will leave but Greta offers him a beer.  He wonders if the beers are Jack’s and asks if Jack is already fridge worthy.  Greta shakes her head at him and tells Austin he is crazy.  Austin and Greta are laughing as Jen walks up.  She thinks that Jack may be in there with Greta, but is relieved when she finds out it is Austin.  Austin tells the ladies he has to leave as he has a date with Sami for dinner.  In the hallway, Austin runs into Jack.  Austin lets him know Jen is with Greta.  Jack tries to think of some way to make it interesting.  Jack knocks on the door and calls out “HONEY”.   Both Greta and Jen look at each other and say “Honey????”  When Greta opens the door, Jack says “ Hey sweet thing.  Don’t you look fantastic tonight”. He invites her to dinner as Jennifer steps out from behind the door, reminding him that he has to pick up Abby at day camp and smiles wickedly at him.
 Roman runs into Kate at the Java Café and makes a crack about how she looks like the "old" Kate Roberts…did she rob a bank or something? She pushes down her sunglasses and stares at him and asks "Do I know you?" She tells him that her ship has come in and he asks what did she finagle out of Victor now. He tells her that she looks good and it seems to agree with her. He also asks about her health and she assures him that she is fine. He asks her if the story she told him about her and Lucas was true. Sami (who had been window shopping for wedding dresses earlier) walks up and asks "what story?…and just who did you sleep with to get that dress, you whore?" (typical Sami greeting, lol). They get into a verbal catfight as Roman breaks it up.  He tells Sami that Kate told him that she and Lucas did something bad and that Sami covered it up just to get custody. Disgusted, Sami says that Kate makes her sick, Kate smiles at her. Roman asks what Kate and Lucas did, but Sami clams up and tells Roman not to believe a word Kate says. She calls Kate a monster, a whore and some other assorted names but Kate points out that Sami is now under her control. Sami blows up and physically attacks Kate, but Austin comes up behind her and drags her off. Kate acts upset as Roman first makes excuses for Sami, then apologizes for her behavior. Kate thanks him and leaves. As she rounds the corner, sees Sami and Austin talking (Austin has his back to her) and sticks her tongue out at Sami.  Sami is stunned and speechless as Kate struts off, laughing. She meets up with Roger, who is working trying to get "Sarah Burton" (Kate’s alias) a job with John Black.
 John is still having flashbacks of him and Gina as Brady and Chloe pull up honking the horn. Brady gets out and asks what is going on with John. John tells him he is preoccupied with business. John comments on Chloe’s vehicle only to find out it is Brady’s new jeep.  He and Chloe tell him they are just hanging out. Privately, John asks Brady if he is sure he wants to get involved with Chloe, after what Philip went through. Brady assures him that they are just friends. Brady invites John to go with them, but John (who in the sunlight is getting quite gray ) turns down the "sympathy ride and sends them on their way. After they leave, Hope walks up and wants to talk, but John refuses. He tells her that she can't handle the truth (while doing his best Jack Nicholson impression  She asks if he is that angry with her because she went to Lexie for help. He assures her that he doesn't even know everything himself. She thinks he knows a lot more than he is letting on. He tells her he can't do this and goes to leave but she stops him. He tells her that he remembers his closeness with Stefano and that Stefano was like a father to him…and it frightens him. He tells her that they can talk about Princess Gina all day, but the truth is that it was him and Hope on that submarine. Hope asks if he is afraid that if she learns the whole truth, they will fall in love? She tries to assure him that this is the right thing to do. They shouldn't let the past control them…they should control it. She looks him in the eye and tells him to tell her everything.
 Nancy and Craig are in bed, grabbing a little "afternoon delight"( this couple is a hoot I think). She is completely giddy as Sugar comes in and jumps on the bed. Craig complains, but Nancy says that she is just hungry. Craig remembers that he is hungry as well and wants Nancy to go and fix dinner. But she has other things on her mind…like another round.  He tells her he can’t but she reminds him she is a specialist in sensual massage and starts rubbing his chest and then working downward!!! He promises her is she gets dressed he will take her out to dinner.

Brady and Chloe go for ice cream at Salem Place and she calls him "crazy" as he eats his and then finishes off hers. She informs him that she wants to do something she has never done before. From the way she is talking, Brady gets the impression she is talking about something else. Down boy…she wants to go bowling. He agrees it just might be fun. So they go to the Salem Bowl-A-Rama. He is teasing Chloe, telling her that the object is to throw the ball in the gutter and offers to help her. Awkward moment as he reaches around her to help her select a ball. He asks how that feels and she says good.  Chloe keeps throwing strikes and pretends it upsets her. She finally lets him know that she knows better. As they continue to bowl, who walks in…but Craig and Nancy.  Nancy is dressed in her red and white polka dot bowling shirt with a matching bowling ball bag and red shoes!!  Nancy selects a lane right next to Chloe and Brady. They turn and look at each other and say "What are YOU doing here???"
 At the Dimera mansion,  Lexie is holding Isaac talking to him and he is babbling right back at her.  Eliana comes and gets him for his nap, talking about how a mother would do anything for her child. After she leaves, Rolf comes in and asks her what's wrong. She says John Black…I need to get him out of my life today.  She tells Rolf about John being furious for her helping Hope. Rolf offers to help her. He says just leave it all to him. He promises that he can end her guilt and assure her that she would never lose Isaac. He says that it is all up to her…to say the word. She tries to reason, by saying that giving back Hope her memories of Gina is actually what she wants anyway. Later, she is playing with Isaac and tells him tat she could never lose him. Maybe Rolf is right…and she should let him do whatever he wants. She says that is what Hope wants, after all.  She looks at Isaac and says "how can it hurt if it helps us stay together?"
 On tomorrow’s show…………….Shawn and Belle heat things up on the island,  Greta feels caught in the middle and Caroline takes Elizabeth on a shopping adventure at Barron’s