Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/31/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/31/01

By Lori

John and Marlena are still at Tuscany and agree they must stop talking about Hope……..and of course who comes in but Hope and Greta (I guess the girls are bar hopping, lol).  Greta tells Hope that she does remind her of her mother. Greta asks Hope why she wants to know about Gina all of the sudden? Hope says for a long time she thought she was Gina, and she wants to know about her, about her and John. Greta recalls how her mother only drank champagne and John drank 25 year old scotch (is it me or does that fact keep coming up, I wonder if it is leading to something ..hmmm).  Greta spies John and Marlena.  Hope looks (and the eyebrows go up and down) at Greta asking her if John is her father.

Jen arrives at Tuscany to pick up the take out order.  She has been thinking of Colin a lot.   She runs into Hope and Greta and interrupts their conversation.  Hope asks her to stay and chat for a bit.  Marlena spots Hope and excuses herself from the table.  Marlena eyes Hope as she walks by and Hope then excuses herself.  The ladies meet outside and Marlena is angry that Hope needs to know all the details of Gina and John’s lovemaking sessions.  Hope blasts back that it isn’t because it turns her on, she just wants to know about he Marlena returns to John, and Hope goes back to Greta and saves Jen from answering Greta's question whether she is in love with Jack still. After Jen leaves, Greta asks Hope what is wrong; did she have a fight with Marlena?  Marlena lets her know what ever Hope discusses with John comes back to Marlena from John.

Brady and Chloe are served their food, Cobb Salad for Chloe and Coq au vin for Brady.  Chloe says she isn’t very hungry after all.  Chloe says she is still bothered with the whole trip thing and decides she wants to leave.  Brady asks her to please stay and she does.  He questions her about the job she kept talking about for the summer to earn money.  Chloe tells him how she was hoping to get a back-up singer job in Nashville.  Chloe’s cell phone rings and she answers it…. it is Philip.  He apologizes to Chloe for being on the plane (it is pretty much a one sided conversation with Philip doing all the talking).  He rambles on and then says to her “do I hear music and people talking?”  He questions to where she is.  Chloe mouths to Brady that it is Philip just as John appears.  He asks Brady what he had for dinner.  Philip hears John and is furious she is with Brady.  He says, “well you sure didn’t wait to move on.  Have you been seeing Brady on the side all along?”  Chloe can’t believe he is accusing her, she hangs up on Philip.  John apologizes for interrupting her call.  He heads back to his table. Brady asks her what happen, and she tells him. Brady says that there will be other loves in her life, and she can use this pain in her music.

Pop Shawn can’t understand why Colin won’t come back to the pub to get some food.  Colin then pulls out a leggy brunette from his car and introduces her to Shawn as his fiancée Elizabeth.  Uncle Shawn is at first smitten with her …till she opens her mouth.  She cuts down Uncle Shawn after he remarks what a lovely couple they make.  She demands Colin to get her some food, as she is famished!!

The kids arrive at the hotel in Puerto Rico, and Shawn and Belle are holding hands. As the kids talk and have fun, Paul spies on them and says these kids are going to be sorry they ever went on this trip. The kids joke around, and one of the girls who has the hots for Phillip put the moves on him. However, Phillip isn't interested and just walks away. The kids continue to rough house in the hotel lobby, and Mr. Woods finally arrives and scolds the kids for not showing respect to the hotel. Meanwhile, Paul watches Shawn and Belle as they look at the treasure map. Elsewhere, Kevin talks with Susan about the trip, as Penelope hangs by and stares at Kevin. Kevin asks Penelope if there is something she needs? She says she was just hanging out with Susan. Meanwhile, Jan tries to talk Mimi into making a play for Phillip. Mimi goes to see Phillip, and Jan tells Jason that Mimi is so clueless, she does everything she tells her to do. Mimi approaches Phillip and tells him that she's sorry Chloe cut out on him, especially since it is her fault, and she asks if he could ever forgive her for screwing everything up for him. Mimi says she would like them to be friends again, and maybe . . . Phillip tells Mimi that he's moving on with his life, so she should do the same. Later, Mr. Woods and Mrs. Perez hand out the room keys, and Mr. Woods tells Phillip to perk up and start acting like he wants to be here. After they get their assignments, Shawn shows Belle and Mimi a message to "Desi" he found which basically says finding the treasure won't be easy, and they'll have to solve a lot of riddles to find it. Paul eavesdrops on them and tells himself that he's not going to let those kids get their hands of on his ruby or the rest of his treasure. Shawn reads the riddles, and Paul becomes upset because his friend in prison knew he couldn't read or figure out this mumbo jumbo. As the kids discuss the riddles, Paul places a call to the prison to talk to his old cellmate. Paul is furious with his friend and asks him if the treasure even exists. His cellmate says the treasure is there, he just has to play the game to find it. Paul threatens to have him killed, but his cellmate says he'll find the treasure if he does that! Paul hangs up on his cellmate, and suddenly Mr. Woods demands to speak with Paul! Mr. Woods says he heard he was talking to their captain earlier, and he wants to know where he can find him. Paul says the captain got sick, so he is going to be filling in for him. Back at their table, Mimi thinks they should get some help, but Shawn says they can't tell anyone because they might want to keep the treasure for themselves. Paul approaches Shawn and the others and asks if they are ready to go on their trip tomorrow. Shawn says they are, and Shawn asks Paul about a specific island. Paul says he knows that island, and asks what is there. Mimi claims a rare bird lives there. Paul says he'll see about helping them get there, and tells himself that he'll drown all those greedy little e bastards for wanting to keep his treasure for themselves.
 On tomorrow’s show………there is a gathering of some sorts at the Brady Pub, the teens board the boat to the island, and Chloe and Brady are together again.