Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/30/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/30/01

By Lori

Brady and Chloe are in his van driving back from the airport.  Chloe remembers she left her luggage on the plane.  Brady offers her his cell phone to call the airport so that then can send it back.  He can sense she is having second thoughts about not going on the trip.  He assures her she will be okay and suggests they go have a bite to eat.  Chloe asks if they are going to .Com  and Brady tells her he has a different place in mind.

At Tuscany, Marlena and John are still dining.  Marlena tells John that she agrees for him to tell Hope about the past, but wants him to omit the love making details.  Marlena tells him she doesn’t want to share him as a lover.  They chitchat about business and the happenings at Basic Black.

Brady and Chloe arrive at Tuscany, but Maggie won’t seat Brady the way he is dressed reminding him they have a dress code.  He knows that Maggie has some dinner jackets available and asks her for one.  He gets angry with Maggie for not treating him fairly because he is John Black’s son.  Marlena and John are looking on and Marlena wonders if Brady needs their help.  John tells her NO let him do it himself. Chloe goes to the restroom to fix her makeup and is followed by Marlena. Marlena and Chloe have a heartfelt talk. Meanwhile John goes to Brady's table to find out why he is there with Chloe.  Back at their respective tables John tells Marlena he thinks Brady really likes Chloe.  Brady asks if Chloe is okay and she says she is fine and thanks him for rescuing her. 

The kids are on the plane, headed to Puerto Rico and then on to the island where they will camp for several weeks. Philip is upset that Chloe got off the plane. He blames Jan for their breakup, but when he confronts her Jan tells Philip he is responsible for believing Chloe set up that website herself. Both Jan and Jason tell Philip that he has changed and nobody likes him anymore. Later, Shawn tells Philip that if he and Chloe are meant to be, she'll be waiting for him when he gets back to Salem. Meanwhile, Mimi apologizes to Belle. Belle believes that Mimi is genuinely sorry for her actions. They hug and Belle tells her about the treasure. Susan bonds with Penelope. Curious about where the stolen jewelry is buried, Shawn asks Mr. Woods for information about the islands.

Paul checks into his hotel in Puerto Rico, and makes arrangements to have his room on the same floor as the Salem kids. Later, Paul meets the captain of the ship who will be taking the kids out to the islands. Paul talks with the captain, and expresses phony concern about the safety of the children. Paul buys him a drink, and talks about the islands the kids be going to. When the captain looks the other way, Paul dumps a drug in his drink. Paul talks with the captain about navigating the islands, and how tricky it is. Paul asks him if he could teach him how to navigate? The captain says he'll draw in the danger zones on Paul's map.
When the captain begins to feel the effects of the drugs, Paul helps him to his room. Later, Paul flirts with the waitress, and works on his plans to get to the treasure before the kids do.
 On tomorrow’s show……….we meet Colin’s finance Elizabeth, the kids arrive at their hotel, Hope and Greta chat some more…….at Tuscany this time.