Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/25/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/25/01

Jack and Jennifer start fighting (after Abby makes Jennifer promise they won't fight anymore). Jack tells Jennifer that he and Greta are friends, and wonders if she is jealous? Jennifer says she isn't, she has moved on with someone new. Jack asks her if there was someone in Ireland that she fell in love with? Jennifer doesn't think it is any of his business and starts throwing things at him. Alone, Jennifer decides to befriend Greta to find out what she means to Jack.

Hope tells Bo that she's ready to learn about her past as Princess Gina. Bo wonders if this means she's ready to know who JT's biological father is? She is torn and quickly changes the subject and talks about her concerns for Jack and Jennifer and their relationship.

Packing for her trip to Puerto Rico, Chloe thinks getting away from Phillip will help her forget about him. Chloe admits how much she loves Philip. Nancy wants to help, but Chloe lashes out, saying its all her fault the kids pick on her. She starts to cry and her mother comes to comfort her. Chloe goes into Nancy's arms and Chloe apologizes and the two make progress in their relationship. While packing, Philip asks Victor if he's involved with Nicole but Victor says they work together. Philip doesn't tell Victor that Chloe is going also. Philip is determined to get Chloe to forgive him

Paul surprises Nicole and frightens her. She's not at all pleased to see her father, the ex-con. She berates him for the things he made her do so long ago. He says it was to help her to learn to be a success (just like she is now.) He casually mentions that he and Fay are back on track. He says he has a surprise for her mother, but can't find the can he hid it in, all those years ago (in the empty lot next door). He knows that Shawn has the can and wants details about him, now! Nicole says that Shawn has it, but his dad is a police officer so Paul had better be careful. She also says the kids are headed to Puerto Rico. Paul tells her (sweetly), that he will be going away for a while. (After he is gone), Nicole is relieved and wastes no time in going to Victor to tell him about her father. Victor tells her not to worry, he will take care of things for her. Meanwhile, Paul boards a plane for Puerto Rico, he is adamant about getting his treasure before the kids do.

Marlena helps Belle pack, meanwhile Mimi comes by to apologize, but John refuses to let her speak to Belle. John sees Brady walking without his cane and is thrilled at the progress he has made. Marlena and Belle are proud of Brady. John and Marlena tell Belle to be careful and to have fun on the trip. She reassures them that nothing bad will happen. As Shawn packs up treasure maps and pictures of the stolen jewels, he's determined to find Alice's ruby.