Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/24/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/24/01

By Stephanie

Jennifer and Hope meet. Hope wonders what Greta and Jennifer were talking about? Jennifer admits she is a bit jealous of Greta. Jennifer says Greta has a lot of advantages (she is a princess), but doesn't mind her spending time with Jack (but wonders why she would bother). Hope asks about Colin and wonders if Jennifer feels like talking about him? Jennifer says she can't believe she took Abby so far away from her dad, just to chase a fantasy. She had hoped Colin would sweep her into his arms instead; he simply looked at her wondering why she had come? Jennifer swears she never wants to see Colin again.. She hopes to never see him again. Hope tells Jennifer she is a beautiful girl who can have her pick of men and not to worry about Colin. Jennifer thanks her for being so supportive. The two set off to go shopping for things for JT.

At Salem Place, Jack is waiting for Greta. When she arrives, he admits she is late. She shows him a newspaper and has circled job listings in blue and pink for them. He looks it over and says he doesn't see any for a butcher, baker or candlestick maker in the paper. She says the thought of seeing him with a knife just doesn't appeal to her at all (so that rules out a butcher) and he would be terrible at the bakery (because he would eat all the cakes). He wonders if she thinks he is unemployable? She thinks that may be possible. He says he is very employable (but isn't sure as what). They go to get coffee and donuts. He wonders how her visit with Jennifer went? Greta admits it didn't, because Jennifer left in such a hurry. Greta wonders if Jennifer still has feelings for Jack? He is curious about this, and wonders if it could be that Jennifer misses him. Greta isn't sure since Jennifer did divorce him (Jack equates this to Jennifer throwing a hissy fit.) Greta wonders if Jack is using her to make Jennifer jealous? Jack denies it, saying he values her friendship. Greta is relieved that is the case, since he isn't like any other guy she knows (or is interested in.) He wonders if she is interested in him-like that? She assures him she is interested in him as a friend and nothing more. He just doesn't want her hurt and wants to be her friend. She agrees completely and thanks him for caring. Later, he is eating a caramel and tells her its stuck. She puts her hands on his face and tells him to chew. (Jack sees Jennifer and Hope approaching) He leaves Greta's hands on his face, while Jennifer and Hope watch.

At dot Com, Kevin wants to show Susan the computer. She tells him (politely), she isn't interested. He wonders if she will go on the trip to Puerto Rico? She doesn't want to go. He says he won't go unless she does. Kevin tells her they will learn a lot (and have fun too). She isn't convinced. Belle and Shawn arrive and help him convince her to go. Susan says that Belle and Shawn will have a lot of fun, because they are popular and have friends. She doesn't want to go, because of what the other kids think of her. Kevin reminds Susan that by saying Belle and Shawn are popular. Belle thinks she and Shawn have had some rough times too, but you have to make the best of things. Kevin says Susan is categorizing Belle and Shawn, the very thing she says she hates people doing to her. Susan realizes he is right and agrees to go on the trip.

At dotCom, as the waitress flirts with Brady, telling him he is walking well, Belle, Chloe and Shawn arrive. (Paul arrives and listens in as they talk). Shawn tells Chloe she did well, getting even with Jan and Mimi. Chloe admits it's just the beginning. Belle wonders what she means? Chloe says it will be fun seeing Jan and Mimi cleaning the toilets and the girl's locker room, and can't wait for it to happen. Paul is anxious for them to discuss the jewels. Belle is looking forward to the trip, Shawn says they leave tomorrow, is everyone ready? Belle tells them her parents will be surprised to learn she is going and that they leave tomorrow. Shawn says she was waiting to find out if he was going. Chloe says Belle was waiting to see if she was going. Shawn says it will be an adventure but the treasure hunt has to remain a secret (Paul says to himself-your mine and ours kids.). Chloe wonders how that will be possible, but Shawn says he has a plan to rent a boat find the treasure and be back before anyone notices they are gone. Chloe goes to get a book on Chloe on Puerto Rico and notices Paul sitting nearby. She is not paying attention and trips over Brady's cane. He thanks her for dropping by and he stands up to offer her his hand. He tells her his physical therapist gave him a gold star and he won't be needing his cane much longer. She says she has seen his walking improve greatly (not to mention his dancing). He says it was mostly Nicole and is surprised talking about the dance doesn't upset her. She says Jan and Mimi got what they deserved and advises him to tell Victor that things are over between her and Philip. Brady says he never disapproved of Philip, but didn't think he was the right guy for her. Chloe says it doesn't matter now, as she is going to concentrate on her singing. Brady doesn't believe her and wonders if Shawn and Belle believe she's finished with Philip too? She says she is fine. Brady doesn't believe her, saying he isn't sure if they are friends, but he will be there is she needs him. Chloe joins Belle and Shawn again. Shawn asks if she is ok? Chloe says she saw the guy from the courthouse, and wonders if he is stalking her. Belle says not to worry; they leave tomorrow and will probably never see him again. Paul heads out after saying to himself, the kids will lead him to his treasure. Belle notices Brady and tells him about their trip to Puerto Rico. One they are gone, he wonders if Philip is going.

Nicole questions Philip about his mother. She asks what happened between Kate and Victor? He tells her it's none of her business. She says it would help her with Victor if she knew what happened between Kate and Victor. He tells her that Kate lost her job, and he plans to be around all summer, since Victor and Kate made a deal, and he wants to be sure his mother is ok. She's surprised to hear it, as she was sure he would be away with the other kids for the summer. He says Chloe is going away on the trip and she doesn't want him around. Nicole encourages him to g, saying he can work in his grades. Philip doesn't want to go, saying he is depressed. He wonders why she never gets depressed? She says she gets mad some times, but not depressed since it never solves anything. He wonders if something is wrong? She says her dad is back in town, and no problem is bigger than that one. Philip thought her dad was in prison. Nicole says he's out now and wonders if she should see him or not. Philip says she shouldn't if he upsets her. Nicole isn't sure since people change. Philip says he has changed a lot (didn't go to prison-just fell in love.) Mr. Wood told him it would look good on his college application (going on the trip), and he wants to be with his friends, get his mind off Chloe. Nicole says he should go and have fun. He says he can't go; he doesn't want to hurt Chloe any more than he has already. Nicole encourages Philip to go on that trip. He tells her he can't as he promised his father he'd stay away from Chloe. Nicole says sometimes people aren't always the best judge of what's good for them. She thinks he should go, spend time with his friends (and Chloe), because come the first day of school they will be together. Philip wonders if he should go, but is worried about his dad. Nicole says she will tell Victor and Victor will be proud since he will be working on his grades. Philip finally agrees to go and Nicole tells herself that she hopes Chloe doesn't go ballistic on Philip, but she needs Philip out of town so he won't be around watching Kate and Victor and helping his mother squeeze any of Victor's money.