Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/20/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/20/01

By Lori


KATE ARRIVES at Titan; Nicole confronts her outside of Victor’s office.  Nicole teases Kate, who is in her waitress uniform, if she is now making deliveries.  Kate makes her way into Victor’s office where Philip and Victor are.  Victor tells Philip he can leave but he says he will stay and defend his mother.  Victor puts Kate down and Philip stands up for her.  Philip tells his father she needs a home, a new car with insurance, and some nice clothes so she can get a better job.  Kate adds she needs health insurance too.  Victor tells Philip to butt out but Philip is quick to remind him who took care of running Titan when he was in the nursing home recovering from his stroke.  Victor grows very angry and demands Philip to leave, but he refuses.  Kate finally insists that he go because she doesn’t want him to be in the middle of this.  Philip leaves and Kate tells Victor to "show me the money" as she plops on his desk. He writes a figure down and she tosses it aside, calling him a cheapskate. But she will take it…for now. She also wants some spending cash and gets $5,000 out of him. Victor pulls the money out of a safe in his office (must be nice…. you would think that much cash would be in the bank).  On her way out, she calls Nicole "cookie" saying she looks worried…and she should be.

While Kate was in Victor’s office, Nicole had Brandon in hers.  She tells him she has some bad news and then tells him that Paul is out of prison.  Brandon gets upset that he is out.  He tries to call his mother’s house but there is no answer.

Meanwhile at Fay’s, Paul is still telling Fay how much he has missed everything about her.  He wants to hear that she loves him and begs her to say it. She tells him that she is stronger than she used to be. But he promises that he is a changed man and professes his love for her. He says that he knows who put him away, just so he could sleep with his wife. Fay declares that she never slept with Abe and tells Paul to leave. But he has other plans; he wants to start over with a clean slate. Fay goes off on him pretty good, until he turns on her, cigarette in hand. He stops himself and apologizes as she begs him to leave. He asks for a second chance and starts kissing on her, then undressing her as tears roll down her cheeks. Later she is picking up their clothes, calling herself stupid. Paul comes out and she tells him that should have never happened and that she isn't going back to that life. He talks about the good old days and how they would lie on a blanket and look at the stars on the empty lot next door. She tells him that things change and there is a house there now. He gets upset over that as he has a flashback of him and another prisoner. They are talking about the treasure and the other guy calls him "Desi". They hear keys and Fay tells him about Kate. He leaves as Fay explains to her who he is. Fay begs Kate not to move out and leave her alone, but Kate tells her that she has come for her things and tries to pay her for letting her stay with her. While Kate gets her stuff, Fay says that she must get rid of him before Brandon finds out.

Next door to Fay’s house, Mimi is leaving as her mother questions where she is going.  Paul arrives knocking at the door introducing himself to Maureen Lockhart as Fay’s husband.  He tells her how he has been gone for awhile.  He mutters on and then just as he leaves he says on “Do you know about a can that I buried over in the bushes, it is kind of sentimental to the wife and I?”  She tells him that her daughter and friends found it and she will ask her daughter about it.

Mimi runs into Philip, who is sitting outside on a park bench.  She apologizes for all that she has done.  He tells her he blames himself more then anyone else.   Although he doesn’t know why she would ever allow herself to get sucked into anything Jan came up with.  She tells him how she is afraid to go to prison and it is all in Chloe’s hands now.  Mimi arrives home and her mother tells her the DA called and there will be no prison time.  They are both excited and then Maureen asks Mimi about the can.  She tells her Shawn Brady has it.

At the Wesley’s house, Chloe screams as Belle and Shawn come to her rescue.  She is just joking with them, but she has opened the can and holds out her hand to show them what is inside.  She holds out a wad of cotton.  Shawn takes it and comments there is something inside of the cotton.  He unwraps it and finds a key. Shawn recognizes it as a key to a locker, like at the train station.  They decide to visit the train station. They get there and begin to look for the locker. Chloe says that there might be something in the locker meant for Desi. Belle says the only "Desi" she ever knew was always yelling at Lucy for spending too much money. Shawn says “isn’t Desi Arnaz dead” and Chloe says yes but he lives forever in reruns (love those old black and white shows!) They find the right locker and Chloe wants to open it, but Belle won't let her. Shawn teases Belle and she takes the key. She tries to stall as they urge her on. She finally opens it and a rubber skull with clown's hair pops out cackling. (Even made me jump) Belle jumps while Shawn and Chloe joke as he pulls out a big envelope with some kind of map inside. There are Polaroid’s of different pieces of jewelry too. As the look through them, Shawn recognizes his grandmother's ruby necklace. They all look at each other as they realize that all the jewelry pictured there must be stolen.

Look for next week………..The kids head for Puerto Rico on their island adventure, Abe finds out Paul is back in town, Paul follows the kids to PR,  Hope and Greta discuss Princess Gina,  Marlena confronts Hope about what she needs to know and Colin arrives in Salem.

Y’all have a safe and fun week….

Also Happy Birthday to John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) who will celebrate his birthday July 21st