Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/19/01

By Lori

SHAWN, BELLE, and CHLOE are at the Wesley residence with Shawn and Belle asking once again what is going to happen to Mimi and Jan.  Chloe is keeping quiet and tells the teens they will find out when Mimi and Jan go before the judge.  She says the punishment will be much worse then jail time.  Shawn tells them about Alice’s ruby ring and wants their help in finding out what happen to the ring. He then takes out the can, they talk about it some more, mentioning the blue smoke and the inscription "Did it get you dizzy, Desi". Chloe wants to get the can opener, Belle wants her dad to open it, Chloe takes the can, goes to another room and we hear her scream.

HOPE and JEN are strolling Salem Place, they stop to look in a jewelry store window.  They admire the diamonds and Hope jokes to Jen that maybe she’ll get one soon.  They chitchat over a cup of coffee about Bo and the kind of husband and father he is and Hope gives Jen almost the same scenario back about Jack. They chat about Jack's attributes and flaws when they spot Jack & Greta laughing.

GRETA is telling Jack about this TV show with this uppity Englishwoman who tries to mean (hmmmm is this NBC plugging Weakest Link? Lol).  Jack tells her if they are going to be friends he needs to set some ground rules.  She laughingly questions him about his rules.  He says there are rules for being friends with HIM!  She kids with him about how she couldn’t fall in love with someone like him, a divorced man who is a father living with his ex and in-between jobs.  Jack says “Yes and I need to do something about that ….fast”.  We see Jack next looking through the help wanted section of the newspaper.  Greta points out one for a male exotic dancer but Jack poo poo’s that idea saying too many women would be lusting after him (lol). The paper blows away, they chase it, Greta rescues it as it is about to go down a storm drain, I think. They are sitting on the curb, laughing away, he thanks her for saving his paper and looks up to see Jen watching, so gives Greta a quick kiss. As they get up, he claims to now spot Hope & Jen, so they go to say hello, Greta tripping on the way, Jack catching her, and both having a great time laughing it up. Hope has to leave to pick up JT, Jack the same for Abby at Day Camp, so they go together. Greta thinks this is nice, as she & Jen can have that talk.  Jen apologizes and says she has to go as well and leaves. Greta muses that those two are still in love with each other.

AUSTIN, SAMI and WILL are headed to see Grandma Kate at the diner.  Sami doesn’t like the idea but Austin pleads with her to give it a chance.  Austin tells her that Will wants to see his grandmother and Kate wants to see Will too.  He advises her not to make a scene like she did last time and of course Sami says Kate provoked her. Inside the diner, Fay is frightened at the sight of a man who just came in, removes her apron, and pleads being ill and leaves. The owner is having a fit, having just fired Kate. He tells her she is rehired, but Kate insists on a $.50 per hour raise. As Austin, Sami and Will come in, the owner directs them to a booth right behind Abe and Roman. Grandpa Roman hugs Will, and makes plans to take him to a movie on Saturday. As they take their booth seats, Kate comes over, makes a fuss over Will, enjoying the picture he made for her, then pulls Austin aside, telling him how could be bring Sami here. The owner keeps calling Kate (she is the only waitress there now) so she gets back to work. Abe and Roman talk about Fay leaving so abruptly, Kate being fired and rehired and wonder what is going on.

Outside the diner, Fay is in her car, flashing back to Paul beating her, when Abe comes up, worried about her. She tells him that the only reason she ever stopped seeing him was she was afraid of what Paul might do to him and her kids.  Abe hopes Paul stays locked up, it is where he belongs. (hmmm you would think the commander would know he has been released and is back in Salem). Fay leaves, and Abe goes back inside. He doesn't want to leave the diner just yet, and Roman rightly guesses Abe does not want to return to the mansion.  Roman asks Sami if he can take Will to their booth. Austin and Sami agree perhaps it was not a good idea to bring Will to the diner with Kate so busy and they leave. In the car, Austin tells a very pleased Sami that he is falling more in love with her every day (oh Austin you need a clue!!)  They almost kiss, when Will reminds them they promised him to go for ice cream.

FAY enters her apartment and closes the door. Paul comes behind her, hand over her mouth. He tries to kiss her.  She asks him to leave, and he gives her some sweet talk about having gotten his head straight in prison, he would never hurt her. He tells her he still cares about her, she is still so beautiful. He again kisses her and she again pushes him off. He says "tell me you still love me" as he embraces her and Fay's eyes fill with tears.

NICOLE enters Victor’s office, all smiles, greeting him with a "Hi handsome". He quickly tells her she should knock before entering her boss's office. She is taken aback. Then asks if he got Kate fired yet, and did the queen's head roll. Once more Victor is very gruff, telling her that he does what he wants, and someone he is involved with does not tell him what or what not to do. Nicole is really surprised at this, and when Victor asks what she wanted, she babbles about new reports, and an ad campaign. Victor realizes something is bothering her, and she tells him she is worried about her father. He guesses correctly that the man already is paroled, and she says yes, a week ago. She is worried about herself, whether she will succumb to the things he will tell her and expect of her. Victor reassures her she is a smart, strong woman and he will protect her. Nicole leaves, and out in the hall, wonders why Daddy did not call her when he has been out a whole week. The phone rings and Kate is calling Victor, telling him his ploy did not work. She has her job back, he has no power and is just an old fool with a cheap whore on his arm. Victor tells her to just make the meeting. Kate tells him she won't miss it, and she will soon have it over him. After Victor hangs up, he angrily says aloud that he has to get rid of that bitch and "in time I will".

ON TOMORROW’S SHOW…………..we finally find out the contents of the can,  Paul shows up at Mimi’s looking for the can,  Brandon and Nicole argue and Kate arrives for her meeting with Victor.