Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/18/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By Lori

PHILIP GOES TO VISIT HIS MOM at the Hudson Street Diner. Philip tells her about his problems
with Chloe. He also tells her that he wants Victor to give Kate the money she needs so she can get back on her feet. Meanwhile, Victor has schemed to have Kate fired from her job. When Philip arrives, he offers
Victor a deal to go on the school trip and distance himself from Chloe if Victor will help support Kate. Victor agrees. Later, Kate's boss tells her she is fired.  She's furious, but gets a call from Victor to meet him.

Also in the diner are Salem’s finest  (Roman and Abe that is) dining on the blue plate special (chicken fried steak….mmm mmm mmm!!).   Roman gets a page and realizes he left his phone in the car excuses himself from the table. Fay gets a moment alone with Abe at the diner and asks him what's wrong. He tells her about his problems with Lexie. Abe asks Fay why she never left her husband for him? She tells him it was the biggest mistake of her life and she wishes she had. Meanwhile, Paul is released on parole with a vengeful look in his eyes. Paul goes into the diner and sees Abe and Fay, making Fay run out.

AT THE BLUE NOTE, Brandon and Lexie are still having a conversation over coffee and dancing. Lexie and Brandon discuss Lexie's marriage and how she can't confide in Abe. Brandon is trying to get Lexie to think that she can't trust Abe with her secrets. She goes on about how much she loves Abe and what a good, decent man he is. Brandon bites his tongue about that. Lexie reminds him that when Brandon was young, Abe wasn’t married and his mother was lonely with his father in prison. He asks how she knew his father was in prison. We come back to her having checked on Isaac as they continue their conversation. She tries to convince him that it was understandable that his mom might have leaned on Abe, but he insinuates that Abe took advantage of his mom and left her. She defends Abe, but states it is ancient history. Brandon tells Lexie that his father knew that his mother was seeing Abe and beat up on his mother and him. He didn’t beat up on Nicole, but made her do things. Lexie asks what things, but Brandon doesn’t say. She said friends tell other friends everything. He asks if she’s really his friend being he knows about Hope’s baby and then warns her that Abe is not the person he pretends to be.

MEANWHILE IN CHICAGO, Barb questions Glen about Marlo and how “it” was with her.  He tells her it was wild but the booze and drugs took over. She asks if he did really have a baby with Marlo, would it be that important to raise that kid. Glen says yes, but why is she asking that now? She shuns it off and heads out to get her leopard nightie he likes so much out of the dryer and suggests he put on that cologne she loves. Barb has the proof that the DNA results match. Hoping that she is pregnant with her own child, Barb decides not to tell Glen and throws the results back in the trash.

THE SMOKIN’ CAN gushes blue smoke as Shawn watches it. When it's finished, he looks at it carefully and finds another can inside that reads, "Did I make you dizzy, Desi?" Shawn is confident that he is meant to solve this mystery. Meanwhile, Belle presses Chloe to forgive Philip, but Chloe counters that he really doesn't know her. Shawn interrupts and shows them the mysterious can. Later, assistant DA Larson arrives to talk to Chloe. Larson tells Chloe that there is a strong possibility that Jan and Mimi will go to prison. Larson privately tells Chloe of another way of punishment, which Chloe agrees to be acceptable. Belle is beside herself and asks Chloe how Mimi and Jan will be punished.

ON TOMORROW’S SHOW……Nicole discusses her father with Victor, Hope talks to Jen as Jen watches Jack and Greta share a kiss, Austin and Sami take Will to the diner to visit Grandma Kate.