Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/17/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/17/01


By Lori

AT THE BLUE NOTE, Brandon is sitting at a table remembering back to a conversation he had with Lexie.  He thinks to himself and knows just how he will get back at Abe.  Lexie enters and Brandon says oh yeah a much better way.  Lexie tells Brandon about moving into Stefano's and how Abe is very unhappy about it.   She tells it is putting a strain on her marriage and she hopes and prays her marriage can withstand it.  She tells him about her fear of Glen coming back to Salem and wonders if they had a DNA test done of JT Brady.  Brandon tells her if that is so she does have a problem.  She tells him that is why she moved into her father's house. Lexie loosens up and Brandon asks her to dance.  As they slow dance, Lexie tells Brandon she loves Abe, but doesn't trust him. As they continue to dance, Brandon said he would stand by her and keep his family intact if she were his wife.

JEN ARRIVES AT HOPE'S HOUSE and picks up the newspaper on the sidewalk. She reads the headline Salem High Scandal as Hope speaks to her.  She shows it to Hope and Shawn.  Shawn tells her they had a front row seat. Jen's worried about when Abby goes to school, but Shawn tells her their teacher suggested their class make a difference, so all should be good by the time JT and Abby go to school. Jen tells them she came to talk about Gram. After assuring them Gram is okay, she tells them about the ruby story. Hope can't believe Gram's been holding that in all those years and they all agree they have to help Gram find it. Jen says Gram still walks around looking for someone who might be wearing her ruby. Shawn's nose, and then Hope and Jen's, cues them it's time to change JT as Shawn offers to do it and heads upstairs to his room. Jen comments that Shawn is a prince! Jack would have turned on a ball game or whatever to get out of changing Abby. Hope asks Jen how's it going living with Jack. She names off problems Jen might be having, but Jen tells Hope that Jack is being perfect. Well, she agrees he's not perfect, she just can't find any complaints about him. Jen does admit she can't stop thinking about Colin though. Hope reminds her that Colin blew her off after she followed him to Ireland and how the father of her child is desperately trying to win her heart back and suggests Jen give him a second chance. Jen doesn't agree and tells Hope about Greta being there, but knows there's nothing going on with them.

Upstairs as Shawn changes JT's diaper he gives him advice on girls.  He remembers back to the dance with Belle and tells JT how beautiful she was. As he's changing JT's diaper, the mystery can falls on the floor and blue smoke comes out of it. Shawn stares at the can as he holds his brother on the bed above.

AT SALEM PLACE, Philip tosses a football to Brady. Brady catches it and Philip comments how well he's doing, then apologizes to him. He tells Brady they're family and he should have known Brady didn't do anything wrong. Brady remembers Victor asking him to keep Philip away from Chloe. He tells Brady about seeing Dr. Wesley and he suggested he stay clear of Chloe for a while, so he sent her videotape instead.
Brady tells Philip maybe he should just realize he and Chloe are from two different worlds and call it quits. Philip disagrees, but is happy he sent the tape and tells Brady what a better person he is now that he's met Chloe. He hopes he and Chloe can still be friends and Philip tells him he'll find someone else. Philip tells him he doesn't want anyone else, Chloe is the only one he wants for the rest of his
life. Brady tells Philip to slow down, he's ready to check himself in a retirement home and he's only 16. Philip corrects him, he's 17.   Brady tells Philip he has to make a decision to break it off and avoid any more heartache. Philip agrees to think about it and heads off with his ball. Brady says to himself that Phil and Chloe will never work...but I know what she needs.

AT THE WESLEY HOUSE, Chloe is upstairs in her room.  There is a knock at the door and it is Belle. . She thanks Belle for coming and Belle reaches up and hugs Chloe, glad she did call her and telling her she's one of her best friends. Belle's upset one of her friends was responsible for what happened, but Chloe knows Mimi is just a follower and Jan was the leader. She tells Belle they're both going to pay for it though. She tells Belle about the attorneys involved and how she'll need to give a statement. Belle just realizes the seriousness and asks if prison time may be involved. Chloe assures Belle she doesn't want Jan and Mimi to go to prison, but she wants them to endure the same embarrassment she did, but won't go into details. She asks Belle how her date with Shawn went and Belle tells her good, but not to change the subject. Chloe called her to show Belle the rose Philip sent and Belle tells her not to fall for it. She then shows the video to Belle, saying Belle is the only one she'll ever show it to. We don't see the video again, but the gals talk about it afterward. Belle tells Chloe that she was pretty suspicious about her summer job and it's being embarrassing, even Shawn wasn't sure at first about the website. Belle explains that sometimes guys say something without thinking and that's why their brains need to work harder.  If she took everything Shawn said seriously, they'd never have gotten to the dance with him. Belle thinks Philip meant everything he said on the tape and that Chloe should give him a second chance.

MEANWHILE AT THE POLICE STATION, Cameron Reese is giving it to Mimi and Jan.  She asks them what ever possessed them to pull such a stupid stunt. Jan turns around say they're not the one possessed and its all Chloe's fault they're in this trouble (yeah right!).   Cameron warns them they're facing prison time. The girls start a screaming match blaming each other as Cameron threatens to separate them. She informs them that their parents agreed she should represent both of them. She gives it to them with both barrels and tells them damage control is the key right now. She asks if they know anyone who could get Chloe to speak up on their behalf. They both look at each other and say no way. She tells them the judge could give them probation up to 15 years in prison. Jan actually looks a little nervous now. Cameron figures they're admitting their guilt, their age and no prior offenses should rule out the maximum sentence. They could get 3-5 years and at their age, 1 week in prison would feel like an eternity. She tells them that being them both pled guilty, there won't be a trial, just a hearing. The DA will plead her case and Jan asks if it will be like on Law and Order where Cameron will plead how this was their first offense and they're sorry, yada yada yada. Cameron tells them with current events of shootings, etc., they're tougher on minors now. The DA comes in and the two women argue in the room in front of the girls. The DA is anxious to get it on the judge's calendar and wants some time served. The girls are silently freaking out in the background as they overhear and Cameron promises a fight. Cameron apologizes they heard that and promises to do whatever she can to keep them out of prison. Jan even says please asking for her help.

AT THE REIBER'S APARTMENT, Barb is upset she threw out the lab results without looking at them. She searches for the trash basket and Glen (in only black boxers) walks in.  She asked if he just took out the trash . He asks her to join him in the shower and she agrees to after throwing some stuff in the dryer (as he heads to the shower and her to the garbage cans and starts thrashing threw the bins). She finally finds the envelope and after opening it, realizes that JT was Glen's son and figures out about the baby switch in the hospital. She remembers how JT was sick and his scar and while trying to realize what to do, Glen walks in wearing his towel around his waist and glistening from water on his upper body.  She tells him she has junk mail in her hand.  She thinks she's pregnant and mentions the Salem baby incident again. He asks her to drop it and remembers how JT cried all the time, not knowing if he could handle that. He can't believe that Marlo betrayed him. Barb tells Glen there's something she needs to tell him.

ON TOMORROW'S SHOW Victor has a plan for Kate, Fay gets to chat with Abe, Shawn rushes to Chloe and Belle to tell them about the can, and Paul is back in town.