Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/13/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/13/01

By Lori

Friday July 13, 2001 (ARRRGhhh Friday the 13th……and we all know who Jason’s girlfriend is……JAN) JACK AND GRETA arrive at the Deveraux’s; he spies who he believes is Jennifer on the sofa. He tells Greta he wants her to come in to see if the pillow matches and to say hello to Jenn. Jack looks surprised to find not Jenn but a babysitter by the name of Ann. Ann tells him Miss Horton hired her to watch Abby. The babysitter patiently waits for her pay but Jack doesn’t notice till Greta mentions it to him. He asks her how much and is flabbergasted when she tells him $25.00 for 2 hours. He calls it highway robbery and as Ann holds out her hand for a tip he quickly introduces her to the “Princess”. The girl gushes and leaves saying she can’t wait to tell her boyfriend. Greta wants to leave she is feeling a bit tired but Jack insists she stay until Jennifer comes home so they can talk (he really just wants her to be around so Jenn will be jealous). As Jack goes on and on about business stories, Greta falls asleep. 

MEANWHILE AT ALICE’S, Jenn is there talking to her. They are having coffee (or is it tea?) and cupcakes that Abby baked. Jenn tells Gram she feels like she is living a lie. Gram tells her she how can it be a lie when it hasn’t been the truth from the beginning. She tells Jenn about the time she lied to Tom over a ruby ring he bought for her. She wanted to change the setting but Tom told her not too. She went ahead and told the jeweler to change it, but the jewelry store was robbed that night and the ring was taken. She replaced it with a faux ruby ring and never told Tom about it. Jennifer wants to have Roman and Bo look into it and find the real ruby ring. Jenn leaves after promising to be patient with Jack. Jenn arrives back home and sees Jack talking to a sleeping Greta. Jack tries to wake her up but Jennifer is on to him. She snickers that she fell asleep while he was telling her one of his stories that would put anyone to sleep. Greta yawning repeatedly makes her way out the door. Jenn and Jack argue over who is more responsible. His games with Greta don’t fool her. She asks what he’s trying to accomplish. Jen tells him there will be nights when she’ll be out and he’s going to have to accept it. She goes upstairs and he tells himself he’s doing this for Abby, not for them. 

OUTSIDE THE BRADY’S PUB, Mimi arrives just in time to halt the first kiss between Belle and Shawn (oh would you just let them kiss already!!). She tells them she is in big trouble and needs their help. They decide to go into the pub and talk. Belle suggests they call Philip and have him come down before Mimi explains what happened. Mimi tells them all that went down. Philip mutters how Chloe didn’t set up the website. Belle tears into Philip for abandoning Chloe in her moment of need. She tells him he really doesn’t love her if he doesn’t realize Chloe would never do such a thing. Mimi tells Philip how Jan knew this would break them up because Philip would only think of himself. He tells them he loves Chloe, but realizes he’s lost the best person he ever met or will meet and it’s his own fault. He walks out and Belle and Shawn admit still being mad at Philip, but feel sad for him. Belle asks Mimi how she feels, knowing what she did. Mimi asks if they’ll ever forgive her for what she did and they tell her they’re not the ones to forgive her. They figure Mrs. Wesley will press charges and Mimi will have to convince a judge to forgive her or face prison. Mimi leaves at that and Belle and Shawn can’t believe how people can’t be happy with the simple things in life.

 AT THE WESLEY’S, Brady is outside telling Chloe that he didn’t do it. He asks Chloe if they can talk and she agrees to meet him in the back yard. Brady tells her he is worried about her. She questions why because most of the time he acts like she could hold her own in the WWF !! Brady tells her he knows she is strong and they talk about an opera they both are familiar with. He confesses he hasn’t been easy on her in the past and understands if she doesn’t believe he’s innocent, but he thinks he does know who did it. He tells her about Mimi and Jan’s plotting and seeing Mimi around the slide projector so much. He figures Philip is going after Jan and Mimi right now, but Chloe tells him that Philip broke up with her. Chloe wants to go inside, saying she’s tired, but Brady doesn’t want her to go in yet. He tells her he’ll be there for her whenever she needs him. She tells him maybe another time, but tonight she doesn’t need anyone and walks inside. Brady damns Philip, saying he didn’t deserve Chloe, but does know what Philip deserves! Craig is pacing back and forth wondering how this happened. He wonders why the principal (do they have a principal, I thought Mr. Woods was the whole faculty, lol!) hasn’t called yet. Nancy says she will call him, but the doorbell rings. It’s Susan and Kevin. Nancy is cold to Susan, but Susan introduces Kevin and asks to talk to Chloe. They tell her Chloe went to bed and Susan asks if they could talk to her and Dr. Wesley then as they know more about what happened. They tell them Mimi was one of the guilty people. Nancy is furious after being so nice to Mimi when she lived there and Craig asks why. They figure the glue in the hair and how Jan was also involved. Craig mentions Chloe thought it was someone else and Kevin says Brady Black. Kevin apologizes for accusing Brady of that and would never hurt Chloe intentionally. Craig asks how they got the pictures and Kevin explains about the hidden camera in the ceiling. Susan jokingly tells them Salem high has an advanced placement class in making other kids miserable. Nancy is fuming behind them as Craig walks them to the door thanking them for being such good friends. Nancy decides to call Mickey to find out what charges can be filed against Jan and Mimi. She wants them to be locked up until their hair is white. Outside Kevin confesses to Susan about helping Jan get Chloe to the showers by what happened in the chemistry lab. He didn’t know why she did it though. He didn’t know Chloe was so nice then and promises to never get sucked into something like that again. On Monday’s show…..heartbreak for Philip and Chloe, Jan and Mimi are brought in by Roman for questioning and the Carvers move into their new home! 

One other note….Happy Belated Birthdays , Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) celebrated hers on July 9th Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) on July 11th