Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/4/01



Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By Lori

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Well today’s show is all about getting and arriving at the Last Blast……

JOHN AND HOPE are in John’s SUV as John is on his cell phone talking to the ill Marlena that is home in bed.  Hope tells John that before they arrive at the dance she would like to discuss with him what happened between him and Princess Gina.  Outside the High School they find a parking spot as Hope tells John that she hates the thoughts of depriving JT of his biological father.  John looks annoyed that Hope is using “their” son as a bargaining tool.  She begs him to tell her as she is ready now to hear however John is not ready to tell her.  Hope says she needs to know about the life they created and tells him if the roles were reversed how would that make him feel.

KATE IS HEADED FOR THE DANCE in her piece of crap automobile.  She pulls a thread out of her “bag ladies R us” dress and the sleeve just about comes off.  The car starts making noises as she bangs on the wheel  begging the good little car to keep going but as it quits on her she calls it a piece of junk.  A car pulls up and someone gets out headed towards Kate.  She looks frightened as the man approaches her…….it is Roman.  She rips into him for not identifying himself.  She quickly tells Roman to leave her alone and Roman turns about and tells her ok see ya.  Of course he is only kidding and walks back to Kate.  He asks where she is going and she tells him to the last blast and what a coincidence Roman is chaperoning too (is there anyone besides Marlena who isn’t chaperoning???  Lol).

NICOLE AND BRADY ARRIVE as a couple of teenage boys drool over Nicole.  She quickly tells them she is a graduate of Salem High and her name is Mrs. Robinson (lol). She belittles them and they quickly scatter.  Brady questions her about Victor and asks her if she is having sex with Victor.  Inside the dance she tells him she doesn’t have to put out for any man and changes the subject to Philip and Chloe.

BELLE, SHAWN, CHLOE and PHILIP arrive at the dance.  They enter the high school and you can hear the other kids oohhing and ahhhhing.   Shawn and Belle separate themselves from Philip and Chloe and once again Shawn tells Belle just how great she looks.  She tells him I think the word you used is WOW.   Philip wishes Chloe a happy one year anniversary and tells her he will always remember this night (oh yeah Philip you will  lol).

KEVIN IS FILMING the students as they dance.  Kevin is decked out in his used PLAID suit (and I mean very plaid !! ).   Susan shows up (she is dressed in a long satin silverish gown) Kevin complains that she is late.  He needs a new battery (I thought those things lasted like 90 minutes??).  As Kevin  and her walk off she is teased by some other girls about the camera adding 10 pounds.

MISS THANG (Jan) and MR THANG (Jason) with tag along Mimi arrive.  Jan has on a long royal blue dress with sequence (something you would see in a Miss America pageant).  Jason is complaining about how lame the dances are.  He is ready to head back out to his car and have a little bit of the liquor he stole from  his fathers liquor cabinet.  Mimi berates him about drinking and driving.  They laugh at her saying she isn’t fun.  They suggest she have a few drinks maybe she would get a date, which Jan quickly turns it around.  She says maybe the guys should be drinking then they would want to be with Mimi. Other teens watch Belle and Chloe on the big screen and wonder which will be Queen, Belle in her royal gold or Chloe. Kevin overhears Mimi and Jan talking (Mimi’s trying to talk her out of exposing Chloe) and she turns on him, accusing him of eavesdropping and then looking down her dress. When Jason returns, she tells him that and he starts harassing Kevin until Mimi tells him that Jan was lying and says she doesn’t know why she hangs out with them. She returns with an empty bottle that she had found and emptied from Jason’s car. He angrily goes off for more as Mimi and Jan argue about their plan.

Chloe spots Brady and Nicole figuring Victor sent them there to break them up.  Philip assures her that his father likes her.  He tells her that his father made a deal with him if his grades go up then they can date.  Philip gets her out on the dance floor to dance. She feels sorry that Brady has to stand on the sidelines watching everyone dance, not knowing if he will ever be able to himself. Philip gets a little angry that she’s thinking about Brady as we see Brady watching them like a hawk as Nicole picks up on his interest for Chloe.

Belle sees Mimi and goes to talk with her. Belle convinces Mimi she only wants what’s best for her and Shawn agrees as he joins them. Mimi hugs Belle, telling her she loves them and if anything happens tonight she doesn’t mean to hurt them. Belle clues in on that and demands to know what Mimi means. Mimi denies anything will happen.

Susan videos as Kevin announces the dance contest. Off camera Kevin asks Susan to be his partner and she refuses and walks away. Later he starts singing “You and Me against the world” to her until she agrees out of embarrassment. She tells him everyone was laughing at them and he acknowledges that, saying they survived it too, didn’t they?

Nicole and Brady begin to slow dance.  At first Brady struggles with it but soon he has the knack.  A bunch of teens suggest they go to the diner ( yes the one Kate works at) after the dance.  Philip says he needs to get his mom out of there before anyone arrives………but wait she arrives at the dance with Roman. Philip and Chloe are having fun dancing as he spots Kate and Roman enter. He’s furious seeing her and what she looks like.

John and Hope go into the dance and are greeted by their children. The kids go on about JT and John gets uncomfortable, but tells Belle it’s because she’s his baby and look how beautiful and grown up she is.  John hugs and holds onto Belle as Hope and Shawn hug too.  Belle then pulls Shawn out onto the dance floor saying that this is her favorite song. Hope tells John she will honor her promise and have him a part of JT’s life. He will honor her promise and tell her whatever he remembers.

Jan is ready for the switch of the slides.  Mimi is unsure if she can do it.  Jan pulls her into another room and shows her the slides that she hasn’t seen.  Mimi looks at them ….horrified at what she sees.  Jan distracts Kevin so Mimi can do the switcharoo. Meanwhile Chloe notices Brady dancing with Nicole and can’t take her eyes off of him.  Belle also notices Brady and gets teary eyed as Shawn says that is great for Brady.  Brady spies Mimi doing something with the projector, he looks concerned as he watches her.

NO Show tomorrow due to Wimbledon!!