Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/3/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/3/01

(postponed from Monday)

By Lori

KATE  IS GETTING READY at Fay’s house, her hair tacky as she has it pinned up in the usual fashion she wears at the diner.   It is scattered with decorative hair fashion that any 7 year old would wear…lol.   Fay tries to convince her not to chaperone, but Kate tells her she must.  She comments on how all the GOOD people will be there,  Hope & Bo,  Marlena & John and how self-righteous they are… self-righteous that she could puke (oh please look who is talking!).  Fay wants to know what she is up too, but Kate (who is dressed in a orange, yellow and brown dress that definitely is out of the early 70’s and NEVER was trend chic…..EVER!)  tells her that Philip will only be embarrassed for a moment and that she will triumph.

SHAWN AND HOPE are finishing up at their house.  Shawn comes down in a purple shirt with his tie in his hand needing assistance from his Mom.  Hope looks stunning in her fuchsia colored collared halter dress, her hair pulled back in a pull throw ponytail.  She tells him how handsome he looks and he returns the comment.  Hope says she wants to be the best-dressed chaperone…..of course Shawn has no clue that she is going to chaperone.  He looks stunned as he questions her but she jokes with him telling him she is going to be looking over his shoulder for the night.  Outside of the Brady residence Mimi, Jan and Jason are in Jason’s SUV ( Of course he told Mimi a week ago she could go to the dance with them and that he would clean out the trunk….Hello where is the trunk in a SUV???) Anyway Mimi (dressed in a very nice rose colored dress )needs to go in to talk to Shawn , Jason is annoyed that they need to stop and says he could be sucking down a pre-blast cold one in the parking lot right now.  Inside Hope excuses herself as she can sense Mimi is upset.  Shawn wants to know what he did  and Mimi babbles on about being a tag along and how she isn’t going to be there to hold the ring box or be in the delivery room (whoa…lets get through the last blast all that will happen next year I’m sure…lol).  Of course Shawn becomes more nervous with all that Mimi just spewed at him.  He tries to convince her that both Belle and him care about Mimi and they would love for her to come to the dance with them.  Mimi says no Chloe will be there and I don’t want to see her right now (acting very nervous when she mentions Chloe’s name).  She tells them she is going to tag along with Jan and Jason and Shawn tells her she is spending too much time with Jan.

Meanwhile Jason is questioning Jan as to what she is up too.  She tells him that Chloe will never live down what is going to happen to her tonight.  Later Mimi has rejoined them as Jason is speeding down the road.  Jan tells him to slow down as her father paid enough for the dress (which we really don’t see yet) and she doesn’t want to die in a wreck before everyone can see it.  Jan tells Mimi that is all Chloe’s fault that Shawn and Belle are going to the dance.  Mimi mutters that ghoul girl is going to get it.

AT THE KIRIAKIS MANSION, Philip is getting dressed as he remembers back to last year and Chloe’s red dress she wore then he wonders just what she will be doing this summer that she can’t tell her boyfriend (flash backs to her telling him she has plans….another lead in to let us see that Philip will think is Chloe’s idea I’m sure).   Nicole shows off her outfit to Victor ( a royal blue two piece with lots of midriff , lots of cleavage, the back of the top is tied together by a few strands and a very low riding skirt , not something just ANY chaperone could pull off……lol).  Victor grabs at her saying he wants, she quickly tells him not to touch.  She is afraid her hair and makeup might get messed up but promises him some adult playtime after she is done watching the kiddies.  Downstairs Philip is now waiting , Nicole and Victor enter the room and Philip is impatient and says finally Nicole come on let’s go.  Nicole jokes with him on his greetings to them. They question him about his relationship with Chloe and he mentions that Chloe has plans for the summer to make money, but won’t tell him what. Nicole says that sometimes the secretive types are the ones you have to watch out for. Victor tells Philip he is so proud of Philip for being protective of Chloe and makes him a deal. If he promises to pull up his grades next year, he will let him go on the school trip. And if he does pull up his grades, he won’t interfere with him and Chloe anymore. Philip tells him he will think about the trip and thanks Victor for being such a great dad. Nicole gets a bit misty as they hug and mentions her own dad. Philip and Nicole leave to pick up their dates.

AT THE PENTHOUSE in Belle’s bedroom,  Chloe and Belle are in their slips.   Belle is a nervous wreck.  She can’t seem to put her lipstick on, Chloe says it is because she is nervous about her first KISS.  She asks Chloe about her first kiss with Philip and Chloe embellishes her with the story.  Chloe gets flustered and Belle tells her she sounds like she is in love.  Chloe doesn’t want to think about it and that every love story always has a tragic ending.  She doesn’t want that to happen to her and Philip.  She looks at Belle saying how she wishes she was normal like her, Belle touches Chloe’s cheek saying she isn’t abnormal but unique.  Downstairs Brady is ready and is talking with John.  He tells John how he knows something is going to happen.  John is afraid something will happen with Belle. He tells his dad that he thinks Jan and Mimi are up to something to embarrass Chloe.  John questions Brady about his feelings towards Chloe.  Brady is flustered but denies it saying Chloe is a girl and he needs a woman.  John talks Brady into going to the kitchen with him and suck down some Butter Pecan ice cream before the women get to it.

Upstairs Chloe is looking for her pantyhose.  Belle says she must have left it in some bags that are downstairs.  She assures her no one is home but her Mom (who is in bed with a bug of some sorts).  Chloe sneaks downstairs as she starts to pick up a bag to look in it she drops it just as Brady is making his way (with a bowl of ice cream in hand) out of the kitchen .  He watches her quietly as she picks up the bag (this is all down in slow motion with Chloe swinging her hair back and forth still in just her slip).  She begins to make her way to the stairs when she stubs her toe (more slow motion with her examining her toes on the floor swinging the hair back and forth again).  Brady is memorized!!  He puts down the ice cream and Chloe notices him.  She asks him how long he has been there, he reminds her he lives there.  He tells her not to be embarrassed as he has a younger sister and sees lots of half-naked women running around.  She rushes off upstairs after Brady mutters to himself “oh boy” and flips backwards over the back of the couch…lol!

After Brady gets up and composes himself, John returns to the living room as Philip and Nicole arrive.  John answers the door and looks at Nicole and tells her she looks lovely.  He then nods to Philip saying he looks lovely too….lol! Philip notes that Brady’s eyes look as if they are going to pop out of his head. Nicole comes on to Brady (sniffing his cologne) as John butts in between them.and he reminds Nicole that she should check Brady’s ID…he isn’t old enough to drink yet. Nicole says but he is old enough to vote.  Brady adds and old enough to go to war so I think I can handle a woman (lol yes a woman but NICOLE??? LOL).  Philip yells to Chloe to come down, a few times!!  The girls are ready and Belle heads down the stairs first, she has on a gold V shaped halter top and gold low riding very tight pants (she looks cute but it really isn’t Belle’s type of outfit a bit too grown up for her).  Chloe comes down in a baby blue strapless evening gown with her hair down (the dress  really brings out her eyes, she looks quite stunning).  Philip tells her how beautiful she is.  Chloe asks where Shawn is and John assures them he will be there.  John asks Belle if she would mind if maybe he chaperoned for a hour or two…….and of course Belle doesn’t! John rushes upstairs to change and to check on Marlena.  Finally Hope and Shawn arrive, and Shawn only can get out the word WOW as he looks at Belle.  Shawn has wrist corsages , as he puts on Belles and hands Philip his to put on Chloe.  John returns and is surprised to find Hope there. He explains about Marlena and she explains that Bo is working. Everyone heads out the door as Hope comments on how sweet they look. Hope tells John that since Marlena isn’t going, that will give them a chance to talk…its fate. He offers his arm and says “shall we” as they head out as well. John looks back inside as he shuts the door.

On the next show…………..onward to the Last Blast, Brady watches Mimi suspecting she is up to no good, and Kate has help on the way to the dance.