Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/29/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/29/01

By Lori

GRETA AND JACK are out on their shopping spree.  Greta is looking at dresses as Jack is giving his opinion on each of them.  She holds up a dress and Jack tells her its OK, but she would look better out of it.  Greta smiles but looks very uncomfortable with that comment.  He asks Greta if she thought Jen was less then happy they were going shopping together.  Greta said it looked as if Jen wanted to get away from them.  Jack, as only Jack can be, says well it wouldn’t work out anyway and we are just friends.  Greta tells him that is all she wants …is to be friends.  They talk about Greta and her love life.  Jack tells her she is beautiful and smart and still is so nice.  She says she can’t be that smart because she falls in love with a man who is already in love with someone else (yeah we know like Austin).

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Belle and Chloe are getting ready for the dance.  Chloe is freaking out, pulling clothes out of every drawer and tossing them aside.  Both of them are dressed in the same bathrobes with flowers, Chloe’s is red and Belle’s is yellow.  Belle says I don’t know if I am even going, because she can’t find a gold bra.  Chloe teases her asking if Shawn is going to see it.  Belle admits she is just really nervous. Chloe tries to reason with her and calm her down and assure her that they will have a wonderful time. Belle is still worried that Jan and Mimi are up to no good because Mimi changed her mind about going with them to the dance.  Chloe says she is afraid that if something weird happens then Brady is to blame.  Chloe tells Belle that Brady is chaperoning because Mr. Kiriakis asked him too.  She adds that he is sending him to the dance to break her and Philip up.  They talk about the summer and Belle questions Chloe about her plans.  Chloe quickly changes the subject to Belle asking her if she was going to take the summer trip.  Belle is looking in the mirror and saying how she didn’t want to leave town so fast after her first date with Shawn.  Chloe stands behind her with her arms around Belle’s shoulders and teases her about her new boyfriend.  Belle remembers the bra and says she needs to go get one.  Chloe tells her to lend her some clothes and she’ll go with her (wait a minute isn’t Chloe like 7 inches taller then Belle…and probably a bit bigger in size….sure Belle has something for you???  Lol).

Back to the store with Jack and Greta, Jack is holding up a dress asking what do you think of this.  Chloe and Belle are in the background watching and they giggle as Jack puts his head through the neckline of the dress.  They all say Hi and Belle introduces Chloe to Jack.  Chloe tells him he needs the right shoes to pull that dress off.  Jack bounces off saying the bargain rack awaits.  He hides out behind a rack of clothes and says to himself that the friendship with Greta will come in quite handy…..let’s just see how long Jennifer believes that no woman will get involved with me and not just any woman……..a princess!!  Greta tells the girls to have fun at the dance.

PHILIP IS SITTING in his PT cruiser outside of Buddy’s Burger Barn chowing down a burger (hmmmm the way Shawn ate yesterday I guess there isn’t a dinner before the dance).  Brady stops by and asks him if he needs company.  He climbs into the passenger’s seat and they talk about the summer trip.  Brady asks if he is going and Philip is quick to tell him he is just like his father.  Brady jokingly says I’m not old and I’m not rich.  Philip thinks Brady is trying to keep him away from Chloe.  Brady tells him to calm down and that he can have Chloe.  He tells him he is into woman like Nicole Walker and mentions that they are going to the dance.  He tells him Victor asked him to take his place in chaperoning.  Philip adds he wants you to spy on me.  Brady tells him to stop being ridiculous that the world doesn’t revolve around him.  Brady thinks he is foolish for just dating one girl. Philip tells him to stay out of his life and away from Chloe.  Brady laughs at him, asking if that was a threat.  Philip tells him he’ll put him back in his wheelchair.  He demands Brady out of his car.  Brady gets out as Philip drives off saying….”you’re right Gramps something has got to keep him away from Chloe.”

AT SALEM HIGH the finishing touches are being done for the Last Blast.  Kevin gets on the microphone being the nerd he is and tries to be “all cool”.  He talks with Susan about dancing together.  He asks her if she wants to join him for a soda …his treat.  She laughs at him saying Whoa you are going all out….you are a regular Bill Gates.  Meanwhile Mimi and Jan are in deep conversation, Mimi is unsure (still) about all of this.  Jan again tells her to chill.  Mimi questions how will they put the slides up on the screen.  Jan says that is a no brainer ( and of course Kevin just happened to have left the slide projector alone).  She tells Mimi to change 5 slides with the ones of naked Chloe.  Susan and Kevin are talking while having a soda.  Kevin calls Chloe “ghoul girl” and Susan looks annoyed.  She tells him not to call her that.  He figures its ok to call someone names because he gets called names as well.  As they return, a teacher named Mr. Mallon, tells them they have done a good job.  Jan rushes over and starts going on about the slide show trying to distract him.  After a minute Kevin notices Mimi by the projector , he asks her what she is doing.  She gives him her Mimi look and says she was just walking by his precious equipment.  Jan butts in, flirts a bit with Kevin and he quickly snaps at her.  She tells him he is a loser and pulls Mimi with her as she walks off.  In the hallway Mimi tells Jan she still has the slides and Jan is angered by her “dumbness”.  She says we’ll have to do it tonight at the dance.  Kevin is telling Susan they need to keep an eye on them tonight and to make sure they stay away from the equipment.  Susan says it would be her pleasure too.  She will make those two bitches pay through the nose.

GLEN AND BARB are driving home. He is still determined that Isaac is his kid. Barb tries to calm him down and talk him into giving it up. He wants to go back to Abe and Lexie’s and confront them, but she finally talks him out of it. She laments that if they had the right baby to begin with, the results would be waiting on them when they got home. She is just upset that they wasted all that money on the wrong baby. Later, they arrive home and Glen thanks her for standing by him and she tells him she loves him.  As he puts away their suitcases, she goes through the mail and finds the letter from the lab.

LEXIE IS ARRIVING HOME and she walks up to the door she pauses and mumbles to herself about moving into her father’s house.  She reminds herself that this Glen and Barb thing will be over soon.  Just inside Celeste and Abe are talking about the DNA test.  Abe is in a good mood and he tells Celeste he isn’t going to give any bad news to Lexie  he wants to be able to enjoy one night happy night together.  Lexie comes in apologizing that it took so long at the hospital (lie lie lie….oh my dear Lexie you are so in over your head).  She coos over Isaac as Abe tells her the test was negative (of course she doesn’t look surprised or anything).   Lexie can tell by her mother’s face that something is wrong.  She demands to know what it is. Abe tells her that Glen thinks that they have somehow rigged the results and that he thinks that they blew up the lab the first time. Lexie doesn’t care what they think and is just glad that they are gone. They talk about Stefano’s involvement and Lexie admits to having talked with him since he left. Abe gets upset and leaves the room. Celeste tries to talk some sense into her but is told it is none of her business. Abe returns and Lexie announces that they are moving to Stefano’s house. Abe flatly refuses. Celeste sides with Abe and says that Stefano has control of her. Lexie jumps Celeste and says that she is the one who slept with him and had it not been for that, she wouldn’t eve be here. Lexie informs Abe to do whatever he likes, but she and Isaac are moving and stomps upstairs to pack. Celeste says “Oh, My God…Stefano owns her now” and asks Abe what he is going to do. He says that he loves Lexie and wants to be with them…so he will move to Stefano’s house if that is what she wants, but  while he is there, he will turn that house upside down for evidence to put that bastard away for good.

On Monday’s show……………..It’s all about the Last Blast and the kids are ready and on their way.

Next week look for …………….the Last Blast is finally here!!!!  Philip walks out on Chloe and Chloe finds comfort with Brady,  Hope wants to know more about Gina and John.

Thursday and Friday Days will be pre-empted for Wimbledon