Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/28/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/28/01 (Friday 6/29/01 USA)

By Lori

AT SALEM PLACE Greta is seated outside of Java Café alone.  A guy who wants to borrow a stool approaches her; she smiles and tells him sure.  The café is filled with people laughing as she remembers back to a conversation with Jack.  She thinks to herself that spending time with Jack certainly isn’t boring.

Jack and Jen are still talking about their “relationship”.  Jen wants to make sure Jack understands what she means.  She tells Jack the only reason they are living together is Abby.  They chat back and forth about how they need to be happy for her.  Jen brings up the subject of being divorced in which Jack quickly reminds that yes they are divorced and wonders how they should handle their dating situation.  He thinks Jen will be jealous, she snaps at him that she will certainly not be jealous.  She makes the point that nothing could make her jealous and that she pities any woman that goes out with him.  Jen becomes upset with Jack recalling why she left him to begin with.  Jen starts to walk away as Greta walks up and says Hi to Jack.  Jack says hi back to the “princess”.  Jack looks so pleased and happy to see Greta (more of a show for Jennifer).  He quickly calls to Jen “oh you haven’t left yet?”  Jen joins Greta and Jack and Greta suggests to Jen they have lunch sometime or maybe even go shopping.  Jen thinks that perhaps she would like to take Jack shopping, but Greta didn’t think he would like that.  Jack gleefully says how he loves to shop for women’s clothing.  Greta looks surprised as Jen questions him on how long he has loved shopping.  Jennifer moves in between Greta and Jack, she is mostly turned to Jack so that she can give him a bunch of looks.  Greta and her agree they need to have lunch sometime so they can have a LONG talk.  Jen says her good byes and Jack turns to Greta with his arm extended and says,  “Let’s go shopping girlfriend.”

AT THE BRADY’S PUB, Hope, JT and Shawn D are sitting down.  Shawn D is scoffing down some food as PopShawn and Caroline talk about him taking Belle to the dance and how fast he has grown up.  Caroline says someday you’ll be married and have a little boy just like JT.  Shawn gags then quickly asks for another hamburger.  Caroline asks Hope if she can take JT out to the kitchen with them so he can watch Grandpa.  Hope and Shawn talk about his date with Belle, he confides in Hope that he is nervous.  He worries that if you ask a girl out once then they expect more.  Hope tells him she doesn’t think that applies to Belle she is much more confident of herself then that.  Shawn D fears that might change and Hope wants to know what brought this all on.  He tells her Philip but she doesn’t understand what Philip has to do with it.  He tells her how clingy Philip is with Chloe and how he is always thinking of her, how his grades have slipped and how he his basketball game has gone downhill.  Hope tells him she thinks Belle is crazy for him by the way she looks at him and better yet she thinks Shawn D is crazy about her.  She reminds him its just a dance and a date and not to pressure himself so much.  Caroline comes back with desert for Hope (none for ShawnD …good thing his stomach might explode.  I hope they aren’t going out to dinner first before the dance…lol).  Hope is distant and Shawn D wonders why, she remembers that Lexie is getting back the DNA test results this afternoon and how she must be a nervous wreck.  Shawn D quickly says, “I don’t know what I would do if someone showed up to the house saying JT’s not your brother.”  (hmmmmm is this a preview of whats to come????)  They both agree they would fight for him.

Meanwhile Caroline joins Shawn as he fills popcorn into some bowls.  She wants to know about DiMera and his vanishing act.  Shawn hopes he has left permanently and Caroline questions Shawn to what the Brady’s did so wrong to have Stefano hate them so much.  She adds did it start in Ireland?  Shawn gets angered and tells Caroline to leave it be.  Later Shawn is behind the bar alone and the phone rings.  It’s his nephew Colin (voice only) he hears the news about Stefano and figures he would be better off leaving Ireland for a short time.  He asks if it is ok to come and stay with Shawn.  Shawn agrees he should come and hold off on the investigation for now.

LEXIE ARRIVES HOME and hugs a teddy bear of Isaac’s.  The phone rings and its Daddy.  She asks him if he is all right and where is he.  She then tells him she has to go to the lab for the test results as Abe walks in asking her who she is talking to.  She tells Abe it’s the hospital and they are having a problem with one of her patients.  He questions why they can’t find another doctor after all she is still on leave (must be nice to have that kind of leave).  She tells him to go to the lab without her and she shouldn’t be that long.  Abe tells her Celeste is upstairs with Isaac and she will stay as long as they need her.  Abe leaves and she begins to talk to Stefano on the phone again.  She doesn’t like lying she tells him and agrees to go somewhere for him.

AT THE DIMERA MANSION,  Eliana is paying the cleaners and asking them to be discreet. Rolf thanks her for handling tat, and tells her he doesn’t know when Stefano will return. Bart has his feet propped up on the couch and Rolf lectures him
about not doing that. Bart figures Rolf’s disappointed he didn’t have a chance to off  Hattie. He talked with Stefano an hour ago on the private line. Bart’s nervous they’ll be fired if Stefano doesn’t need them. Rolf reminds Bart how their skills are so different. He tells Bart that the house was deconstructed…all the secret places.false walls, passage ways, etc., were removed and a few new rooms added..including a playroom for Isaac. Bart worries they won’t be able to cuss or watch X-rated videos anymore now, but Rolf’s saved by the bell as Lexie arrives.  Rolf tells Bart to get lost.  Lexie comes in and meets Dr. Rolf (as she calls him).  He tells her he is there to help her move into the mansion.  He tells her he knows about her situation with Isaac and that he has worked for her father for many years.  Lexie tells him she is hopeful the DNA won’t match. He confirms it won’t as her baby is John and Hope’s son, not Marlo’s and Glen’s, as she well knows. The baby’s were accidentally switched at the hospital. She goes to leave and he pulls a little device out of his pocket and she asks what it was. Apparently Stefano was listening in as he calls right away and tells her to trust Rolf. Rolf insists she needs to move in immediately so they can be protected. She doesn’t think Abe would approve and they already have an idea how to get Abe to agree to. Lexie leaves, thinking she’ll never come back there again.  Rolf tells Eliana to prepare the house, as Dr. Carver will be moving in later today.

AT THE DNA LAB, Glen is enraged demanding to know where Abe’s wife and HIS son. The technician tells him he’s almost
done as Abe confirms the female deputy never let the sample out of her sight. Glen lays into Abe and Abe lets him know he is just protecting his family. The test results are ready and they’re told the results are negative. Glen barks at the test, saying it  was fixed and he knows that Marlo had his baby. He’s determined to find out what happened to Marlo and will be back for his son. Abe gently tells Glen to go home and have a child of his own. Outside the lab, Barb suggests they do that, but Glen is determined to find out the truth. Barb thinks about the money they lost doing a DNA test on the Brady baby and we see their mail be dumped through their mail slot with a return address on it of a lab.

JOHN IS SUMMONED TO THE POLICE STATION as Roman and Bo want to know why he was at DiMera’s the day of the raid.  John thinks they are accusing him of tipping Stefano off.  Roman tells him no one is accusing him.  He just wants the truth as to why he was there.  Bo and Roman interrogate him about what happened in the tunnel and why did Stefano get away and why didn’t Stefano kill John.   He tells them he doesn’t have a clue.  Roman reminds him that he did work for DiMera at one time. John figures this is Roman’s way of getting in between him and his (Roman’s) ex.  Bo quickly tells John this isn’t personal.  John tells them to forget about DiMera and get on with their lives.  He directs his words to Bo and tells him to concentrate on being a good husband and father to those two boys and leave him the hell alone …….and then says “Cause I’m tired of sacrificing for you”.  John walks out.  Roman asks Bo what that was all about.

John is getting into his SUV and pounds his hands on the steering wheel yelling to himself on why he made that last comment.  His cell rings and its Stefano. John demands Stefano stay away from Hope and not to even think about reactivating the
chip in her brain or he’ll personally kill him with his own hands.

On tomorrows show……………the kids are still (this day just goes on and on) getting ready for the dance, Brady and Philip argue,  Glen and Barb arrive home to find a letter from the lab, and Lexie announces they are moving ……to the DiMera Mansion.