Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/26/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/26/01 (Wednesday 6/27/01 USA)

By Lori

JACK AND JEN are still chatting at Salem Place.  They talk about how Jen thinks of him as a hero (or comic book superhero as Jack puts it).  Jack jokes around and Jen just wants to know what he is honestly thinking.  He tells her he wants to be her hero, which makes Jen glad.   She tells him she is also happy that he is Abby’s father.  Jack ponders and then tells her what he really wants to know…..can he play on the team again??  Jack wonders why she is hesitant on answering his question, but Jen is surprised and isn’t quite sure she can answer that question.  Jen babbles on about how being Abby’s parents and having certain closeness….Jack tells her its all psychobabble!  They agree they need to just accept people for who they are but Jen can’t accept Jack just yet.  She tells him a part of her wants to hug him and she tries but pulls away telling him she can’t do it (geesh this is a guy you made a baby with and you can’t hug him???) Jack feels crushed and tells her how rejection sucks.  They finally agree that they will continue with their living arrangement.  He offers her his hand to shake on it and Jen says what the heck and gives him a hug. Jack smiles.

PHILIP IS AT VICTOR’S OFFICE, Victor tells him about the letter he received from his school and that he is in big trouble.  They both are sitting at a big conference table as Victor lays into Philip.  His grades have slipped from a B+ average to a C.  Philip shrugs it off saying at least he passed.  Victor is not amused as Philip explains that his father faking his death, that his house burning down and that his father dumped his mother are pretty good reasons as to why his grades have dropped.  Victor tells him to stop making excuses that is not what a Kiriakis does.  Philip tells Victor that he isn’t satisfied with anything he does.  Victor tells him right now all he cares about is his grades, his S.A.T’s and his college acceptances.  Philip gives him a lot of attitude but tells him he will improve his grades, although he sounds like he could care less.  Victor tells him he sure is going to improve his grades because he will be attending boarding school this summer.  Philip looks dumbfounded thinking about being sent away for the summer and away from his girlfriend. Victor tells Philip that is what took him from a B to a C , his Girlfriend!  Philip warns Victor  not to take him away from Chloe. Victor doesn’t like his threat. Philip quickly changes the subject to his mother.  He wants Victor to give Kate some money so she doesn’t have to work at the diner.  Victor tells him it’s her choice.  Victor sees that Kate is embarrassing Philip by working there.  He wants to know if Kate put him up to this.  Philip tells him no but he can’t ignore his mother.  Victor says but you can use her as a diversionary tactic thought.  Philip begins you son of a …….  When Victor warns him to watch it and reminds him that he is a Greek Peasant under the suit.  Victor tells him to make tonight’s date with Chloe(the last blast date) his last one.  Philip begs him that he will do better, Victor says with much dismay that he will think about it. Philip leaves with a thank you sir and a yes sir.  Victor in his office alone thinks to himself that now Philip will get his work done.  However Philip is at the elevator saying that Victor isn’t the only Kiriakis in town.

ROMAN STARTLES KATE just outside the diner.  Kate spills all of her change on the ground.  They chat about her health and so forth.  She really doesn’t think her personal business is any business of his.  He tells her the questions aren’t about her they are about Sami.  Kate quickly tells him if he thinks she is going to spend her break talking about his piece of trash daughter then he is dumber then she thought.  He tells her he feels about Sami like she feels about Lucas.  She tells him Sami found out something about Lucas not her.  Roman says OH Lucas is the “weakest link” (yes and that is why we said GOOD BYE to him….hmmm nice plug there on the part of NBC…lol).  He thinks Lucas should pay if he broke a law in which Kate replies “don’t you think he has paid enough.”  Roman leaves and she tells herself that once Philip sees his poor old pitiful Mother he will convince Victor to give her some money.

JOHN AND HOPE are strolling along at Salem Place as Hope is still trying to convince him to tell her about Gina and John.  John doesn’t want to go through all of this again.  He tells her it wasn’t sex but that they made love and that they were in love.  Hope tells John she is strong enough to handle the truth.  She knows John would never hurt her and that he is been her rock. He asks her to leave the past where it is. Hope still insists about knowing about his relationship with Gina and won’t let him go until he tells her. He tells her it was magical, exciting, dangerous, sensuous and everlasting even through the boundaries of time, like they were destined to be together to conceive their child. She replies with, as if it was meant to happen. He explains how she held him captive on the sub, but he was a very willing participant in what happened. He feels like he’s betraying Marlena talking to Hope like this. John doesn’t think the risk is worth it and that everything Hope lives for are her husband and her family and is that worth the gamble?

HATTIE IS SITTING AT JAVA CAFÉ.  She is tearing a napkin to shreds saying how horrible she feels for lying to Roman.  Marlena  comes out of a store and they both make eye contact but Hattie quickly turns away.  Marlena flashes back to her sister Samantha.  Marlena comments that she sees me but pretends she doesn’t and that she is done playing games.  She goes over to Hattie and grabs her by the arm as Hattie tries to get away.  Marlena says “not so fast sister.” Marlena demands to know why Hattie looks like her and if Stefano is responsible. Hattie denies any similarity and tells Marlena to “stuff it” and it’s too damn bad if she doesn’t like who she is and how she lives her life. Hattie threatens to call her friend Roman and tell him Marlena’s harassing her. Hattie hates how Marlena left poor Roman in the dust to have her “James Bond fling” with John Black. No sir, she doesn’t want any part of Marlena’s life. Marlena tells Hattie she has no right to judge her and Hattie tears into her, threatening a restraining order against Marlena. Marlena admits being wrong and Hattie claims herself to just be a good, decent person. Marlena again flashes back to Sam and how she accused her of stealing medication out of her office.  Hattie tells her she is bonkers and walks away.  Just then Marlena spots John and smiles wondering what he is doing there. Her smile fades as she sees Hope’s arm on John’s arm. She walks over and John alerts Hope that Marlena’s approaching. Hope asks John to call her later as he kisses Marlena. Hope tells Marlena they were talking about the warm weather, but Marlena looks as fresh as a daisy. Hope tries to convince Marlena she was just talking about how her life is back to normal now with JT home safe and sound. Marlena comments about how John’s son is home and Hope corrects her with Bo’s son. Hope appears offended and leaves. Marlena rubs John’s arm and asks if that’s the body language of people talking about the weather. He tells her to stop it and everyone needs to calm down and get over this. Marlena replies a consummation devoutly to be wished.  John says let’s go home.

On tomorrows show……………Belle suspects that Mimi and Jan have plans to take down Chloe at the Last Blast,  Chloe suspects that Brady is up to something,  Kate goes shopping for a dress