Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/25/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/25/01                    (Tuesday 6/26/01 USA)

By Lori

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Brady is coming downstairs as Chloe comes rushing in calling for Belle. Brady doesn’t want the diva there but she lets him know she is waiting for Belle. She notices the picture of Brady with Isabella and John. She picks it up and glances at it, but Brady is quick to tell her to put it down. He then explains that is him when he was 3 months old and lovingly talks about his mother. She is sorry that she died so young. Brady informs Chloe he is going to chaperone at the Last Blast and that his grandfather asked him to take his place. She can’t believe they would let someone so immature chaperone and asks him if he knows what to do if pig blood is present this year. He questions if she thinks something like that would happen again, she says no because she is with Philip. Brady adds yes your knight in shining armor. He informs her that his grandfather still feels that Philip is too needy of her. Chloe is furious how dare he or his grandfather try to control what someone wants. Brady moves out to the balcony telling her how he likes to watch the birds fly, she joins him. They watch the birds and Brady remarks on how free they are. He then adds that sometimes people catch birds, clip their wings and put them in cages. Chloe quickly snaps at Brady that Philip is not putting her in a cage. Brady tells her their relationship is doomed and not to mess around with Victor Kiriakis because he only wants what is best for Philip. She eyes Brady now realizing that he is only going to the dance to break them up (hmmmm I bet Chloe will blame Victor and Brady for When she calls him on this he denies.

AT THE BLUE NOTE CAFÉ, Sami (dressed to the nines…or is it twos??? Lol) and Austin sit at the bar. Austin orders a beer while Sami orders a cosmopolitan (she wants to be like the girls on Sex in the City she tells him…..Ok Sami!). Austin starts to talk about Kate but Sami brushes it off and tells him lets change the subject. She begins to talk about Will. She suggest they go back to Austin’s seems she has a babysitter for Will. He has a better idea, he tells her he wants to pick up Will and take him rollerblading. Sami looking dumbfounded runs her hands along her dress saying dressed like this. She can’t believe how naïve he is but says yes even though she doesn’t want to. She tells Austin she needs to go to the ladies room and dismisses herself.

Meanwhile in another section of the café Lexie and Brandon are in deep conversation. Brandon mentions about her raising Bo and Hope’s son. She tells him that isn’t quite right and proceeds to inform him that John Black is JT’s father. Of course she tells him that Isaac is actually his son because he doesn’t know about the switch. Brandon is shocked.

Sami making her way to the restroom eyes Brandon and Lexie holding hands. She steps back a bit wondering what the two of them are up too. She is determined to find out. Sami parades herself over to their table and make accusations to Lexie about having affair (she refers to her as Mrs. Carver). Brandon is appalled at Sami’s rudeness and demands her to give an apology to Lexie. Sami looking very miffed gives her a lukewarm apology. Sami then trots off to the ladies room. Just after the door closes Lexie enters screaming at her as to what the Hell does she think she is doing. Sami looking ever so coy says it is none of her business what she does. Lexie lays into her about leading Brandon on when she knew she was still in love with Austin. Lexie tells her she hangs on like a barnacle… She goes on about how she broke up Austin and Carrie and made her sister’s life miserable. Sami tries to interject but Lexie blurts out for her not to rewrite history. She tells her how Carrie had to find comfort in Mike Horton’s arms. Lexie keeps blasting her telling how can two nice people like Roman and Marlena have such a daughter that is as awful as she is. Sami quickly reminds Lexie who her father is. Lexie tells her she is nothing but a spoiled, selfish, manipulating brat……hmmmm now be careful Lexie what goes around comes around. Sami is standing there taking it all in. Lexie goes on that if Austin really knew her he would drop her. Lexie warns her to stay out of her business and then leaves. Sami still with the idea that she has something for Brandon says to herself she’ll have to keep an eye on her.

Just outside of the bathroom while Sami and Lexie are having their “chat”. Austin, with hands full of peanuts decides to go look for Sami. He spots Brandon and goes over to ask him if he has seen her. Brandon gives him the cold shoulder. Austin sits down and tries to talk to Brandon but he wants nothing of Austin. Austin is chomping away on the peanuts. He knows Brandon is in love with Sami. Brandon appeases Austin by telling him he fought he once before and he’ll do it again. Brandon suggests they take it outside as they begin to stand up Lexie comes out from the restroom. She breaks the two up and tells Austin to take his evil girlfriend and leave. Austin still eating the peanuts leaves. Brandon and Lexie sit down, he holds her hand as she thanks him for being such a good friend and that she doesn’t know what she would do without him.

AT SALEM PLACE, Jen is sitting waiting for Jack as Hope spots her and sits down next to her. They talk a bit about Jack before he shows up. Hope leaves once he does. Jack hands Jen a pic that Abby drew at school. He notices that Jen is bothered by something and asks her about it. She wants to talk to him, they stroll along Salem Place after getting a couple of cappuccinos. Jack is rattling on and Jen tells him to shut up and listen to her. They sit on a bench and Jen begins to talk about Jack’s bad points, she then talks about his good points. She tells him she has a word to add to her list that describes him. She tells him the word is HERO. She calls him brave and says that he has so much character. She says that she knows he is a wonderful father and talks about how great he is with Abby and how she knows Abby loves him so much. Jack has a long flashback of them in the rain where he gives her an engagement ring. They talk about old times, and Jack tells her that is the past…where does that leave them now? She doesn't know, but realizes that things are better. She says that she was wrong about him, she judged him too harshly and that she realizes that now.

AFTER HOPE leaves Jen and Jack ,John spots her. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her aside to talk. They talk about their secret and she informs him that she will never tell. He, Marlena and her are the only ones who know and she will keep it that way. He tells her to add another to the list…Lexie. Hope remembers her overhearing her and Marlena that day. John is upset, but Hope assures him that Lexie won't spill the beans. John then tells her that isn't all Lexie knows. She also knows that John is the father and that Stefano knows as well. Hope is shocked and begins to panic. She can't understand why Stefano hadn't told Bo, since he delights in ruining the Brady's. Hope says that he could use this info anytime he wants. She thinks it is time for Bo to know the truth as well…and better coming from her. John says no and insists that Bo IS JT's father, in every sense of the word. He tells her that she and Bo are his parents and it should stay that way. Hope tells him that one day JT may question her about why did she have him and she doesn't know what to tell him. John tells her that she should tell him that he was conceived out of love. She says she can't do that, because she doesn't remember…and he does, and that isn't fair. She tells John that she does want to remember…she wants to remember everything.

On tomorrows show………. Jack and Jen continue their conversation, Philip has it out with Victor, Hattie and Marlena come face to face and Hope wants John to tell her about when she was Gina.