Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/22/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/22/01  (Monday 6/25/01 USA)

By Lori

THE TEENS are in Mr. Woods’s class finishing their history test.  Mr. Woods tells them the test is finished and to collect the papers.  Philip stands and does his little boy rapper moves being his hip and funk self when Mr. Woods says he has something very serious to tell them.  Mimi freaks out thinking he is on to them.  Jan laughs at Mimi and tells her “it’s okay Idiot!”.  Mr. Woods is talking about a summer trip to the Caribbean Islands for an environmental study (well why not the parents have unlimited funding for such a trip).   He is disappointed in the response and would like to see more students participate.  The class is dismissed and the teens move out into the hallway talking about the trip as they go Belle, Shawn and Philip seem quite excited.  Philip he mentions how it will be like Survivor and he will get his rat recipes ready (somehow I bet Philip couldn’t make toast).  He wants to know if Chloe will ask to go, but she tells them she has other plans for the summer.  Of course Philip can’t believe she would make plans without passing it by him first.  She tells how she wants to work this summer and Philip remembers her talking about saving money for music school.  Chloe won’t budge on telling them anything else; she is keeping all the info to herself.  Philip has a sarcastic comeback telling her that hmmm guess we don’t have to go to the dance tonight either.  Chloe walks away and Philip being the guy he is turns to Belle and Shawn and says what did I say???  Belle tells him way too much.

Meanwhile in the hall, Mr. Woods is encouraging Kevin and Susan that they should go on the trip.  Susan thinks everyone would make fun of her.  Kevin tries to remind her that her brainpower is much greater then anything else.  Mimi is telling Jan how she wants to back out and Jan climbs all over her for being such a wimp and making up with Belle.  Jan thinks that all of them going to the dance are so “Brady Bunch”.  Jan tries to make Mimi see that Chloe is just using her and it Mimi steams at the thought.  Kevin and Susan are sure that Jan is up to something and they vow they will find out.  Jason joins Jan and Mimi wondering what the two of them is up too.  Jan tells him that all she can say is that Chloe will be “stripped of all her credibility and all her thoughts are going to be laid bare.” He wants to know more but Jan is keeping her mouth shut (that would be a first) and tells Mimi that if she doesn’t go with Phil and Co. in his limo he’ll clean out his trunk for her !! OUCH!!

Philip catches up to Chloe and he tells her he is sorry.  She accepts his apology and asks if they are stilling going to the dance. He still is questioning her plans but she tells him it could be too embarrassing but by the end of the summer she will tell.  She tells him she figures to have made the money she needs by then otherwise she could be humiliated. ( hmmm is she setting herself up to be the creator of  He offers her a ride home but she needs to meet up with Belle so they can get ready for the dance.

BRADY is at his therapy session and Carl talks about how well he is doing. He tells him about his evening as a chaperone and his date with a former model. Carl is impressed and tells him to go home and rest. At the penthouse, Marlena finds John stretched out on the bed asleep. He is having dreams about his visit with Lexie and wakes up to the sound of Marlena humming as she gets dressed. He asks her if she is going to chaperone the dance, but she informs him that she is not going to tag along on Belle's first date with Shawn. As they talk about it, she gets misty at how fast Belle is growing up. They change the subject and she tells him that she thinks that she is making progress with Brady. John is pleased to hear that she and Brady had a civilized talk. He wants details, but she offers none and cautions him that it is only a start. She questions him about Stefano and John tells her that they don't have a clue as to his whereabouts. She is worried about Lexie losing her father and the prospects of losing her child as well. John assures her that Lexie will be fine and is probably a lot better off now that Stefano is gone. They go downstairs to find Brady coming home as Marlena asks him about his session. Marlena offers to get coffee for Brady and he tells her yes and thanks (wow).  She goes to get coffee for them as Brady wants to show John something. He hands him his cane and walks across the room. John is thrilled for him. He spots the picture on the piano and asks Brady where it came from. He tells him that Marlena gave it to him and thought that he knew.  John assures him he knew nothing about it and is touched . Marlena returns and hears them talking and excuses herself to go upstairs and not intrude. John thanks Brady. When he asks what for…John says you know.

AT THE CARVER’S, Lexie is holding Isaac thinking to herself that this DNA test means nothing but she must look like it does.  The doorbell rings and Abe announces that they’re here.  Glen barges in announcing they are there to get HIS son.  Lexie begins her act saying how scared she is as she holds Isaac close to her.  Abe tries to comfort Lexie and she begs for a little more time.  Roman hauls Barb and Glen outside for a minute so Lexie can calm down.  Abe and Lexie are inside with Abe telling her to get a hold of herself.  She pretends to cry and scream but on the inside she is thinking ..I’ll play these last few scenes then you are mine forever.  She tells Abe to deal with these people and she head upstairs with Isaac.  Abe opens the door and tells them to come in as Glen pushes Abe out of his way looking for Isaac and demanding to know where they are.  He warns Roman and Abe that he knows the two are long time friends and how they will even blow up a DNA lab to keep his son from him.  Abe reminds him this is his home and he will not be shoved around and not to call him his son till he had some proof.  Lexie comes down the stairs telling everyone to be quiet as Isaac is down for his nap. Roman tells her to bring him down its time for the test but she wants him to be in a secure place so she’ll take the lab tech up to his room.  Roman says they all need to be present so they go upstairs.  Later downstairs, Glen has his sample done. Barb pulls Lexie aside to talk to her. Lexie is downright hateful to her as she apologizes for all they trouble going on and tries to get her to see it from Glen's side. As they go to leave, Glen has something to say and it's not pretty. He tells them that he is only trying to do the right thing and they have lied, cheated and even blew up the lab to stop him. He also turns on Roman and chews him out as well. He accuses Lexie for playing God.  He tells Abe and Lexie that they don't deserve to have children and as soon as he has the proof, will take his son far away from them. As they head to the lab, Barb and Glen both agree something is not right.

Meanwhile, in another city a technician is mailing the results of the other DNA test to Glen and Barb. After everyone is gone, Lexie is sure that everything is okay and that the samples won't match. Abe asks how she is so sure. She gets upset and asks
just what is he accusing her of now. She storms upstairs as he wonders what the hell is going on with her.

What up for next week……Jen tells Jack she respects him,  Lexie confides in Brandon again,  the DNA tests results are in,  John shares some memories with Hope,  Marlena and Hattie come face to face, and the Last Blast is here as Belle realizes something is up with Jan and Mimi.