Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/21/01



Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/21/01 (Friday 6/22/01 USA)

By Lori

AT THE DINER, Fay confronts Kate with her living arrangements telling her the boss is doing tax stuff and needs an address.  Reluctantly Kate finally tells her she is living at a homeless shelter.  Fay is shocked and quickly tells her she is staying with her tonight.  Kate balks at the idea of staying with Nicole Walker’s mother.  Fay tells her that she is staying with her and that is final.  Kate makes mention of some plans she has that night.  Fay wants to know what is up and Kate jokingly tells her she has a date with Donald Trump in Paris (oh the  Meanwhile Roman and an uniformed officer enter the diner, he asks Kate how she is doing, but she only snips at him about the boys in blue being there.  Kate slaps a couple of menus down on a table and tells Roman he can have that table.  Kate is behind the counter popping a few pills praying she isn’t sick tonight.  Fay speaks to Roman and he tries to get info out of her on Kate.  She secretly tells him about Kate living in a homeless shelter and how she offered Kate to stay with her.  Roman commends her on her generosity and remarks how the mighty have fallen.  Fay joins Kate behind the counter and questions her again about her plans.  Kate tells her that before she was estranged from Victor that they both offered to chaperone a dance of Philip’s.  Kate then asks Fay to cover for her for a minute while she slips to the back and makes a phone call.

BRADY is at the Titan Office building to see Grandpa Victor and says his how do’s to Marie.  Victor tells Nicole, quite politely, too get lost.  Brady eyes Nicole as she leaves and then mentions to Victor that she is hot!  Brady comments to Grandpa Victor that perhaps Victor has some wild thoughts about Nicole.  He hushes Brady saying she is young enough to date you (and old enough to play hanky panky with  Victor hands Brady a cup of coffee (with one hand he holds the saucer and cup the other has a cane, don’t you think he should be seated first).  Victor wants to know how the breakup between Chloe and Philip is coming along.  Victor realizes that Philip is so needy of Chloe because of all the situations he has just gone through, i.e. burned house, lost his mother.  Victor wants to know Brady’s opinion of Chloe, he says she is not a “typical” teenager.  They discuss the teenage opera diva , which is what Brady refers her as.

JUST outside of Victors office, Nicole is talking to Marie who is busy at her desk (the only Titan employee who ACTUALLY works).  Nicole starts probing her about Brady, she wants to know about his mother and who was Isabella’s mother.  Marie tells her the basics that Victor adored Isabella and how she died of cancer.  She tells her that her mother was Loretta Toscana.   Nicole asks if Loretta and Victor were married, but Marie doesn’t feel it is her place to answer these questions perhaps she should ask Mr. Kirikas.  Nicole insists she tells her, after all she is the President of Titan (I’m impressed…  Marie admits to not knowing if they were.  Nicole then comments about John Black and how he gets around while Marie tries to be polite and says he is very attractive.  Nicole snickers and raises her eyebrow saying he is rather hot as well as his son is pretty hot too.  Marie says he is off limits as he is too young and the grandson of the CEO.  The phone rings and Marie answers it.  It’s Kate and she wants to talk to Victor.  Nicole overhears Marie say Mrs. Roberts and quickly jumps to conclusions.  She whispers how she wishes she was a fly on a wall in Victor’s office.  Nicole stands in front of Victor’s office door trying to think of a way to get in there.  Marie tells her not to push so hard and reminds her of where Kate Roberts is right now.  Nicole tells her she isn’t Kate.  Marie whispers to herself that she is more like Kate then she knows.

VICTOR answers the phone abruptly telling Kate he hoped she did call to ask him out as he never wants to see her again.  She reminds them of the dance they promised to chaperone and how she was going to be there and was making sure he WAS NOT going to be there.  He hangs up and tells Brady he has plans for the night.  Victor tells Brady he is going to take his place chaperoning at the Last Blast.  Brady thinks not!!  Victor insists that he go so he can keep an eye on Chloe and Philip.  Without any knock on the door, Victor tells Nicole to come in, telling her he has a sixth sense( more like he knows how nosey she is).  He tells her that she will be working late….that Brady and her will be a chaperone at the Salem High School dance.  She looks puzzled as to why she would want to do that, but Victor quickly tells her that Kate will be there.  She anxiously asks Brady what time will he pick her up.

THE UNIFORMED OFFICER (his name is Bill) asks Roman why is he so curious about Kate Roberts.  Roman asks him if he has ever heard of the Franco Kelly case and that Kate knows a lot about it and he is going to find out what she knows.  Just then 3 teenage girls come into the diner, they quickly spot Philip’s mom and start laughing to themselves about her working at a greasy spoon.  They comment that “Rich Kid” won’t live this down.

THE TEENS are busy at Salem High scattered about in the hallway.  Belle is all down about how she treated Mimi and about how upset she is.  Shawn tries to console her. Jan is still up to her wicked ways telling Mimi how rotten of a friend Belle is to her.  Philip hands Chloe a bouquet of flowers ( 4 years of high school and never did I see any boy bring any girl flowers to school…should she put them in her locker??? Lol). He nibbles at her neck but Chloe quickly reminds him of the school rules (NO NECK SLOBBERING ALLOWED).  Chloe notices that Belle looks depressed and they join her and Shawn.  Belle tells them about Mimi and right on cue Mimi walks by.  Belle tries to speak to her, but she keeps going.  Shawn chases her down and wants to know why she is acting like this.  He gets nowhere with her as Belle joins them and asks to speak to Meems privately.  Belle pulls Mimi into a nearby classroom.  Jan nervously watches Belle and Mimi disappear behind close doors, she hopes Mimi keeps her mouth shut.

BELLE graciously apologizes to Mimi and is so sorry for hurting her best friend.  She pleads with Mimi to go to the dance.  Mimi feels like a loser and tells Belle so.  Belle tells her how the dance wouldn’t be the same without her.  She speaks to Mimi from her heart (Belle does this very well) telling her that if she doesn’t go she will miss how she laughs louder then anyone else, that going to the ladies room to gossip won’t be the same, and the worst part, they won’t be able to talk on the phone about everything that happened that night.  Mimi smiles and apologizes too.  They hug , tell each other they love one another, and return to the hall.  Shawn and Belle encourage Mimi to go to the dance.  Shawn tells her they will pick her up but she doesn't want to horn in on their date.  Shawn tells her it wouldn’t be the 3 Musketeers without her.

PHILIP questions Chloe on why she feels responsible for Mimi and Belle’s argument.  After she babbles on about her coming in between them, Philip tells her she is amazing (rolling my eyes).  She mentions the talk she had with Brady the night before, and Philip flips….again.  She remembers back to the conversation with Brady.  She tells Philip to stop throwing a hissy fit everytime she mentions Brady’s name. He agrees too.  They group back together with Belle, Shawn and Mimi and Chloe tells Mimi she should and that its is obvious that they (meaning Belle and Shawn) care.  Mimi gives Chloe that look as if she cares what Chloe thinks. Chloe is nice to Mimi, she wants to but everything behind them.  Mimi is stunned that Chloe means what she says.  Mimi finally agrees to go to the dance as Belle beams with excitement.

AS MIMI walks away, Jan grabs her and pushes her into the lockers.  Jan warns her not to back out and wants to know why she is talking to lil miss Pollyanna.  Jan tells her they should get video of Belle in the shower too.  Mimi shouts at Jan telling her its over and forget it.

MEANWHILE out in the hall, Philip is being congratulated on making first team all state.    Chloe teases him about being super jock but he says everyone will be more impressed with him when he walks into the dance with the most beautiful girl at Salem High. (eye roll again).  They hear the shouting and open a door to find Jan and Mimi.  Chloe asks if Mimi is ok.  Mimi says she is fine.  A girl (Cynthia)  walks up to Philip and flirts with him a bit telling him to save a dance but he tells her his dance card is filled.

SUSAN AND KEVIN are talking as well in the halls.  He still questions if she is going to the dance.  She is afraid she will be teased, but Kevin tells her if she can’t let them get to her.  The best way to get back at them is not to react he tells her.  She finally agrees to go and they talk about the “incident” that happened last year and how they both think something is up this year too.  Kevin adds how they have no originality.

EVERYONE is coupled up out in the hall….Philip and Chloe, Jan and Jason, Kevin and Susan, Belle and Shawn………..Mimi is at her locker thinking the only one worse off then she is Susan.  She thinks back to Kevin’s kiss wondering to herself if he is available for the dance.  She says he is a loser but a great kisser.  She strolls the hallway spying all the couples as the camera is in slow motion….the laughter echoes…and Mimi remembers back to Jan’s comment about not getting mad but getting even….getting even….getting even….getting even………………….. 

On tomorrow’s show….. We learn about an environmental study trip for the students, Philip questions Chloe’s plans for the summer, Lexie puts on a SHOW!!!