Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/20/01



Days of Our Lives Update Canada--Wednesday 6/20/01; U.S. Thursday 6/21/01

By Lori

JUST outside of .COM Kevin and Susan (now being played by Jennifer Gee) are talking about the dance.  He asks her to help him with the video equipment but she doesn't want to go to the dance.  Kevin tells her about the thrift shop suit he bought for the dance, she finally admits to him that she doesn't have a dress.  He has a solution…..later we see the two of them seated in front of a computer inside  .COM.  He is placing an order for her for a new dress (when it comes time for the size he turns his head while she enters it).  The dress will be delivered tomorrow (WOW !! UPS works extra fast in Salem), now she has no excuse not to go to the dance.  Kevin has something planned for the outcasts to take back the school, but Susan is quick to tell him she is not a Geek Freedom Fighter (GFF for short, lol).  Kevin says its time to take out school back (hmmm this should be very interesting!)

Jan is egging on Mimi that she has info on Belle.  Mimi is worried that Belle knows about, but Jan eagerly shares with her that Belle is going to the dance with Shawn and everyone knows about it.  Mimi looks somewhat shocked, Jan tells her to ask anyone then points to Kevin and says ask him.  Mimi does and Kevin confirms it.  She quickly speed dials Belle up on her cell phone. She yells at Belle saying some friend she is for not telling her.  Belle tries to make her feel better but when Mimi hears Chloe in the background and asks Belle if she is there, this makes Mimi even more furious and hangs up on Belle.

AT the penthouse, Brady is working out with his weight set as he thinks back to a conversation with Chloe.  He sits up and says he doesn't need her help.  Just then downstairs Belle and Chloe come in from a wee bit of a shopping spree for the Last Blast (man it must be nice to have Daddy's credit card and unlimited funds!!).   Belle worries that her outfit doesn't suit her, but Chloe assures her she has many sides and Shawn Brady finds them all fascinating.  Chloe thinks that Belle and Shawn will be crowned King and Queen, but Belle tells her to stop making her anymore nervous.  They talk of the silver "diva" dress that Chloe should have bought.  As they are talking Brady is lurking above on the balcony listening and watching.  They notice him and Belle jokes with him about spying on them.  Brady comes downstairs as Belle answers the phone. She dismisses herself to the terrace to talk to Meems on the other end. Brady & Chloe talk about Philip, as he tries to discourage her from continuing to date Philip. He tells her Phil is taking their relationship much too seriously, & as they talk, he seems to be getting more disturbed about Chloe's defense, as does Chloe. Belle comes in from balcony, upset, tells them about Mimi. Brady realizes Shawn asked Belle to the dance, they all talk about chances of a repeat of the chicken blood incident, but Belle says Phil & Chloe are a couple now, and everyone is comfortable with that, there will be no repeat. Brady flashes back to overhearing Jan & Mimi talking about their plot against Chloe, and knows things are not going to run so smoothly.

MEANWHILE at the Salem Inn, Rolf and Bart are still talking at the bar.  Bart worries that Hattie might spill the beans and it would put them in jeopardy.  Rolf tells Bart that he worries about things that will never happen while he makes sure they will never happen.  

Upstairs in Hattie's room, Bo and Roman are ready to record what Hattie has to say.  Hattie backs down; she wants nothing to do with any of this.  Hattie tells Roman that the body didn't smell of course Roman disgustedly asks her if she is now an expert on smells. Hattie is quick to tell them she knows now that it was just plastic and it was a Halloween prop.  Roman and Bo give up (see what happens when you wait too long). As Bo & Roman leave, they tell Hattie she can go home anytime, they dismiss the guard outside, and as they walk down he hall, comment on how they have nothing on Stefano now, (Rolf is hiding around the corner, listening). Glen & Barb arewaiting for them, as Glen wants police protection for the next DNA tests. Roman agrees and tells them to check into the Salem Inn, charge it to the police dept, make the arrangements with the lab, and the police will make sure it goes well. (Gotta love the Salem PD) Bo then tells Roman the only way they can nail Stefano is for him to go to Ireland and get the goods on him. He says he has to protect his sons and family.

Rolf excitedly says he can now tell Stefano he can return to Salem.  He goes to Hattie's door and knocks. He tells her that he must have lost his watch(a ploy) to get in the  room and she lets him in to look for it.  Hattie is happy to see him (go  They flirt with each other and Rolf asks her to dinner sometime with him, she beams.  He leaves as she blows him a kiss.  

AT the Carver's house Lexie is still questioning John about him being JT's father.  John can't believe that Hope told Lexie Bo is not JT's father.  He can't quite figure out what being JT"S father has to do with her son.  Lexie lies some more, telling him she cares for everyone. John (looking quite fine in his jeans and white shirt, WOW) says that now one more knows the truth....and the more that know, all will have a way of coming out.

SOMEWHERE in the USA a lab tech is getting the results to a DNA test and declares that it is a match.  He remembers the hot blonde with the great body who was anxious for the results dropping the samples off.  He tells his co-worker he'll give her a call, but the co-worker reminds him his wife wouldn't like that.  He tells him they will mail the results as the camera pans to the lab papers with the name Glen Reiber Chicago IL on it.

BACK at Lexie's, John leaves muttering to himself that something is not right.  Lexie is inside saying "I choose my family over my friends. I choose my son. Isaac's mine, and I'm keeping him, and I will never let John or Hope take him away from me, no matter what I have to do."

ON tomorrows show……Victor sends Brady to the Last Dance, Fay talks to Roman about Kate and the teens get ready for the Last Blast!!!