Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/19/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/19/01 (Wednesday 6/20/01 USA)

By Lori

The opening shot is the camera panning beginning at a pair of feet in "Erin Brokovich" shoes, moving up the legs to the short skirt to the bare shouldered top….and AHHH its Sami, of course who else who be going to work in a hospital like that…lol!!  She walks up to Larry, who is answering the phones left and right as they ring off the hook.  He comments on her attire and mentions how the male members of the staff are unable to concentrate (oh please doesn't she have a rep???).  Sami plays all-innocent as she tells Larry it is because of the wonderful man in her life and that she has Will.  He asks her about Brandon and what happened between them.  She gives him the line she is sorry she had to hurt Brandon.  Larry makes the comment that Brandon doesn't have any problems with the ladies anyway.  She fumes and wants to know if Brandon is seeing someone.

Meanwhile in the hospital cafeteria Greta is sits down with a cup of joe.  She is wrapped up in her thoughts when Brandon interrupts her.  She tells him how she is waiting for Mrs. Horton and asks Brandon to sit and if he would like some coffee.  He questions her about Sami and Austin and what she thinks of the relationship.  She hesitates, not wanting to make herself look jealous, and says that she doesn't think they make a good "couple".  They share some laughs and then go together to find Mrs. Horton.

Back in Sami's World, a young doctor asks her to get a file.  He checks out Sami's cleavage as she bends over.  He mentions to her how she brightens up the place and then walks right into a hospital cart(yup he is one of Salem U's  Sami quickly changes her smile , she hears the laughter of "Snow White"(Sami's reference to Greta). . She wonders what she's doing there and with Brandon! When they walk over to the desk, Sami comes on to Brandon and asks if he forgot she was there today  but he tells her that he saw her earlier. She suggests coffee together, but he says he was on his way back to work.. Greta has to say hi to Sami before she notices her. Brandon looks back at Greta over his shoulder as they exchange knowing glances. Mrs. Horton sees Greta and they hug. Mrs. H. knows something's wrong. Later they're back sipping coffee in the cafeteria and are talking . They talk about Brandon and Austin a bit before she brings up her own father. She now thinks she's ready to deal with the father her mother told her about before she died. She's prepared to deal with it if her mother lied to her about his identity.

Out on the balcony, Sami comes on to Brandon about how Larry said her outfit was distracting. He finally tells her to cool it as she made her decision to be with Austin. She doesn't like being dissed and asks where his mind is. He tells her he's worried about Lexie may be losing her baby. She tells him that's Abe's job. She offers to take him to lunch soon for acting so suspicious and his pager goes off and he leaves.

Victor and Brady are sitting in Victor's limo after dinner out. Brady admits being frustrated he's not progressing better with his therapy and Victor encourages him on from his own experience. Victor asks how things are going at home with Marlena. He tells him Marlena did something and things are tolerable now, but didn't want to get into it. He mentions about having Belle makes it easier.  Brady remembers about how everyone else at school referred to mom and dad and it was like one word the way they said it. Victor tells Brady he misses his mother as she was a part of who he is and he can see Isabella in his eyes. Brady is glad they have each other to talk about her with. Victor can tell Brady's been missing his mother even more lately and the anger in him is not good, nor what his mother would have wanted. Brady thanks his grandfather for taking time out of his schedule to see him. He knows Victor has a lot of work and has his hands filled with Philip too. When asked, Brady says he's working on the Chloe situation, but it'll take time. Victor thinks Philip is too young to fall for one girl, especially with one that's as unstable as Chloe is.

Chloe and Philip are holding  hands at their table at .COM. She excuses herself to go to the ladies room and kisses him before leaving. Shawn and Belle dash in and tell Philip the good news about JT's being home safe and sound for his first birthday. Belle takes Shawn's hands and looks into his eyes, talking about the look on JT's face when he was back in his big brother's arms. Philip smiles, wanting to know what's going on with them. Shawn tells him he's happy his brother is home and had asked Belle to go to the Last Blast with him. Belle's face lights up with a big smile. Philip jokingly kids about him and Chloe having stiff competition for who'll be King and Queen of the dance now. He asks if Chloe knows and when they tell him no, he wonders where Chloe is as she went to the ladies room a while ago. He asks Belle to go look for her and she finds Chloe by the coffee bar. She tells Chloe about JT and how Mr. and Mrs. Brady are on the moon. Chloe detects Belle's about to burst and asks when her shuttle took off  and wants to know why.

Chloe sees Susan and asks what she has in her .COM bag. She tells Chloe it's a CD and looks around as if not talking to Chloe and hurries off. Chloe stops her and tries to get Susan to loosen up and not let the other kids get to her. She suggests Susan go to the Last Blast with her friends. Susan asks who they are and Chloe tells her she and Belle will hang out with her. Mr. Woods, who is listening in on the conversation, turns to them and tells them he's looking for volunteers for the dance. Chloe tells him she has a date, but would be happy to help and she knows Susan would too. Susan doesn't have a chance to refuse as Mr. Woods thanks them and walks away.

Before Chloe went to the ladies room, Jan and Mimi watch Chloe and Philip holding hands at their table. The girls comment after tomorrow night everything will be different . Jan figures once one "perv" has seen Chloe's web site, word will spread to other "pervs". Mimi asks what that makes them then and Jan tells her rich. She guarantees Philip will take Chloe to the dance, but not take her home. Kevin trips into the small round table. He dumps his books he is carrying.  He claims to read them to get rich so he can get any woman.  Bill Gates is no hunk, but put world's richest man in front of his name and he can have any woman he wants. Jan laughs and tells him he has the kissing department down at least. He offers another demonstration, but she declines. They laugh about his dreams, but he says dreams are kid stuff and that he has goals.

Mr. Woods reminds Susan to stay after class the next day to talk about the dance. She tells him okay reluctantly and Kevin asks what that was all about after Mr. Woods walks away. He figures she got a free ticket to the dance and to enjoy the party. He's going stag to work the audiovisual equipment and he's the class nerd. She agrees to go.

Shawn and Philip are both happy to have hotties for dates while on the other side of the room, Chloe and Belle squeal with happiness about the great time they're going to have. Belle has to get a new dress and  Chloe wants a new dress too, but not red this year, a different color. She hints Belle might want to wear red as it worked for her last year. They decide to hit the mall for new gowns when their "dates" ask them to join them for coffee. They tell the girls they overheard about their planned shopping spree and Belle asks if they heard any colors mentioned. The guys tease them and Belle threatens to walk away and never talk to Shawn if he doesn't tell them what they heard. He tells her she can't do that as she's his date, remember? Belle is so filled  with excitement as she and Shawn walk off together. Chloe and Philip hug, also excited about the upcoming dance. Jan tells Mimi that Chloe better enjoy her last minutes of happiness as after the dance Philip won't want anything to do with her. Brady overhears that and figures Grandpa Victor will have his wish soon.

Meanwhile at Salem Inn, the guard  wakes up on the floor of Hattie's room with a major headache. She insinuates he passed out while guarding her. She told him he was on the floor as she gave him a hard shove to wake him up, but it didn't work. He asks her not to tell anyone about what happened and there's a knock at the door. Roman chews out the cop for not being at his post and Hattie covers, saying she asked him in to play Monopoly. Roman sends the guard back to the hallway promising to talk  to him later and has Bo bring in Barb and Glen. Hattie asks who they are. Roman introduces everyone and tells Hattie about Marlo. They think it was her body that she saw. Hattie's head is swimming as Roman tells her she's the only one who can help them.

Downstairs at the bar are Bart and Rolf  comparing notes about Hattie and Stefano. Rolf says he has Hattie under control and they see the "keystone cops" bringing Barb and Glen to the elevators. Rolf tells them they're investigating Marlo's murder and bringing Barb and Glen to talk to Hattie. Bart tells Rolf how Stef's plane took off okay and the boss is in the Bahamas drinking something with an umbrella in it by now probably. Bart's bummed he can't keep the convertible when Rolf ask for any other messages from Stefano (other than not to kill Hattie). Bart strains his brain trying to think. He thinks he just told them to conduct business as usual and keep in touch. Bart figures there's more, but can't remember. Rolf suggests he write it down and Bart remembers he has a palm pilot. He reaches down and holds his hand up as he wrote the message on his palm!  Rolf admits for the first time letting his heart affect his decision making as Bart teases him about it..not thinking the tinsmith gave Rolf a heart. Rolf assures him he does and Bart tells him you can't judge a crook by his cover. Rolf is not amused and promises if he goes down, he won't go alone. If Hattie turns him in, it'll be the last thing she does. No one betrays him and gets away with it. Upstairs Roman beckons with  Hattie and says with her help they think they can nail Stefano. He and Bo are ready to take her statement and promises no one will hurt her as long as he is around.  Hattie agrees to tell them all about the body.

On tomorrows show…….Hattie decides not to talk,  Brady talks to Chloe,  Lexie pressures John