Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/8/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/8/01    (Monday 6/11/01 USA)

By Belle

Abe is home talking to Isaac, it is his first birthday (also JT's), and he tells Isaac they will go to see mommy.  Abe goes to
open the door and Lexie is coming in, Abe looks confused and surprised that she is there.  She announces she was discharged and took a cab home, she wasn't going to miss Isaac's birthday.  She coos over Isaac, then quickly tells Abe she is leaving.  She needs to go see Hope.  Abe is flabbergasted that she has too leave after she just got there.  She leaves but it isn't Hope she goes to see.

Stefano is at his mansion looking over the morning paper (headlines are of JT).  Rolf comes in and Stefano wants to know if
he took care of business.  Rolf tells an enraged Stefano that Hattie is under protection at the Salem Inn.  Stefano is furious, the
doorbell rings and Stefano wonders what fresh hell could be next.  Lexie arrives, she is quite shaken.  She begs that Stefano help her keep her son.  She realizes Stefano is in over his head this time.  The tears are streaming down Lexie's face telling Stefano she will do anything that she has to.  He tells her he has a plan but she will not like it.

Jack is getting Abby ready for school; Abby shows concern about Jen to Jack.  Jen appears and tells Abby that everything
is fine.  Abby goes to kitchen to get some juice while Jack talks to Jen.  He is afraid to leave her alone, but she assures him she'll be ok and she wants Abby to keep her routine.  She doesn't believe that JT could have survived that fall (she remembers back to JT falling out of the car).  Jack takes Abby to school after Jen tells him there is something she must do.  Jen goes to the telephone; she must make a call.  She can't seem to pick up the phone; she finally does only to slam the receiver back down (now she remembers Hope yelling at her about JT).  She attempts to call again but only to put the phone back down; she starts to walk away and the phone rings.  It's Hope and she wants to talk to Jen.

Hope is in her living room, there are gifts all around for JT.  Bo comes in and they watch the morning news, the news
program tells of the alleged kidnapping of John Thomas Brady.  They console each other, before they watch the interview of
themselves pleading for the kidnapper to bring the baby back.  Bo tells them to drop the baby off at the police station, or a hospital.  He tells them that they will not press charges.  Hope is very upset.  She explains how he is a special needs child and that today is his 1st birthday.  After Bo and Hope remember that it is also their anniversary.  They embrace, and then Bo starts to leave.  Hope is crying and he goes to her and hugs her.  Later Hope is alone and the doorbell rings she opens the door as Jennifer is standing there.

Hattie is at the Salem Inn; the bellhop is there with breakfast.  Roman hurries in wanting to turn the TV on.  They watch the
news of JT and Roman tells Hattie how frustrating it is when a child is lost, especially when it is your nephew.  She tells him she will pray for him.  Roman wants to know more about Stefano, he questions Hattie as she remembers back to the body in the foyer and to Rolf choking her.  After much hesitation to tell Roman anything she blurts out that the friend she is talking about is her plastic surgeon.   Roman then comprehends that Stefano is the one who turned Hattie into Marlena.  He asks Hattie if it was Stefano who was turning her into Marlena Evans.

Barb returns to the motel, she took the DNA samples to the lab while maxing out her credit card to do it.  She sits down on
the couch and turns the TV on, the news of a missing child.  She panics and there is a knock at her door, she mutes the sound and screams.  She is trying to think of what to say to the cops (whom she believes is at the door).  She finally answers it and it is a student selling magazines, she feels relief that it isn't the police.  She slams the door in his face, laughing to herself yet realizing that this isn't funny.  She wonders where Glen could be.  She packs her bags and turns the sound back on to the TV, she then hears that the missing child is John Thomas Brady and not Isaac. They also announce that they believe the name of the couple is Glen and Barb Reiber driving a gray 4-door car.   She can't believe it; she hurries out the door with her suitcase.  

In an old cabin is a woman with a handkerchief tied around her head ironing clothes.  The report of the missing child is on
TV, there is a knock at the door.  It is Glen and JT; the woman is Glen's Aunt Elsie.  She scolds Glen for waiting a year before
bringing the baby to see her.  He tells her the short version of the story and that he just found out that it was his and that someone was trying to keep his own flesh and blood away from him.  JT is very fussy, the woman tells Glen she will change him and feed him.    She lays him down on the couch to change the baby as Glen makes a phone call.  The phone back in the motel room is ringing, but Barb has already left. The woman screams "OH my God" She tells Glen the baby is turning blue, Glen begs with her to do something.

Well, that is it for another week of DOOL , next week look for….Stefano making his last stand, Lexie ready to flee the country with Isaac, Marlena tells Brady she is sorry,  Glen gives JT back , Hope and Jennifer make peace.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!