Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/7/01



Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/7/01

By Belle

Chloe and Brady are talking to each other at .COM. She recalls how he "saved" her life and compares it to an opera. They both sing a few lines of the opera, but Brady reminds Chloe that the woman in the opera took poison and died. He tells Chloe she would take the poison for Phillip because he is her hero. Meanwhile Belle and Phillip are standing by the doorway, Phillip glaring at Brady. Belle tells Phillip to stop the jealous thing that it doesn't do anything for him or anyone else. Phillip asks if Shawn has ever kissed her like he did to Chloe. She tells him not to change the subject. He challenges her to ask Shawn to the Last Blast , but she tells him she is an old fashioned girl and doesn't ask boys out on dates. Meanwhile, Brady tells Chloe perhaps she should go over to Phillip and Belle so they can do a reading of Dawson's Creek. Chloe wants to know why he and Belle were arguing, she sees that Brady does have a sensitive side underneath his anger. He tells Chloe to go be with Phillip as his tongue is hanging out for her. Phillip comes over to the table and tells Chloe they need to get going or his father will ground him more. Brady makes a comment to Phillip about Daddio. Chloe tells Brady "I meant it" as she begins to leave. Once Phillip has Chloe alone he asks her what she meant by that comment to Brady. Phillip incensed yells "What the hell is going on?"

At the DiMera mansion Stefano informs Rolf he better make sure that Hattie Adams never talks. He tells Stefano and Bart that Hattie likes him, they both scoff at the idea. Rolf realizes he has always been an outcast and the only time he has felt important is when he is working for Stefano. Stefano slaps Rolf's face telling him he will do what he tells him. He tells Stefano if he can't love her then he will strangle her. Stefano silences him and tells him never to mention murder again. Stefano tells him he has to leave to go see Lexie and for Rolf not to let a woman make a fool out of him. Bart puts in his two cents and tells Rolf "love them and cleave them" (too funny). Rolf leaves and Bart is concerned for Hattie.

Roman and Hattie are at the police station, he questions her some more about the decomposing body she saw. She is nervous and they take a walk outside. Roman can't get over how much she looks like Marlena. She slips up and tells him it was part of the plan. Roman says "what plan?" She tells him it is personal and won't talk about it. Roman ponders over her statement. He tries to gain Hattie's trust, he wants names but she will not give him any. She recalls back to Rolf and her in the car and him strangling her. Hattie is panicked and tells Roman she can't do this. Roman pleads with her to tell, that there are lives at stake. Just outside behind the bushes Rolf appears and overhears Hattie talking to Roman. He listens in on the conversation as he remembers the night they went dancing and he kissed her. Roman wants more detail of the body, but Hattie doesn't know if it was a man or a woman. She does tell him that her doctor friend told her it was a Halloween prank. Roman asks when this happened she tells him January. Roman thinking to himself says that was right around the time that Marlo's body disappeared. Roman asks if Stefano knows where she lives , happily she answers no but quickly changes her mannerism when she thinks but Rolf does. Roman tells her she will stay the night at the Salem Inn and he will have police protection for her right outside of her door. Hattie is crying and Roman hugs her assuring her he doesn't want her to be another Halloween prank. Roman and Hattie leave and Rolf opens his coat to reveal a gun in the waistband of his pants saying he has no choice and he will kill her.

Hope and Bo are in Abe's office and are speaking to some reporters. They tell them to spread the word and that they won't press charges if JT is returned. Hope is worried that this is part of Stefano's master plan, remembering what Barb said about JT looking so much like Glen. She wonders if perhaps Lexie does know something about it. Hope looks out the window to see the reporter still there, he tells her the story will be on the front pages in morning. Roman rushes in and announces to Bo and Hope that he has got DiMera and he is going down for Murder One.

On tomorrow shows……..Barb realizes that the baby is JT, Lexie begs Stefano to help keep her son, Roman questions Hattie about her looks, Jen learns the news of JT and gets a phone call from Hope.