Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/6/01



Days of Our Lives Update Canada--Wednesday 6/6/01; U.S. Thursday 6/7/01

By Belle

  Phillip and Chloe are standing outside of .COM  and Phillip gets away with telling his father he is going to stop by seems it
is right next door to the paper place.  Inside are Belle and Brady, Phillip is not very thrilled to see Brady there.  Brady tells Belle what
happened back at the penthouse and about the picture.  He tells how he had his father repeat the story of his Mom again and how
Marlena reacted.  Belle listens, but thinks Brady doesn't understand Marlena.  Phillip with his big puppy dog eyes is gushing over
Chloe.  Brady and Belle begin to argue and Brady is yelling loudly at Belle.  Chloe makes comment to Phillip that she has never seen
Brady act that way before towards Belle.  She decides to go see what is wrong and if she can help Belle.  Phillip asks very
sarcastically if she is sure she doesn't want to go see if  Brady needs help. Belle, teary eyed,  decides she has had enough and
leaves.  Chloe catches her before she goes out the door and Phillip sits down to tell Brady to cool it.  Brady tells him to get out of his
face.  Phillip goes to check out Chloe and Belle.  Chloe says she needs to try and help Brady, she goes to table he is sitting at.  
Phillip slides back into his jealous attitude.

John and Marlena are at the penthouse,  John questions her again about loving Brady.  He is angered to think that Brady
was right.  Marlena with tears in her eyes tries to explain her resentfulness towards Isabella and Brady.  She was devastated to think
of John's love for Isabella.  The more Brady and John talk about her the more her ghost is around and the more life they bring back to
it.  She tells him how Brady has blamed her for the last 5 years for his mother's death.  She tells John she will leave him alone so he
can be left with the memory of Isabella.

Lexie, Abe and Brandon are in Lexie's hospital room.  She is in a panic over the thoughts of Glen doing a DNA test on little
JT.  Abe tells her to calm down and not to worry.  Brandon tells Abe that they should leave Lexie alone.  Lexie wants to speak to
Brandon alone.  Abe questions their time together.  Lexie is irate and tells Abe to go.  Once Brandon and Lexie are alone , she
confides in him.  She pleads with him not to betray her  that they can't take Isaac away from her.  She tells him that her life is in his
hands.  Brandon says he won't tell , but that the truth will come out in other ways.  She is crying and they hug.

    Glen, Barb and JT are together and JT is crying.  Barb is holding him, yelling at Glen that she isn't ready for this.  Glen has
an idea he comes back with some swabs and wants to take samples of JT to bring to the lab for a paternity test.  Barb tells him either
bring the baby to the police station or she is gone forever.  She worries that  even if the tests come out that Glen is the father, that
they  still could be brought up on kidnapping charges.  He tells her to take the samples to the lab in the morning, he is says she won't
be in trouble because she won't know where he is but he needs to know the truth.  They hug  while Barb and JT are both crying.  In
the car Glen tells his little buddy its ok that no one's ever going to find them where they are going.

Hattie and Rolf are sitting in a car in the woods.  Rolf's cellular phone is ringing, he tells Hattie he isn't going to answer it and
lets it keep ringing.  Hattie makes him turn it off.  She tells him how regretful she is for not going to the police when she first saw the
dead body.  He tells her that the man in that house is a powerful man and she better be careful or she could end up a dead body.  Rolf
comes on to Hattie to distract her, Hattie thinking likewise figures she will come on to Rolf so he won't kill her.  Rolf grabs her and
kisses her, Hattie tells him she is not that kind of woman.  She needs a ring on her finger first.  He tells her how after they are married
he will make wild dynamite love to her all week.  Hattie convinces him to drive her home.  Back at the DiMera Mansion, Stefano finds
out from Bart that Rolf is off to kill Hattie.  After thinking it over, Stefano says it might be a good idea that she knows too much
already. Stefano tells Bart to make arrangements to open up the townhouse in Paris for Alexandra, Isaac and himself, he adds things
are getting too dangerous in Salem.  Rolf shows up telling him he has convinced chattie Hattie that the dead body was merely a
Halloween prank. Stefano asks if she bought it which he replies "Oh absolutely.  There is no way she would go to the police now."  
Stefano with glaring eyes says "POLICE?" just as the phone rings.  It is Lexie and she needs him right away.  

  Roman, Bo and Hope are at the police station.  Hope is worried.  Roman questions if she believes Lexie knows about
Marlo's murder.  Bo thinks she would protect Stefano if she had too. Roman says well we don't have the body now since it
disappeared, it's probably in pieces by now.  Bo and Hope leave right before Hattie rushes in.  He moves closer and she tells him not
to come to close that her life is in danger.  He makes a comment on how much she looks like Dr. Marlena Evans.  She gets giddy for
a minute and then tells him about this big mansion by the lake.  A man with a funny accent by the name of Stefano lives in it and she
saw a dead body there a few months ago.  She tells him she thinks she may be next.

On tomorrows show……Hattie tells Roman that she saw a decomposing body, Bo and Hope give an interview for two reporters, Lexie
lashes out at Stefano.