Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/5/01



Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/5/01 (Wednesday 6/6/01 USA)

By Belle


Mimi and Jan are sitting in Jan's bedroom; Jan is eagerly excited about what she is about to bring up on her laptop. Jan is so smitten with the thoughts of destroying "ghoul girl" Chloe. Mimi looks on saying it isn't fair that Chloe has such a perfect bod, of course Jan chides in with "Hers is not perfect. Perfection is yours truly." Pointing to herself. Mimi is still skeptical about this whole internet thing backfiring. Jan assures her that Chloe will be rejected by all. Jan asks if she is going to volunteer at the Last Blast Dance or is she going to find a sympathy date like Shawn again. Mimi tells Jan she is thinking about asking Brady or as Jan calls him the "crip" to the dance. Jan looks at her in disgust.

Chloe is in her bedroom lying on her bed looking at magazines when she hears something (little pebbles are hitting her window), she goes to the window to look out and hears some commotion going on, it's a cop car and a cop yelling at someone. She rushes to the door and when she opens it she finds Phillip with his hands in the air and the police officer aiming his gun at him. Phillip tells the officer who he is and asks Chloe if she can ID him, which she does. The cop wonders if Phillip's parents know he is out so late, he tells the officer its ok and begs him not to call them. After the officer leaves, Chloe asks if he snuck out. He tells her he told his parents he needed paper to print a report, Chloe raises her eyebrow to his lie. He admits he just wanted to see her. Phillip tells Chloe he is grounded because of his grades and admits that she does distract him. They are arm in arm talking to each other. He needs to ask her something; he wants to know what is going on with her and Shawn. Chloe can't believe he can't let the kiss go. Phillip tells her how lots of guys are interested in her, especially now that she is on the A list because she is going out with him. She questions him just because she is going out with the almighty Phillip Kiriakis makes her A list, prime cut, 5 star attraction? Chloe tells Phillip to grow up and that he is her boyfriend and the only one she wants to date. Phillip is so happy to hear that he clings to her every word. Chloe tells him she hates the jealousy and lets him know he is the only one for her. He says you'll be mine Chloe…..Forever.

Austin goes into the diner where Kate is working, he walks up to the counter and introduces himself to Fay. He wants to know where his mother is staying. Fay tells him the only thing she knows is that she is staying with friends. He asks her about his mother's condition, there is concern in his voice. Fay tells him that it is fibroids. Sami walks in, she stands behind Austin and comments on what she just overheard Fay say. Sami repulsed that it is only a fibroid, makes the comment "too bad, too bad it isn't terminal" she says. Austin turns to her angry at the way she is acting, reminding her that it is his mother and to stop ragging on her. Sami is taken aback that Austin is sticking up for her. Fay tells him she should be in shortly if he sticks around. Sami tells him to take her back and he can come back and wait for mommie dearest. He asks Fay to tell her he stopped by and that he loves her. Sami and Austin are in the car and Sami thinks that they should move away from Salem. Austin tells her no, he has to help his mother. They can move on with their lives after he helps her, he tells her he really wants it to work out.

At the shelter, a woman with her son and daughter are talking. The woman goes to check on Kate, she notices that she has been sleeping quite awhile. They try to wake her up, the son asks if she is dead. Kate wakes up and the woman has a story, one that Kate is all too familiar with. She tells Kate of how her husband beats her up when he has been drinking. Kate remembers back to when she was with Curtis and how he beat her. She tells the woman that going back to him just to have a man isn't worth it. The woman is angry with Kate; perhaps she is jealous because she is at a shelter without a man. She makes the woman realize she needs to get help like from a relative before he starts beating up the kids as well. The woman will ask her brother for help. Kate tells her she needs to get to work at the diner, a place where she tells the woman she won't be working for long.

Brady is leaving the penthouse when John asks him to stay and talk some more with Marlena. Marlena is in her room looking at a picture of John muttering how he will always love Isabella and Brady is there to remind him of that. John is remembering the story he told to Brady and Marlena the other day. John calls out her name to come down but before she does Brady leaves. Brady goes to get some physical therapy , he talks to Carl. Carl is working on Brady's legs telling him he needs to get over the anger. Brady doesn't want to be a "crip" anymore (he remembers back to bumping into Jan and her calling him that). Carl says to stop seeing with his head and start seeing people with his heart, think of what people with terminal illnesses go through. Brady says "Just like my Mom." Brady tells Carl about Isabella, Carl says she is pulling for you. Brady looks very apprehensive.

Back at the penthouse John and Marlena continue to argue, he tries to tell Marlena what he meant by saying he would never love another woman like he did Isabella. He tells her he will never love another woman like he loves her as well. He compares it to her love of Roman. Marlena understands that it isn't that John loves her less, just in a different way. Marlena asks John "Do you think for the last 5 years, I have blamed Brady because you loved Isabella?" John shaking his head tells her that is what Brady thinks. She tells John how she loved Brady and how she still wants to love him. John looking very puzzled says, "So you stopped loving him? That means Brady was right all along?"

What to look for tomorrow……Roman and Bo get closer to the truth about Marlo's murder, Rolf gets ready to kill Hattie, Lexie confides in Brandon, and John and Marlena argue……again!

And one other note… Happy Birthday today to Bill Hayes aka Doug Williams!!