Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/4/01



Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/4/01

Tuesday 6/5/01 USA

By Belle

    Hope, Chloe and Belle finish their hug, smiling and joyous over the news of JT.  Bo comes in with even better news; he tells Hope he has even better news.  He tells her that a cop saw someone fitting the description that Chloe gave and that there was a baby; of course he also tells her that they were already gone by the time they got back to the motel.  Hope was angry that the media ban had been lifted, but Bo reassured her that it was ok, that there were roadblocks up through the tri-county area.  Hope mutters how much JT must be disoriented.  Chloe admires Hope for going all she has with JT and how much she loves him.  She mentions to Belle that her mother gave her up without a second thought.

    Phillip is driving Shawn D. home, they are discussing JT.  Shawn looking quite depressed, his mind obviously elsewhere asks to change the subject from JT.  They discuss Phillip's grounding and his spending too much time with Chloe.  Phillip tells Shawn that going to an Ivy League school isn't what is important to him, but being with Chloe is.  Shawn tells Phillip he is spending too much time with her.  Phillip immediately asks him how does he know, has he been following them around.   Of course Shawn isn't, and he tells him that.  Phillip laughs at  the thought of someone who has never had a girlfriend is giving him advice.  Shawn asks Phillip if he thinks Chloe wants to spend all her time with him.  Phillip answering so very self-assured says but of course I do.  Shawn asks him about his jealousy towards Brady Black and Phillip scoffs at the idea that he is the jealous one.  He tells Shawn that Brady is the one jealous, he says "I mean she is Hot" "What?" "Don't you agree?"  Shawn sensing Phillips jealousy says yeah I think that Chloe is great but its not like every guy is fawning over her.  Well, Phillip answers with "Dude Shut up!!" (ok Dude)  

    As they pull up in front of the Brady house, Shawn believes something is wrong when he sees that his father is home and the car is parked on the front lawn.  After coming inside, Hope gives Shawn the news of what Chloe saw and how the police were certain they had a lead. Shawn joyfully tells Chloe thank you repeatedly and says oh I love you and kisses her, in a friendly manner.  Phillip becomes very jealous.  Bo, Hope and Shawn all share a family hug.  Phillip and Chloe discuss the kiss and Chloe can't believe that Phillip can be so jealous over something that was just out of happiness.  He tells Chloe it was out of line.  Bo and Shawn leave together.  Phillip says he is headed too and tells Chloe to come on.  Chloe wants to stay and have tea with Belle and Hope.  Belle and Hope head into the kitchen but overhear Phillip demanding Chloe to go home with him.  Phillip says he will stay then too, but Belle tells him it's a girl thing and Hope shows him to the door. Phillip outside says to himself "You should have come with me, Chloe."What the hell was with that kiss?" Got to find out what's going on with you and Shawn."

   Bo and Shawn have a nice father/son talk in the truck.  They talk about JT and how special he is.  They reminisce about when he first came home and how he kept them up all night.  They will have a big party for him when he returns, Alice will bake a cake and Grandpa Shawn and Caroline will have it at their place. Shawn mentions about the trouble Lexie and Abe are going through with Isaac.  Then Bo figures it must be Glen and Barb, who have JT, he says I bet anything they did it.

    Brandon is still at the hospital with Lexie, telling her its wrong to keep the baby.  Lexie realizes that it must be Glen and Barb who have JT and that they think it is Isaac because of the embroidered name on the car seat.  Brandon thinks it too coincidental; a lot of people drive gray cars and how could they just happen to be by the river when JT floats by.  He doubts Lexie's idea.  Lexie tells Brandon those things like that can happen, like the babies being switched.  Brandon thinks Stefano was behind that and figures Lexie knew what was going on.  Lexie tells Brandon that she had nothing to do with it, she didn't know about it till the DNA test was done.  Brandon tells her that he doesn't know if he should believe her.  Brandon tells Lexie that Stefano should be scared of him, she tells him "NO Brandon its you who should be scared…very scared."

    Meanwhile at the police station, Abe and Roman are planning roadblocks when Stefano comes in with some news to share.  After a little cantor between Stefano and Roman, Roman telling Stefano he is a sociopath that is running around Salem and Stefano telling Roman he should have a stand up comedy job, he tells them news of Brandon Walker.  He claims Brandon was part of a gang in Chicago and is also responsible of gunning down two police officers.  He then adds how Brandon and Lexie have become very close and that he is by her bedside right now.  Abe leaves immediately without a Thank you or a good-bye.  Roman believes Stefano is up to something and relays that message to Stefano about all the bombings.  Stefano denies and tells Roman to be very careful.

    Back at the hospital, Lexie pleads with Brandon "Brandon, promise me you won't tell anyone that JT's DNA matched Glen's.  And no matter what happens, that you won't tell Hope that I have her baby.  Brandon, promise me that, please."  Abe walks in asking promise you what????  Lexie gets away with telling Abe she believes that Glen and Barb have JT.  Abe thinks maybe she is right, and adds that perhaps that want to get another DNA test done, but they don't know they have JT and that the DNA won't match.  Lexie hadn't thought of that, she becomes very nervous and edgy.  She blurts out Oh My God I have to stop them.  I have to stop them before they do a DNA test on JT.  The camera pans to Abe who is looking very confused why Lexie is acting this way.

   Hattie wakes up from a dream of the dead corpse.  She needs to know why there was a dead corpse at the rich guy's house.  She schemes away to get into the Dimera mansion by dressing up like a door to door bible saleslady.  As Eliana answers the door to the mansion, Rolf looks out to see Hattie there.   Hattie is asking Eliana about a body being in the foyer.  She tells the maid she was there just after New Year's and that there was a body, but they gave her some excuse of it being a Halloween prop.  Eliana one step ahead of Hattie says didn't you say you were here after New Year's?  Exactly my point exclaims Hattie.  Rolf comes out in his Dr. Steiner disguise asking her what she was doing there, she tells him of her dream of the corpse.  He tells her she is she is being ridiculous.  Rolf tells her to come with him so they can talk somewhere quietly, as Hattie walks in front of him, Rolf thinking aloud to himself says "Well I may get to kill someone today after all."